Pendulum Summon explanation video

Feb 23

Written by: Percival18
2/23/2014 3:05 AM  RssIcon

Great pendulum summon explanation video by YuGiOh Edition Singapore & DuelingDays posted on facebook.

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This makes using a lock down deck much easier. This also allows you to get an Egyptain god out first turn which is op, xyz's that require 3 or more usable, level 7 or higher that you wouldn't play because of the 2 tribute cost playable and some op like vanity's ruler, and makes use of those monsters that can only be special summon by removing or tributing a certain monster or a certain number of them playable again.

By lookfun78 on   2/28/2014 6:07 AM

Seems a fast way to lose your hand in one turn. If you suddenly summon all the monsters in your hand and lose to a torrential, bottomless, solemn warning, etc. The entire hand is gone. However, you still got 2 monsters from your pendulum zones that may save you still. I don't think it's broken. I approve Konami. So far Konami has yet to disappoint, even when synchros came out, everyone thought it sucked, but then they loved it later, same with xyz and now pendulum. The game is getting more complicated though if this continues and Konami keeps changing every season.

By AntiMetaman on   3/16/2014 11:58 AM

And when u guys want to relesease the alt exe for this shit? i wait a month ago...

By W Hero on   4/17/2014 11:17 PM

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Please, update for linux too!!

ok.... how are you people even attempting to download? ;_; where do I go to download, basically o.o

Even with the startup crash update it still seems to be crashing at startup :(

i tried redownloading from scratch and i get a "No mountable disk" message (Mac)

You could make a version for windows phone by either not everyone has a phone with android system

voces poderiam fazer uma versão para o windows phone por quer nem tem um aparelho com o sistema android

i wanna know why the Orichalcos cards are not back in the system if you could plz add them back in.

the Mac update doesn't work. wan it opens it crashes on me

Yeah Please sort out the Mac Update for us :D Thank you!!!

Mac update doesn't work

Hey thanks for the hard work.

However the V5 updated version for iMac isn't working at all.

I downloaded with recommended downloader and it just downloaded everything, and I accidentally replace it with my old version and now all my decks are good for good.

And V5 isn't working, that sucks :(

most of anime cards aren't in the version 5 from version 4 please update the game again with the missing cards fenrir of the nordic wolf/card defense/cosmic blast/card of sancity-demise/gjallarhorn-/thanks

The DDD archtype is unplayable due to missing cards that were revealed a good while ago in Booster SP: Raging Masters (Lilith, Howling, and the Covenant cards. Also Leonidas, though not from that set). It was kinda pointless to add the Fusion and Synchro when they aren't even usable and came from the same set as the missing cards. I'm not telling you to "hurry up" or anything, but I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate if you can add those before the next big booster set/planned update for ygopro.

After the update I can't use the effect of abyssteus to search abyssocea anymore

The Mac update does not work, ygopro now closes when activated, I have completely reinstalled the program and the problem continues.

Finded a bug when playing with "Herald of Glorious Light". If opponent activate something and you chain with herald's eff then if your opponent chains a "Breakthrought Skill" at the same chain for some unknown reason you can't chain again Herald eff even if you have a fairy to discard. This bug can steal a lot of games because the Breakthrought will succeed =/

one question: Is it Satellarknight or StellarKnight? i ask because there are cards that have one of those names in the card name. pick a name and stick with it.

thank you for the updated for mac :)

Yea, it just crashes immediately upon opening. Really happy about the update, it just doesn't work currently without crashing on mac.

super happy about the update! but now the program crashes everytime i try to open it :(