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Tired of outdated card images? No problem, because the wait is over and this should make YGOPRO Percy the best update among all other YGOPRO versions.

Extract them into the YGOPRO directory. Some of the OCG/Anime cards need to be put into "cards-tf.zip" from your "expansions" folder of YGOPRO. That cards-tf.zip need to be the latest one in order to work unless the latest version of YGOPRO and cards-tf.zip have already updated the fixed images with English wording on them that I had provided. Add and overwrite them when necessary (I hope you know which ones). Please note that the images from the "other" folder is to put into custom anime zip files such as "cards-1033.4v2.zip" and "mld,ehg-custom-sep.zip".

http://www.ygopro.co/For...Ygopro-1-033-4-V3-Update [/b][/i]

Version 5:
- Replaced more card images with correct card names for Crossed Souls (TCG), Clash of Rebellions (OCG) and other specials. Total = 892.
- Renamed more card names with the updated "cards.cdb" file.
- Fixed card scripts by Steeleagle are added.
- Fixed/added official SP duel puzzles to English language.
- Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, Black Metal Dragon, DD Pandora, Igknight Burst, D/D/D Sniping Overlord Tell, Barrier Bubble, Performage Damajuggler and Performage Flameater now have official card IDs.
- Added Mythic Shell Dragon ingame since it's a normal monster and has an official card ID. Problem is that the card manager doesn't have "Wyrm" on it leaving the monster type temporarily set to Fiend.
- For anime cards, please download the latest "cards-tf.zip" and the custom anime zip expansion version before replacing them.

Older versions:

The following Pendulum monsters have been fixed with English wording using Photoshop and a Pendulum template:
D/D Hell Armageddon the Cruel End Overlord
D/D Magical Astronomer Galilei
D/D Magical Astronomer kepler
D/D Proud Orge
Pendulum Statue Purple Shield
Pendulum Statue Purple Sword
Pendulum Statue Red Angel
Pendulum Statue Red Devil
Pendulum Statue White Butterfly
Pendulum Statue White Flower
Pendulum Statue Yellow Scarab

The cards from Clash of Rebellions have been updated with correct English card images (credits to Freddx for those):
Creation Magician
Destruction Magician
Igknight Caliber
Igknight Riot
Igknight Dragnov
Igknight Musket
Igknight Eagle
Igknight Magnum
Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon (only the better anime art)
Barrier Bubble

The file cards.cdb has also been updated for those cards to be renamed. Those card names have been renamed (from the Yugi Wikia site):
Performapal Damage Juggler
Performapal Flame Eater
Performapal Trapeze Magician
D/D/D Blaze Overlord Temujin
Vision Fusion (was Vision Polymerization)
Time Maiden (was Temporal Machine Priestess)
Ghostrick Angel of Mischief (was Ghostrick Dorklord)

The following card names that need to be renamed require Michael Lawrence Dee to edit the cards-tf.cdb expansion because I cannot edit them the right way:
Conduction Warrior Linear Magnum +- (not "plus minus" with words)
Foolish Decision (was The Fool's Ruling)
Magician's Adage (was The Magician's Wisdom)
The Unselected One (was The Unchosen One)
Hidden Passage (was Secret Passage)
Yosen Realm Whirlwind (was Dizzying Wind of the Yosen Realm) - TCG version is correct
Talisman of Reversal (was Insightful Cards of Reversal)
Fate's Intervention (was Intervention of Fate)

The following OCG and Anime card images have been corrected into English using the YugiOh Card Maker site (Pendulum Monsters excluded):
Aqua Gate
Aid to the Doomed
Arrowsylph the Sibyl
Magician's Card
Power Shift
Space Jump
Half Unbreak
Beezeus of the Ultimate Diabolic Dragons
Covenant with the Valkyrie
Covenant with the Hellgate
D/D/D Caesar the Wave Overlord
Dark Illusion
Edge Imp Frightfake
Edge Imp Scissors
Superheavy Samurai Sandals
Superheavy Samurai Spirit
Superheavy Samurai Orge Shutendoji
The Unspeakable Trapezohedron
Infernoid Satan
Sea Lord's Amulet
D/D/D Blaze Overlord Temujin
Hi-Five the Sky
Hyperspeedroid Dahma
Number 94: Crystalzero
Air Fortress Ziggurat
Armageddon Designator
Bird of Paradise Lost
card of adversity
chain arrow
Final Cicada (renamed)
coingnoma the sibyl
conduction warrior linear magnum +- (renamed)
contagion of madness
crystalundine the sibyl
D/D/D Dragon Overlord Pendragon (renamed)
damage summon
dark prisoner
dimension voyage
empress's crown
performapal damage juggler (renamed)
performapal flame eater (renamed)
performapal trapeze magician (renamed)
fearful earthbound
fire lily
golden castle of stromberg
ice fire egg
illusion destruction
imperial register
junk anchor
level cannon
mirror knight calling
monster chain
monster replace
mythical gryphon
new orders 13 etheric amen
number 100: numeron dragon
number 1: gate of numeron - ekam
number 2: gate of numeron - dve
number 3: gate of numeron - trini
number 4: gate of numeron - catvari
orgoth the relentless
panic wave
rescuer from the grave
revenge return
ritual of the sibylla
scrap-iron barricade
scrap-iron pitfall
sky union
stay force
synchro deception
tarotray the sibylla
Time Maiden (renamed)
the big server
Foolish Decision (renamed)
Magician's Adage (renamed)
Yosen Realm Whirlwind (renamed)
Talisman of Reversal (renamed)
Fate's Intervention (renamed)
the rival's name
wave wall
wild heart
armityle the chaos phantom
armored black dragon - cyberdark dragon
amazoness chain master
barrel dragon
card of safe return
D/D Pandora
dark diviner
dark flattop
defense paralysis (stop defense)
frozen fitzgerald
hundred eyes dragon
jam defender
lionhearted locomotive
number F0: king of future - hope
odin, father of the aesir
rank-up-magic raptor's force
red-eyes darkness metal dragon
spell chronicle
spellbinding circle
stargazer magician
superheavy samurai warlord susanowo
t.g. cyber magician
the wicked avatar
thor, lord of the aesir
timaeus the knight of destiny
timegazer magician
ultimaya tzolk'in
underground arachnid
valkyrie of the nordic ascendant
yosen tornado
zeman the ape king
banishing climb
bomb shark
butterspy courage
chronomaly ley line power
chronomaly resonance
cookmate chickwheat
cookmate eggong
cookmate potatopard
depth biter
dimension reversion
doppel shark
food cemetery
future vision (trap)
hidden shot
infinite aura
jirai gumo (trap)
kid junk
magic mirror spirit nayuta
master and servant's resolve
material junk
moon dragon quilia
necro mannequin
number 3: cicada king
orichalcos deuteros
orichalcos tritos
phantom des spear
red cocoon
royal cookmate king hamburg
royal cookmate knight napolitan
royal cookmate prince curry
royal cookmate princess pudding
shadow dance
slip stream
slowdown trap
small stopper
smile kid
sneak giant
speed booster
speed edge
speed rebirth
speed roid double yoyo
speed world 2
stone bola
subspatial battle
the duke of demise
the phantom knights of shadow veil
umbral horror golem
white knight lancer
white knight lord
wonder recipe
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Nice project, I'm also running an HD project for better cards 🙂
Michael Lawrence Dee
Just a request, when making Anime Card images, please only update those with BAD artworks, not those with japanese text or all Anime Cards, and they look kinda cooler than a TCG/OCG artwork. Can I have a complete list of those Anime Cards with fixed card artworks (not card itself)?
Now this is how I play:
Nah... All in English (titles and texts). :P

Good work, Zocom7. But... There are many cards with different borders for the same type of card (Monster / Spell / Trap). For example: Knight Day Grepher (15767889) is almost camouflaged like a Xyz Monster!
So... are these going to be added to the next update? Cus YGOpro could use some better card images, especially on cards were the names are wrong.
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Originally Posted by: Michael Lawrence Dee 

Just a request, when making Anime Card images, please only update those with BAD artworks, not those with japanese text or all Anime Cards, and they look kinda cooler than a TCG/OCG artwork. Can I have a complete list of those Anime Cards with fixed card artworks (not card itself)?

That may take extra time to figure out which cards deserve a higher quality of artwork. Right now I don't have the time to look and edit for them.

Also I recently downloaded a preview set of "Clash of Rebellions" cards for YGOPRO (I cannot find the thread for that here) that have the right card images with the right names (particularly in English), including Creation Magician, Destruction Magician and Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon. That part will be integrated and updated with this set pack as v2 soon.
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Originally Posted by: FiL.LiP 

Nah... All in English (titles and texts). :P

Good work, Zocom7. But... There are many cards with different borders for the same type of card (Monster / Spell / Trap). For example: Knight Day Grepher (15767889) is almost camouflaged like a Xyz Monster!

Rather than saving the anime/OCG cards I recreated with the YugiOh Card Maker, I had to capture the picture and re-save it, so that's why some of the cards have different borders.
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New update in the first post.
Michael Lawrence Dee
Please download this to get the latest update for the expansions folder, please replace the bad looking artworks into this.
And note that my cards have card numbers 51100XXXX
Currently, the last one reaches 1000+
This is not yet updated for online play but these images can help if they decide to upload and update them online.

EDIT: Why I said this, if you didn't know. You can search the card by typing its full card number.
Now this is how I play:
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Only five days left before the OCG version of Clash of Rebellions booster pack is released and 25 days left until the TCG version of Crossed Souls is released. I got to hurry before Percival updates the entire game itself. After that I won't be updating this for a long while.

So far I got more anime cards to update mostly from the recent release of "cards.tf.zip".

The good news is that I made Barrier Bubble playable in YGOPRO and that updated "cards.cdb" should work ingame. However though, that caused a crash issue in Win7 on the original executable of YGOPRO, except on the debug executable.
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Last update in the first post until for a long while. Version 3 of fixed cards has been released.
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Updated version 4 has been released in the first post. That is definitely the last update of this until v1.033.5.

Edit: Strangest thing after all this time, someone could have given me thanks again for this current ongoing repairing project of cards.
Nice work, Zocom!
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Updated version 5 in the first post. Tons of new replaced cards once again and this time, more additions are added into this version. This is definitely the last of the updates until v.1033.5 since I am getting too aggrevated to continue fixing those card issues.
when "shadow toon "is added for the ocg? i find only anime version but legal version is relased in collectors Pack: Duelist of Destiny Version.
Hi. When i click the link it says invalid or deleted file. Is it possible to update the link?. Many thanks.
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Sorry for the late reply, all future updates (including this) have been granted permission to Eerie_Code:

It contains new card updates from Eerie_Code and dozens of card renames and 800+ card replacements from myself.