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Why we cant activate cards during the battle fase on the oponent's turn?!?!?

Same issue. regardless of whether I hold down left-mouse or not, it just ignores it. (this makes testing psy-frames pretty annoying)

I considered whether or not it was a problemwith my mouse itself, but its working fine in every other application.

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I have checked source in Chrome page, and seems that Ygochrome is a Asp.net application loaded on Ajax server?? This is correct, Percy can cofirm this is why have used same Irchlight engine on this version, and which Webkit have used, to not make it compatible for cross platforms??
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Ygochrome, for playing Ygopro in the Google Chrome web browser, is now in beta.

Start playing here: http://www.ygopro.co/ygochrome.aspx 

For some reason, this past week , YGoCHrome hasnt been working for me, its just a balck screen even when it says its running
When I open Ygochrome, the status reads as:

ERROR [NaCl module load failed: PnaclCoordinator: Compiler process could not be created.]

And the infinity loading thing just goes on forever. Skimmed the forums, no-one seems to have had this problem. [:wall:]
Please help me get my tier 0 deskbot deck.
[:laugh:] This is a great game. [:sad:] but can you please make online or a least a ygopro that is capable with the chrome os.
Apparently this does not support "Comodo Chromodo ".


Well, I'm not really surprise about this since ccleaner does not detect that its chromium based.
In my Ygo Chrome is in the state loading ... forever !!!
how can I solve this problem?
My PC is very weak even have to do ???
Yami Jacob
Is there a way to cancel the "Start a chain" decision? like, it ask me if i want to start a chain, and i accidentally click yes. I can't get out of it without wasting a card for later
I also had the NaCl error, but typed: chrome://components
into the addressbar, then clicked on the "search for updates" under "pnacl".
After Update it works.

However, I get a black screen (like some others) when the status is "running",
strangely enough following the links that were posted, then don't work, it
complains that it's not "Desktop Chrome", maybe a win8/metro thing ?

But still - a big thank you for your hard work !!
Everything is working fine for me but the games only shows the pictures of the cards that are in the starter deck and no others. I've actually had this problem with the Mac version for a long time, what is recommended?
Does the program use Android for chrome engine  or is it made from scratch. Becaus i would like Checkmate etc on both Android and Chrome.
Yami Jacob
I have this idea for Ygopro. not sure there is one or not, but suppose we have the option of doing tournament trees. have one section of advance rated and the other for tournament tree style
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