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Dr. Sexy M.D.  
#101 Posted : Saturday, November 11, 2017 8:57:28 AM(UTC)
Dr. Sexy M.D.

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Originally Posted by: ColdPhoenix Go to Quoted Post
I like the new cards. Nice artwork and cool play style. They are also quite powerful.

Thanks. I really like how they play too. If you can negate and destroy their initial play starters they lose pretty hard, though. I think they'll be a bit less powerful under the New Master Rules, but we'll see.

I'm making link monsters for most of the "good" archetypes I have listed on the front page, so Dragoscendent will be getting one somewhat soon, hopefully. I think the current effect I have designed for the Dragoscendent link is a bit too strong, but I'll play around with it. I'm also adding new support cards (aside from the link monsters) to a few of the archetypes that I felt needed it (or to which I just wanted to give support). Currently that includes one new Spell/Trap card for Seafarers and a few new cards for Witchcrafters and Requipped. The list of all the archetypes getting a link monster (as of now) is: Seafarer, Requipped, Mystic Fauna, Psyber, Witchcrafter, Glade, and Dragoscendent. Dinoriders don't need one because they're normal pendulums, so Rescue Rabbit and Hampster should work well enough in combination with Metalfoes Electrum to make up for the restrictions of the New Master Rules (esp. since they get attached as materials and thusly sent to the grave frequently anyway). The only archetype that could use one but isn't on the list right now is Legendary Wyrm, but tbh I was looking at those cards recently and just couldn't figure out how I was supposed to play them. When I made them I certainly knew how they played, but none of the main-deck cards search Poly or anything. Maybe I'll give them a link, but dear lord do they need help.

I also have to update every synchro monster to the new summoning condition format (otherwise they'll be unsummonable) and update every card that targets (or otherwise affects) a card in the Pendulum Zone (because the old method of using c:GetSequence==6 or c:GetSequence==7 doesn't work anymore). I'll probably also fix lots of "then" affects that don't have Duel.BreakEffect() (which is what designates them in the code as "then" effects), because I'm pretty sure that lots of my cards don't have that when they should. I'll also go through and fix some of the PSCT on cards, because, while it's generally pretty readable, some of it is not very good, so I'll be fixing that. Finally, I'm going to re-balance Mystic Fauna Jaglider, because dear lord is that thing broken. I may also rebalance some other things, but idk.

How quickly I get this update done depends on how much school work I have (it's looking like I'll have a decent amount for the next week or so, so it'll probably be a few weeks, especially due to the scale of updating the effects and PSCT for a large amount of cards). When I post this update I'll also add sample decklists as ydk files for all of the updates archetypes. Maybe I'll post some replays of me playing the deck.

tl;dr: Seafarer, Requipped, Mystic Fauna, Psyber, Witchcrafter, Glade, and Dragoscendent are getting links. Seafarers, Requipped, and Witchcrafter are getting additional support (because Witchcrafter haven't gotten enough already /s). I have to update a bunch of stuff for it to work in the beta version of Percy, and when I do I'm going to fix PSCT errors and effect timing bugs, as well as rebalance a couple things. It'll probably be a few weeks, but it'll happen. Main post will also be updated.
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#102 Posted : Monday, November 13, 2017 10:38:25 PM(UTC)

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Thank you for your continued work and, of course, take your time. I look forward to the updates.
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