I have just read my warning message And coincidentally you have finished playing for the last time And it turns out that up until the bonus i steal now. This site does not serve to compete.

I would like to delete my account and I don't know how. Make me the favor to explain or do so you?
No entiendo lo que dices nada apenas pocas palabras? tu ingles es muy malo pero que quieres? serve to compete with who with whats lol?

I do not understand what you say nothing just a few words? Your English is very bad but you want?
mooyan curry
LOL I finally understand what the OP means by "stealing"!

It's the temporary 50 point bonus on Checkmate's server.

Going with that, I'm going to guess "saboteur" is a tag duel partner who is probably a troll duelist, and the cheaters are those who play high-level meta decks.

Also I wonder if OP knows that his account there and here are not connected.
I wanted to say that he won against a rival co greater range and go back Many range points; Game against rivals that always have the same letters at the beginning; And also not get the bonds for inconvience minimally.

And I cannot understand why play with cards that i use are allowed It is more dishonest than all of that.

Now tell me: Should I delete my account in YGO And not in (.co)?
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