i just wondering this game will be better if they have system that can add other player as a friend so we don't have to wait other player to duel us....
Yeah it would be nice. Quite nice getting to know people and meeting up for re-matches.
Nomad Trooper
This game sorely needs community features. I told my GF who showed me Ygopro that the one thing I miss about playing Duel Monsters Genesis was the community.

Here there is no spectating friends and watching them wreck havoc on someones deck, or adding someone as a friend to show them how to play, or gathering like 50 people and holding a tourney. God this game could use features to host and play in tourneys!

It's the best free Yu-Gi-Oh card sim there is out there right now, but it's just missing these few key features that are holding it back from achieving legendary greatness.

I'm reposting this in suggestions.