Pendulum Summon explanation video

Feb 23

Written by: Percival18
2/23/2014 3:05 AM  RssIcon

Great pendulum summon explanation video by YuGiOh Edition Singapore & DuelingDays posted on facebook.

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This makes using a lock down deck much easier. This also allows you to get an Egyptain god out first turn which is op, xyz's that require 3 or more usable, level 7 or higher that you wouldn't play because of the 2 tribute cost playable and some op like vanity's ruler, and makes use of those monsters that can only be special summon by removing or tributing a certain monster or a certain number of them playable again.

By lookfun78 on   2/28/2014 6:07 AM

Seems a fast way to lose your hand in one turn. If you suddenly summon all the monsters in your hand and lose to a torrential, bottomless, solemn warning, etc. The entire hand is gone. However, you still got 2 monsters from your pendulum zones that may save you still. I don't think it's broken. I approve Konami. So far Konami has yet to disappoint, even when synchros came out, everyone thought it sucked, but then they loved it later, same with xyz and now pendulum. The game is getting more complicated though if this continues and Konami keeps changing every season.

By AntiMetaman on   3/16/2014 11:58 AM

And when u guys want to relesease the alt exe for this shit? i wait a month ago...

By W Hero on   4/17/2014 11:17 PM

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Won't open on Mac, please help anyone.


You can't use a custom banlist online, use the old one.
The same thing is for custom cards.
If you want to try the new banlist, open a room with the banlist unchecked.

Hey mr Mozbie. Thank you for the ban list update!
I was wondering if anyone else is unable to connect to the server??

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I hope it has nothing to do with the ban list update..

Percy I have a question, if you use a superheavy samurai in defense position in a battle against a monster with an ATK higher than the DEF of my monster while I control Big Ben K, I can still receive battle damage?

the current banlist


Thank you for making this wonderful program. I've had hours of fun, even playing by myself against the computer. The AI has gotten better and better and I look forward to the next release. I'm grateful your team took takes the time to keep YGOPRO up so we can enjoy the game for free.

Hey Mr checkmate are you gone...?

Ah, nevermind about the Duelist Pack: Kamishiro cards. It's just the foil on Crystal Zero Lancer threw me off. But my point still stands.

Uh, just a lil' nitpick from me. Are you ever gonna update some of the card's images? Cause Melody of Awakening Dragon is still black and white. Premium Pack 16 and some of the cards from Duelist Pack: Kamishiro Siblings are still using taken from the phone camera quality pictures.

I guess
Maybe it will be updated when people get FAQs of NECH
(a few days after 7/19)

amazing game
i only play with my smartphone.
thamks for the realese.
only 1 question,can i download decks for android?