Okay, idk if many people know me on here but I feel I need to say some things. YGOPro is very dear to my heart and when certain things happen I become over-emotional and lash out. Some background:

Apparently I have a reputation for insulting Michael Dee Lawrence. MLD creates lots of anime cards and from the beginning I was grateful and respectful. First time I met the man it was in a duel. And it was friendly, but it quickly went downhill. Nowadays, you probably see us arguing over anime cards.

Here's what you need to know about me: I am a simple man. I've wanted, from the start, this game to have every card available for people to use for fun. Besides just anime and manga cards, I also liked the idea of anime alternate versions of real life cards. If a card has a different version in Yu-Gi-Oh, whether in the video game or comics, it deserves a place on this game.

That's all there is to me. When someone comes along, tries to nerf a card they personally don't like, or else remove cards, I get upset and feel threatened. I am a flawed human, and should not have cussed or insulted in my posts. I will work on that in the future. Why do I argue with MLD? Here are the main reasons:

1. MLD, while a gifted scripter, dislikes cards he personally thinks are broken or op. In the past he nerfed these cards and stuck them in the game as the official anime cards. I found this to be wrong. Who is he to decide what the effects are? Unless you are Konami, you cannot nerf a card and still call it official. It becomes 100% custom at that point.

2. MLD seems to ignore the majority of the fans opinions on here when it comes to op cards. He made a topic a while back about whether or not to nerf or remove Chaos End Ruler. The vast majority of votes not only didn't want to nerf it, but also didn't want to ban it. They wanted it left as is. MLD's stance hasn't changed despite the poll he made.

3. MLD has removed cards from the game that people were enjoying. Remember anime Revival Jam, or Underworld Circle, or the original Negative Energy Generator? They are gone. All becomes he doesn't like them.

4. MLD says balance is the reason he does all this, so I worked hard with others to produce an anime ban list. You would think this would solve the issue, but it didn't. His new excuse is that when certain anime cards get banned, like anime Ra, it accidentally bans the other versions of said card.

5. MLD has tried many, many, MANY times to remove my favorite card, Anime Ra. He has vocally mentioned that they are well-liked, yet still wants them gone. In my opinion, this speaks volumes about how he feels about the fans on this site. Yet even when he made a poll about removing Ra, and everyone said no, he's trying to do it again.

Yet when people call me out, they always ignore all of this. He gets a pass for nerfing cards, for threatening to remove cards from the fans, for passive-aggressively attacking me.

Steel has publicly stated that custom cards (nerfed cards) are not allowed in the main server. Yet MLD has never fixed any of his nerfed cards. Even now, cards like Negative Energy Generator are still using incorrect effects. He's made new cards too this day that ignore Steel's rules. That one manga card, Treasures of the Dead, he just HAD to tweak it so that it gives 300 LP and not 500. Such disrespect to the community. How this doesn't infuriate others is beyond me.

I'll say this: whose way would you rather have? His? Where a lot of your favorite cards are removed or nerfed because they pose a threat to his Don't Check Deck duels. Yeah, he duels a lot of Don't Check Deck duels. That's why he doesn't care we have an anime ban list. Because in his duels he'd still have to go up against cards like Nibelung's Treasure.

I am done arguing with this person. But you all need to stop making me out to be some bad guy. Yes, I've yelled at him. But I've only ever wanted all of you to have every card available. I've made every effort to let balance remain as well with my anime ban list.
I want us to have every card!!!
I also want you to have the option for balanced duels via the ban list.
I don't believe that we should prohibit or nerf cards just because 1 or 2 people personally dislike them. Do I like the idea of the uber broken spell card Magic Removal Virus Cannon coming back into the game? Not really.. but I won't whine about it. I accept it and would ban it.
EDIT: And no, I did not create multiple insulting MLD accounts to like my own comments... c'mon people, that's too obvious and also pointless. But I wouldn't put it behind other people to try and frame me
I'm guilty of getting heated in the moment too.Look, you aren't a bad dude. But yeah, sometimes you go overboard!~~
~~ Hope people are reasonable here. If people set aside their biases, what do they think? On the one side you clearly want all the cards, and even tried to balance things with the Forbidden Anime List. Michel seems like he still wants certain anime cards gone. Who would ever support his side?

ONE SIDE >> Wants all cards period, offers balanced list
OTHER SIDE >>> Wants cards he don't like gone. Doesn't want op cards. Would nerf is possible.

C'mon peeps..
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Honestly, I want all versions of every card to be in the game excluding cards where real life effect has a more complete/much better effect (like Raidraptor - Satellite Cannon Falcon). I appreciate MLD's work, but I really dislike alot of nerfs he made. "Numbers" battle clause will hopefully come back, but nerfs which give your opponent an advantage (like Spy Hero, Dark Spell Regeneration and uber nerfed anime 101 from Custom pack) are really stupid and pointless.
I don't think Dark Spell Regenerations nerf even worked now that I think about it
I honestly feel sorry for MLD. I don't care about anime cards, but I see him getting attacked so very often on here, and he puts in ALOT of effort and time into scripting, yet I never see anyone say thank you. He still takes it like a champ and keeps making cards though.

Anyone else would have just said "get stuffed" and stopped helping people who berate him all the time.

If you didn't make alternate accounts, then you have nothing to worry about. The mods have all that info, and supposedly they getting suspended anyways.

On the topic of Anime cards, the biggest problem I see is that so many of them are just unconfirmed effects and most of them are Over the top OP. So in reality, most of those cards will just get put on a banlist, so there is no real point in scripting them. I think MLD just wants to make them more competitive worthy, but ofcourse it takes away the authenticity.

Really, if you guys have such a big problem with the guy and his work, then you should be scripting them instead. Because, you might find one day he just decides he has had enough and stops making them.

The only bad person I have seen on this site, was that Yami Yugi guy (he seems to be gone now), everyone else has been pretty chill.
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I did thank MLD few times in Missing Anime Cards Project thread. You're making it sound like he is our servant and we are his warders.

As for Yami Yugi, you mean his anti-xyz/synchro/pendulum thread?
I made the anime ban list as a reason to put broken cards back in the game, not keep them out. The original reasoning for him not making anime cards that were op was because they were op and made the game unbalanced.

So I made the anime ban list. If they get banned that's fine! I'll still use them in traditional. I'm not the only one.
Also, brokenness/op is subjective as hell. Ever see people argue over the real life ban list? It's like that on here too. One person thinks something is busted and another disagrees.

Every card deserves the right to be used. Never said he HAD to script them. And I was never unappreciative of his work. But after months and months of the same old stuff (nerfing, trying to remove Ra, etc), I just exploded.

No one can just make up their own anime cards and call them anime. They become custom at that point.

It's all in the past now. Time to move forward.
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Originally Posted by: JNez08 

I'm guilty of getting heated in the moment too.Look, you aren't a bad dude. But yeah, sometimes you go overboard!~~

It's good that you agree with yourself. [:laugh:]

Protip: When creating sockpuppet accounts, be sure to use a different real name and other details.