Ygopro for Android

Apr 1

Written by: Percival18
4/1/2013 12:47 AM  RssIcon

ygopro android

Ygopro for Android alpha version preview.

This is a short movie of the ygopro Android port that I have been working on. The demo is running on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

-Online play
-Latest yugioh cards
-Replay system
-Sound effects (not shown in vid)

Expected release date: Q4 2013

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I want to believe you!

By nameless on   4/1/2013 2:23 AM

Will work on any android? For example, Samsung Galaxy Y(My).

By Karazu on   4/1/2013 3:36 AM

So how do I get this and install it on my android device?

By chest069 on   4/1/2013 8:15 AM

dont troll me im kanye west

By kanye west on   4/1/2013 6:28 PM

I do not interested in Android version or else. Please update new cards quickly. Thanks.

By Thanks on   4/1/2013 10:35 PM

Create stare iPhone App? or only Android?

By zero on   4/13/2013 12:11 AM

It will be free as the PC version? we will need to be registered to play online?

By Ricardo on   4/14/2013 5:46 PM


By Ancient Legends on   4/19/2013 9:20 AM

whre is d'download link ygpro for android?

By ekky on   4/19/2013 10:20 PM

This was an April fools day prank, but I would still lve this to be released on my iPad and android phone :3

By Lucifer on   4/20/2013 9:26 AM

This version have same server like for pc version?

By FunYugioh on   4/28/2013 1:57 PM

When can i download, or where download?
How to install?
For what version?

By Battakoru on   6/16/2013 10:57 AM

cual es la fecha estimada para el lanzamiento de esta apk O.O

By LORDofD on   6/21/2013 6:40 AM

i have galaxy s3.. can i have ygopro for my device? please..

By nedone92 on   7/1/2013 8:42 AM

can u upload a demo version plz !!!
i want to play in android devide !!!
quick quick quick plz !!!

By scorpion on   7/12/2013 11:50 PM

plz plz plz bluetooth multiplayer and wifi multiplayer options if it's posible

By Dario on   7/13/2013 7:31 PM

Where can i dowload this?..

By neeeeeed on   7/26/2013 4:40 AM

I want to play on android!!!!!!!!!
plz plz plz Can u upload for us??????/

By Lee Jinu on   7/29/2013 4:26 AM

give me the address to download

By ngochoan on   8/1/2013 5:13 AM

Yall stupid? April 1st.... this is a joke :D

By dd on   8/4/2013 1:56 PM

What's Q4?

By Konstantin on   8/9/2013 8:25 AM

una pregunta:
para los seguidores de yu gi oh en latinoamerica españa y ess lugares lanzaran la version en español ¿? o solo saldra en ingles¿?

By joaquin on   9/16/2013 2:09 PM

saldra en español¿?

By joaquin on   9/16/2013 2:10 PM

funny to see comments here

By Willly on   10/9/2013 5:49 PM

if percy does release this i hope he adds the a.i. duel to in case u want to play offline as well

By dude on   12/8/2013 5:46 AM

It's Verry interesting I can't believe you guy's can do things like that upcoming game's like that if it's true I love to play it thank you Konami.

By sadik on   12/20/2013 12:43 PM

Where is the download link?

By sam on   12/25/2013 3:09 AM

Where is the download link?

By sam on   12/25/2013 3:10 AM

give the download link

By oulram on   12/31/2013 10:16 PM

give the download link

By oulram on   12/31/2013 10:18 PM

come man plzz? could you release it for android because look how kool it is

By richy1557 on   1/3/2014 2:52 PM

Tengo galaxy s3 mini lo puedo instalar y donde puedo vajar el juego

By andres on   1/8/2014 9:22 AM

Although you guys said that it is just an april fool, I recently saw someone playing it (and it really looked like in the picture & the video above) in a bus in Hamburg, Germany. So now I am damn confused. Is this game gonne be released someday, is it alrdy released, and why exactly is some guy in Hamburg, Germany able to play this?

By Laglag on   1/8/2014 4:25 PM

I saw this amazing idea you have and i also 've been searching for an android version of yugioh game and the only thing i found was this YGOroid on chinese but then an English Version Released. Now i'm Working on the Pictures of all the bards in YGOroid to replace them With pictures of cards in Enlish.
It would be Great if you Release YGOPRO for Android devices(because Android smartphones are the marketing Leaders at the momment), And i would like to suggest you to create a Beta Version of this Game first and give it to some people that will inform you about any bugs and crashes will appear ,at the time you 'll be Working on the Complete Version of the Game.
Good Luck,and i'm waiting for Response to my comment about your opinion! :)

By AlexMoonwalker on   1/13/2014 3:55 PM

just wait.

By Manifestoo on   2/4/2014 7:23 PM

comon i buy that for 10-60 €/$+

By mazlum on   2/20/2014 10:42 AM

hey...............so how can i play this game...........i really looking forward to this game..........so could you let me play it

By G.Zehel on   4/10/2014 10:51 PM

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Recent Comments

It works for my tablet just gone. Also when is Android version update going to be released?

what's wrong with game... i can't install this

How do you actually update ygopro to the current update for Macs if you have the older version ? i currently have 1.032.1 v5 and im trying to get to 1.033.0

Why it only work for cellphones? Please make it work for tabs

Please it's possible to do a ygopro android in french im french and for the zexal card i dont now the effect because i dont see the episode please do it for the frenchspeaking

I think it would be cool to put a system level (in the case would have to have an accounting system, but I think it should be a little complicated for now) or something more comfortable to play, play by play are not giving much ta cheer, would good to have something to earn each victory.

When will there be an IOS version

cant play OCG on online.. i wish i can
Please fix.. TY

well i FINALLY got this thing working on my netbookmthank the good lord... i was wondering if its possible to get the music to work like the windows version by copying the songs to the folder location or if it hasn't been included to the android version yet?

can u make this for ios devices too pls i really want to play on my iphone it looks extremely good and i will give tons of feed back on glitches and other things

I can't leave the test they never asked me to leave it how can I do that?

Not sure I'd this has been reported yet, but the AI still has a bug with any card that is supposed to force them to attack with all their monsters. Cards like Battlemania and Number 13 + 31, and some others have this issue. The AI attacks once and then chooses to end the battle phase.

Yo find important bug that kills blackwings. Vayu eff doesn't pop in grave then you have everthing you need.

And when u guys want to relesease the alt exe for this shit? i wait a month ago...

An iOS version would be perfect, even if its just through Cydia or distributed the same way GBA4iOS and nds4iOS are

It's so slow on my Galaxy Y. Is there a way to speed it up? Can there be local battles? Can we go second against the AI?

The app says that it is incompatible with the samsung galaxy tab 3, could you fix this please? :)