Heya everyone,

Since the original project to create Anime-style card images was discontinued (which you can find here: The Ultimate HQ Project/ ), I've been working for myself to update newly released cards to anime-style visuals. This was meant as mostly a personal project because I prefer the simpeler and clean look for cards. But since I've just finished editing every card now, I thought it'd be nice to share this with the rest in case anyone else is interested.

Why Anime-Style cards?
- More focus on the card's artwork (which are awesome).
- You can't read the text on card images anyways.
- Because it makes you cool and special.

Example Images:




What Cards are Missing:
- New cards that haven't been updated yet.
- A handful of cards I couldn't find a high enough quality image for.
- Anything listed as [Beta].
- "Alternative Format" (except those done in the original HQ card project).

Download Links:
This download is a .rar file of about 709MB, containing 17.505 images, all in 322x433 (400x583 for more recent additions) .jpg format.
To use, simply replace the images in your game's 'pics' folder with the ones contained in the provided .rar file (be sure to make a backup, ofcourse!) Restart the game and it should be good to go.
Note: The Yugioh-Pro client priorities .png files over .jpg files. So if your image folders contains png files it will show those instead of the jpg files contained in this project.

I only play YuGiOh sporadically, but I will continue working on this and update when relevant.
After having manually worked through a couple thousands of cards it's highly unlikely that I haven't made any mistakes along the way (such as incorrect attack/defense values, incorrect types, or overwriting incorrect card numbers). If you notice any missing cards, mistakes, or low quality images let me know and I'll update them eventually. If you want a specific card done let me know and I'll make sure to add it in the next update. :)

If you would like to show support by giving a tip, I've setup a Kofi account over at:
Any donations are greatly appreciated. :)

Update Log:
30-06-2018; little over 100 cards updated.
04-07-2018; again a little over 100 cards updated.
07-12-2018; 313 (as counted) cards updated.
05-04-2021; Big ~1000 cards updated.
14-05-2021; Little over 100 cards added, corrected or improved.
06-07-2021; Updated 150+ recently added cards.
23-12-2021; Updated ~200 recently added cards.
05-03-2023; Added ~600 cards that were added in the past two years.
25-05-2023; Added ~400 cards, as well as added covers for a lot of errata's for goat format.
"I wont be doing scheduled updates." - 2 Days later... here I am.
Updated the original download files with the following:

Joined the Anime-styled club

Got a better quality image
Thank you sir! I was looking for this
Coolio, I miss the anime-themed cards from Antimetaman's project. I hope you find the time to update it every so often. [:smile:] and thanks for sharing.
Very helpful, thanks
Hey! I just wanted to say that this is a life saver! It makes the game look so much better. And I was just wondering if this project is still being continued because it would be great to have anime style images on new cards entering the meta.
Weird, I haven't been getting notification emails for replies to this thread; sorry about not replying earlier.

Thanks for the support, I'm really glad it's been helpful to you all. I will be updating the download files occasionally, but it really depends on when I have the time to work on this; expect an update every 2 months or so? Anyways, I will make a post here and update the original post whenever there's some new stuff added. :)

As for today; updated the download files in the original post; updated the card images for a little over 100 recent cards. For the full list see the spoiler:

I haven't had time to do everything that's new yet; but I did manage to get a big portion of it done.
Anyways, if anyone requires a certain card or archetype done, please let me know and I'll make sure to prioritize that one. Additionally if you spot any cards that could get a higher quality image, please let me know as well.
Hey whats up. First off i want to say thanks for what you did with the anime cards. Been looking for the perfect one for years since i got ygopro percy. I applied the cards to my pc and to my ygomobile. Its only missinh a few anime cards to complete the whole list. I got the 125 images that need to be converted to anime style and all the cards in the game up to date will be complete. Is there anyway you can tell me what software you used to make it or do you think you can send me the templates of all cards so i can finish them. I have time this week to do it. Let me know. Thanks. Redeyez420
Heya everyone,
Haven't been feeling well the past few days, so plenty of time to do more work on this, and as such: look, another update. Sorry to the people who downloaded the previous version and would have to download this again, hadn't expected to have more so soon.

As for the actual update,
I've again gotten a little over a hundred cards added, which means practically every card in the current game done. The only ones missing are about 25 cards that I have not found any good images of (the new Abyss Actor support, for example). Also: reminder that I don't look at cards listed as [anime] or [Beta]. I'll look at the beta cards once they're 'released'.
I've also finally had time to make a Pendulum-Fusion template, meaning those cards are also finally added (and Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon isn't in some random custom style anyone, whoops. :D).

The entire list of new images is listed here:

@Redeyez420, glad you like this. Hope this update contains most (hopefully all) of the cards you were looking for. As for sending the template, I'll respond to your PM about that.

I just want to thank you for this. This is absolutely amazing. How exactly did you make these?[:laugh:] This pack made me want to try giving Yu-Gi-Oh! another go. For the most part, I've seen every card with this template. There are some cards such as the Mayakashii, Thunder Dragon, and Danger! that could use the anime template.
Really glad you enjoy the pack. 🙂 I make these using a Photoshop template I made.

As for the missing cards, I know there are a couple of missing cards and I'm keeping an eye on those in hopes of finding a decent quality image to use for them (Performapal Clay Breaker is an example of those). The new Mayakashii, Thunder Dragon, and Danger! cards are still marked as [Beta] in YgoPro, which means I wont edit those yet. The reason for that is that:
a) I'm not sure if they change the number on a card, which would disconnect the edited image from the card. I think I've seen this happen before with Brandish Maiden cards, but I couldn't confirm that.
b) More importantly: They're very new, which generally means there aren't good images to work with yet. Image searching being the most time consuming part, there would be a lot of wasted time.
But as soon as they're released I'll be sure to update those as well.
Heya everyone,
It's been a while, but here's a new update with a whopping 313 cards that have their images updated (assuming I can count). This means that every card is included except for: Black Rose and (much of the) Salamangreat archetypes, as well as a handful of loose cards (8 or so?). I haven't been able to find proper images of these yet, but will be updated once I have some time again.

The entire list of new images is listed here:

As well as a bunch of others that had their image upgraded to better quality, like Magical Musket Starfire, but who who even reads these lists anyways.
There's still a couple of cards in here that were added with a poorer image just to complete an archetype/deck (Astra Ghoul for example); these will be updated as soon as I find a decent image of the cards.

Again, let me know if there's any mistakes and I'll update them as soon as I can. And if there's any cards with low quality you'd like to see improved let me know as well, and it'll be added to the list.

Enjoy. 🙂
Love the anime style cards. They look great. I just wanted to let you know that the Saryuja Skull Dread retexture is missing the UPWARD arrow on the card.
Hey Dragon5674,
Glad you enjoy the pack. :)
Thanks for letting me know about that, re uploaded the files with the corrected picture; but in case you just want that specific image and save yourself a horrid 561MB download, here it is:
Is there any chance of new update?
Which one is for action cards and action fields?
It seems all the links are dead. Is there any chance of reupload?
Is there anyone who can reupload this collection since it is down??
Uhm, Heya!
Been a while; been busy with other things and haven't had the time to spent on this anymore. But here's the big update of the >1000 cards released the past two years; hope some people still manage to get some use out of this. 🙂
Quick note; since I lost my original photoshop file I used to make these images with, I've had to resort to using Anime Yu-gi-oh card maker to create this update (great program by the way). This means that the recent additions are in 400x583 resolution, and there's slight visual differences. Most notably a different font for the attack/defence and slightly different colors (primarily noticeable on ritual and pendulum cards). Not happy about this either, but if I had to redo the templates again I'd likely not have bothered at all.

Also, my apologies for the links being down, apparently the files were removed due to copyright (uh-oh). Re-uploaded them, hope they'll stay that way now. :p

Anyways, enjoy!