hi , so im one of those who watched and played with the 1st yugioh cards years ago and wanted to start playing again but many things changed and alot of new cards added like synchro, xyz etc.

so i was hoping if some people can give me any tips about the game and how to catch up

also a question about synchro and xyz cards

do you build your deck based on those cards or you just have them as an extra deck if need be

Go to miniclip.com and search for duel arena. Register an account on miniclip. Play the tutorial and quest modes. Then, as you learn the mechanics and gameplay, go to yugioh.tcgplayer.com and look for decks that have cards you like. Then modify and take ideas to make your own deck in ygopro and test it out. That's the best way to catch up - coming from a guy who just got back into ygo after 2 years.
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