Hi. I want to ask if it is possible to make 2 AIs duel just for testing purposes. Now, I know that AI scripts are not 100% fully scripted to support all types of deck (because it is impossible) but I'm not interested about how the AI performs or behaves (I don't care if it destoys its own cards, lol). I just need statistics. Anyone can help me? Thanks.
Michael Lawrence Dee
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Originally Posted by: Snarky 

Will there be AI in Tag duels / AI vs AI mode?/

As of right now, the core engine only allows 1 AI player at any given time. For this to be changed, the YGOPro development team would need to add major modifications to allow more than 1 player, and the AI script would need some huge changes as well. Also for anything Tag related, the AI would have to actually be added to the online servers, as of right now, it is a singleplayer-only thing. There might be plans for changes here, but probably not anytime soon.

Now this is how I play:
I am also interested in whether or not this is possible, as I plan to gather statistical data using AI, and I can't play out every single game myself.
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