Pendulum Summon explanation video

Feb 23

Written by: Percival18
2/23/2014 3:05:00 AM  RssIcon

Great pendulum summon explanation video by YuGiOh Edition Singapore & DuelingDays posted on facebook.

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This makes using a lock down deck much easier. This also allows you to get an Egyptain god out first turn which is op, xyz's that require 3 or more usable, level 7 or higher that you wouldn't play because of the 2 tribute cost playable and some op like vanity's ruler, and makes use of those monsters that can only be special summon by removing or tributing a certain monster or a certain number of them playable again.

By lookfun78 on   2/28/2014 6:07:20 AM

Seems a fast way to lose your hand in one turn. If you suddenly summon all the monsters in your hand and lose to a torrential, bottomless, solemn warning, etc. The entire hand is gone. However, you still got 2 monsters from your pendulum zones that may save you still. I don't think it's broken. I approve Konami. So far Konami has yet to disappoint, even when synchros came out, everyone thought it sucked, but then they loved it later, same with xyz and now pendulum. The game is getting more complicated though if this continues and Konami keeps changing every season.

By AntiMetaman on   3/16/2014 11:58:41 AM

And when u guys want to relesease the alt exe for this shit? i wait a month ago...

By W Hero on   4/17/2014 11:17:53 PM

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Its time to get Bosh cards out of Beta!!
Aside from that, awesome job as always! thanks!

Hi, When AI gets deckout and cant draw next turn, they don't lose..

When are we going to get a new update?

Hi, when "Statue of Anguish Pattern" 2nd effect is triggered, a pop up window comes out with 2 options, but the text boxes are blank.

Plss fix raidraptor -singing lanius and raptor's gust..not working

almost all the of shiranui cards effects don't work please fix thanks

I agree. People are always in haste to point out negatives and complain. I'm very much looking forward to the next updated like everyone else. Really want to try the new kozmos. Keep up the good work.

When are the new felgrand support coming

it wont let me play checkmate for some reason ill click join and nothing happens

I wish people would stop being negative and impatient. Percival18 I appreciate this app and the time you put into it. I admit that I am anxious like everyone else but I'm not rushing you. Just waiting. Please don't let the negativity discourage you from making your customers happy. The app is awesome despite it flaws. Would like to have ability to host own room because I hate rage quitters if possible. Other than that great job and keep it up.

It is not that hard, just download the file and install ALL OF THE PACKAGES LISTED ON THIS PAGE.
libevent-pthreads,libopenal1, and liblua. It would not hurt to install their recomended and sugested packages as whell. I just did it. If there are any packages I missed check this page.

Hi there percy and your hard working team, i am really not liking the lack of updates recently with so many new cards that's out right now. Maybe we're a little too greedy but it would be better if u could inform us on the updates so we could know when to expect them. Anyway keep up the good work guys and i am praying for an update soon

Jesus this is so annoying. Not a single update or even news about the next patch. Do you guys even care about your player base?

felt like forever has passed for that effin update

when will the new update ? I hope anxious about the armophages letters , pendullum moonlight , blue eyes , digital bugs , new black wings ...

I want in the next update is to have private server (host and join) and to copy the deck of the ai

Has Red-eyes Retro Dragon been added? It still says Red-eyes "Tracer" Dragon and wont allow me to use in ONLY TCG.

If any platform needs update right it's the iOS version. It's been well over a year already and there's less people playing online because of it. Plz

Not gonna lie this was probably the worst time to take a 1 month long break due to the meta and how we cannot play Kozmo without the support