I'm really surprised everything is going down this low. Nothing in the set is above 30 dollars. Halqifibrax is well below 30, currently 27 and some ebay listings have sold some for 25 and under yet it and had a presale price of 40. Anaconda dip belowed 20 can has sold copies for 18 while having a presale price of 26 and even infinite impermanence has listings sold for 17 bucks on ebay.omegle  discord  xender 

Did anyone expect the fallout to be this bad on this set? I knew the set would go down cause of the banlist and the covid-19 pandemic but this fallout seems insane. The set is less than a week old and none of the top cards are holding value and keep going down.
Not really surprising. No events to play at. Everything is closed, even 99% of locals closed around the world cause they don't want to risk contamination. Supply and demand are fundamentals of understanding the market. There is almost no demand right now, hence low prices. Why should I buy the cards when I can't even do anything with them? Whos to say DUOV won't get an unlim set or the chase cards get reprinted in another set by the time events run up again?

There's just no many downsides to buying right now, events probably won't start up again for months and then we have looming banlists too. It's just not safe to buy. The banlist hurt halqifibrax marketability anyways. Banning every good tuner a few days after it's release is terrible marketing, especially cause theres 0 events anyways, not like it matters having steam and halqifibrax together now.

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This summarizes it all. And based on the trajectory the virus is going, this may last an entire year. With card shops potentially going out of business due to no events, its not wise to invest so heavily right now. Theres a good chance that by the time you come back, your local card shop might be out of business if your state/location has issued a stay at home mandate. I imagine card shops are getting wrecked by this very hard. No events. Can't have players in there for too long. Cant even have too many people opening product. And governments declaring closures on non essential businessses. Theres no way this could ever ever qualify as essential  jiofi.local.html