Pendulum Summon explanation video

Feb 23

Written by: Percival18
2/23/2014 3:05 AM  RssIcon

Great pendulum summon explanation video by YuGiOh Edition Singapore & DuelingDays posted on facebook.

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This makes using a lock down deck much easier. This also allows you to get an Egyptain god out first turn which is op, xyz's that require 3 or more usable, level 7 or higher that you wouldn't play because of the 2 tribute cost playable and some op like vanity's ruler, and makes use of those monsters that can only be special summon by removing or tributing a certain monster or a certain number of them playable again.

By lookfun78 on   2/28/2014 6:07 AM

Seems a fast way to lose your hand in one turn. If you suddenly summon all the monsters in your hand and lose to a torrential, bottomless, solemn warning, etc. The entire hand is gone. However, you still got 2 monsters from your pendulum zones that may save you still. I don't think it's broken. I approve Konami. So far Konami has yet to disappoint, even when synchros came out, everyone thought it sucked, but then they loved it later, same with xyz and now pendulum. The game is getting more complicated though if this continues and Konami keeps changing every season.

By AntiMetaman on   3/16/2014 11:58 AM

And when u guys want to relesease the alt exe for this shit? i wait a month ago...

By W Hero on   4/17/2014 11:17 PM

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probleme with squamata flip effect that destroy shooting star dragon without shouting star beeing able to negate ?

i've been downloaded the ygopro card pics so many times but still my ygopro doesn't have a card pics.why?? f***!!

I have a galaxy tab 3. I camt seem to get the images to work at all. . Could someone give me a step by step of how rip do this?

I have a galaxy tab 3. I camt seem to get the images to work at all. . Could someone give me a step by step of how rip do this?

How do you run this on windows 8.1? I just transferred my things from my windows 7 to this os and now it wont play it...

Update for secrets of eternity please! Wanna plan infernoid...

can you fix divine serpent it wont let me summon it thanks

Shaddoll card missing:

El Shaddoll Wendigo - http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/El_Shaddoll_Wendigo

Add please \o

Merlin's Quick eff doest work. U can't xyz/synchro banishing Merlin.

Alright but the development of YGOPRO will still continue on Android right?
Would you upload it to another markets like Mobomarket , I am rather worried about its popularity going downhill that is all and not finding any one to duel (On Android) because of that. Its sad because it had 1 million downloads :(
Any ways good luck.

Checking for updates http://www.troll.me/images/waiting-skeleton/ill-just-wait-here.jpg

Great job, just two questions.

Will the app be updated at the same time as the PC/Mac clients when new cards are released?
Is it possible to donate money to get rid of ads? I would gladly pay some money for it.

The problem is the app CONTENT. Most other yugioh apps on gplay are duel calculators. My dev account will get banned if I try gplay again.

Google Play is OUT. End of story.

the card level modulation is messed up the card needs to be fixed


There are a lot of yugioh NAMED applications on playstore and they are not deleted. A re-upload on playstore really wouldn't hurt would it? Rename it to maybe "Duelist Pro" so Konami wouldn't search for it or Auto-Detect it. Give playstore another chance? I know there is an Android released on the page how ever I heard it requires a lot of work to get it installed unlike as it was on playstore.

If anyone is reading these posts, they should see that this update has caused a lot of problems. I have made a DD deck and every time I get DD Magical Astronomer Galilei and
DD Magical Astronomer Kepler on the pendulum zones and then have a couple of Covenant cards in play, the game crashes at the start of my turn. I see that there is a bug that causes both Astronomer to someone have effects activate with the Covenant cards when they activate to cause the life point damage. That is when the crash happens, at the start of the main phase. Please fix this.