To begin with, some general stuff:
**Needs Rock-Paper-Scissors.
**It seems "Mystical Space Typhoon" always aims at the middle card. So does "Wind-Up Zenmaines".
**Apparently, Xyz Monsters are summoned in sucession. From lower attack to higher.
**The AI attacks at every chance it has even if that means losing all of its monsters.

During a few duels the AI made a few screw-ups. These are my experiences so far with it:

While using a Fire King:

Duel #1
**Uses 2 "Call of the Haunted" to target the same monsterat an unnecesary moment, during my Standby Phase.
**Topdecks Pot of Duality with an empty hand. Shows "Onslaught of the Fire Kings", "Dark Hole" and "Destruct Potion". I have "Summoner Monk" and a "Blade Armor Ninja" boosted by "Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword".
Picks "Destruct Potion". Gets owned next turn.

Duel #2
**Opens 1st turn with "Pot of Duality". Doesn't choose Solemn Warning, rather picks "Fire King Avatar Barong"
**Uses "Fire King Fire Circle" on "Lavalval Chain" (didn't use effect). Summons "Flamvell Firedog". Proceeds to suicide attack "Blade Armor Ninja". No backrow, no monsters. Overkill.

While using a Shark themed deck:

Duel #1
**Effect of "Abyss Dwelller" (1700 ATK) on its Main Phase 2. Let alone it was summoned while I had a Photon Thrasher (2100 ATK) on the field and the AI had no backrow.
**Rams "Two-Head Shark" against "Heroic Champion - Kusanagi" for no apparent reason.
**Sets Bottomless Trap Hole and nothing else while Said "Kusanagi" is face-up on the Field.

While using a Heroic Challenger deck:

**Normal summons "Goblindberg", Special Summoning "Heroic Challenger - Double Lance". That was fine. Then uses "Heroic Chance" on "Double Lance". I had no monsters.
**Proceeds to Overlay "Double Lance" with "Goblindberg" to summon "Gagaga Cowboy" in Attack Position. Uses "Cowboy" Attack Position effect. This is the same turn, I had no monsters.
**Uses "Compulsory Evacuation Device" to bounce my "Goblindberg". Effect still activates.
**Uses "Reinforcement of the Army" to search a"Heroic Champion - Spartan" instead of a "Heroic Champion - Double Lance". There was another one in the Graveyard, so the activation of the effect was possible.

I wanted to screw-up with the AI and used a Yubel themed deck:

**I summoned "Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare". AI killed itself.

Just my observations on the matter. I know this is just Beta and needs a lot of work to function properly.

Thanks for the link. It's in the best of my interests for that project to be fully operational. I'll post there any other findings on the matter.
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