Hello, Play Ygo Pro almost every day.

However it is unplayable - No matter what mine choose, the opponent will ALWAYS have the right card to answer me.

I also noticed Malicious Game Suffle.
Playing pendulum, I look at my hand and I suspect the opponent has ASH, Interestingly ALL the moves I choose to make an ASH stop me.
When that happens I am 105% sure that the opponent has an ASH and does.
When my hand comes Delicia, Very Good, Mysteriously the Opponent has Nibiru in his hand, and even if I do a negate before the Opponent will have an impermence in his hand it is a lot of knowledge are 2 years of knowledge right?

Another thing I already realize who creates the room is benefited by SUFFLE Thief of the game and take the test yourself there in your home.

Enter a room already made, let the opponent play some cards and Surrender ALWAYS in Match 2 you will come with the bad HAND ALWAYS.
I can record live and know that I will tell you which cards you have in your opponent's hand just by looking at my starting hand and I record LIVE and speak before it happens.

I make big field the opponent 60 Cards of the dark rule no more and KNOWLEDGE has the exact cards of the Full Combo.

Then I put a Trap to avoid the Dark Rule and Guess he KNOWLEDGE takes a cosmic Cyclone and only in this duel did I put a trap.

Well we know that YGO pro Steals this is a Fact, and it goes back to the time of Ygo Pro 2015 when we were going to play ranked Always the Bricada hand was 2 cards repeated each and against Duelists Weak the hand vinah Of course, the Suffle in the rankings was completely manipulated, even being shameful.

My question is!

The developer thinks it's funny the duels will be manipulated by AI

It's boring bro, I quit whenever I see that the game set me up.

Then these days I was TAG only with a goal, CURIOUSLY I took 2 Nibiru and 2 Phantaszmay Ó the Enemy, his deck only made 4 Sumons per turn and no LINK.

Oooo THE GAME GIVING ME SPAM FROM NIBIRU and Phantazmay knowing I wasn't going to use it.

Why I know it is not natural - Why THE GAME gave me these Draw cards in the Draw phase.
Not counting myself playing pendulum there I need a SCALE 1 - I have 9 cards like that in my deck and I have 16 cards in my Main Deck 50% chance to download each draw phase and if I download I win the game.

Guess - Turn 1 Nothing, Turn 2 Spell that no longer does anything, Turn 3, Only Trap already dead, Turn 4 HIGH LEVEL SCALE, then I realize the evil of YGO PRO manipulating the duel there I do SARYUJA and guess 9 cards of 10 on my deck and I don't pull the Scale down GO GO GO.


HOW CAN I improve this programming there? or the Game will be dealt cards based on the cards the Game chooses to start with.

Ah if you doubt the same deck that I assemble on Ygo Pro it comes with different Hands and Dras in the Dueling Book - proving that there are different ways of suffle in programming
1- Like repeated regularly here, Ygopro Ignis is open sourced, so anybody can check the code and see that there is NOTHING that is biasing the shuffle toward a player
https://github.com/ProjectIgnis )
Beside, how would the shuffler know who need to get a biased hand since there is no account system?
But i guess it is easier to blame something else than thinking that it is your own skill that
If i take your ash blossom exemple,if you deck get stopped by an Ash (which is a basically a must have card for any deck that want to duel at middle/high level), maybe the problem come from your deck and not in the shuffler that is fine? a deck that die to the first possible disruption is a bad deck in a modern ygo setting
If you know basic math, you would know that the chance of having at least 1 Ash in your 5 card starting hand is over 33%, which is REALLY high (we are speaking of an 1 out 3 chance), and it is just ash, if it is "hand start with at least 1 Ash or Nibiru", the chance jump to 57%
It is basic probability, there is no magic evil hand shuffer again a specific user that we have no way of tracking, and it is the same with any card game
Beside, you never explained why would the shuffle would target you and not the other player?

But i guess Blaming an Imaginary Hand Shuffle manipulation AI is easier than thinking you are the problem
As if we had time, ressources and money to spend on doing as useless as an AI that would pick random players and give them bad hand (beside, the concept of "bad hand" depend on so many parameters that it is basically impossible to define)
It remind of the time people used the Garnet/Brilliant fusion engine and would blame that their single garnet end in their starting hand, problem which magically dissapear when they stopped using a single garnet

2- What can we do if modern ygo is all about preventing the opponent from playing and so most deck run a ton of handtraps/searcher?
We don't make the game and we control even less how people play the game
Don't like it? nothing we can do

3- you get different hand in DB? and? you know that with random stuff, you can't be sure of what you got is right or wrong
What if it is the DB shuffle that is wrong and ours is right? How do you prove which one is wrong?

Easy explanation with a famous comic

4- If you think edopro shuffler is rigged (despite having 0 reference beside your guts feeling)? then why are you still on edopro instead of one of the various options around? we are not holding you hostage, you could go to any other group instead of spitting your venom here