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When I first signed up, I followed the checklist in order to make sure that there was nothing wrong with what I was doing (and I ultimately learned that one of the things I was going to complain about was my fault, but I digress).

Scrap searcher will not activate on certain occasions.

One of the moments was when scrap goblin was destroyed by his own effect after the battle phase was over.
There was nothing on the field that prevented Scrap searcher from coming back from the graveyard.
This also happened multiple times when I would have my syncro monster destroyed. The syncro monster will summon any-non syncro scrap monster just fine, but scrap searcher will not active when the monster is destroyed.

Scrap crash also fails to activate on more then one occasion. I will be attacked and destroyed, but the card will fail to activate afterwards. Also, if I destroy a scrap monster on my own accord, it will fail to activate. the only time it activated was when the opponent played dark hole and destroyed my face up scrap monsters.

If anyone could clear this up, I would be very appreciative.
All the Scrap effects you stated are broken are not. I have tested them and also checked the wikia.

Scrap Searcher will not activate if a Scrap is killed in the damage step though.
"This card’s effect cannot be used during the Damage Step.[1]"

Scrap Crash is the same.
"This card cannot be activated during the Damage Step.[1]"

If you still think they are broken please send in a replay of the effect not working.

Thank you.
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