I need a little help scripting an effect where it negates a monster effect, then attaches the monster and if it's an Xyz monster attaches the materials too. But I've only got it to the point where I can send the xyz materials to the grave and attach the monster. If I try anything else, it either crashes YGOPRO or leaves the material floating in the same monster zone as the absorbed xyz monster.

If anybody can help or explain why this is or how to do it. It would be kindly appreciated. [:smile:] [:wall:] [:wall:] [:smile:]
Dr. Sexy M.D.
That's because normally effects like this cause the other xyz materials to be detached (e.g. Silent Honor Ark and Silent Honor Dark). The only cards I know of that keep the xyz materials on the new monsters are Rank-Up-Magics. Take a look at them and see if that can help solve your problem.
Thanks for the reply. I looked into the Rank-Up-Magic cards from front to back. I'm not a full blown expert or anything, but I think the reason why the "keep materials" part of the Rank-Up-Magic cards exists because it sets the Overlay onto the card as if it was a regular xyz change, Utopia the Lightning on top of Utopia, summon. I think I'm just going to go with the honor ark, SentToGrave(Reason_Rule) condition until a card can absorb both xyz monsters and materials comes out.
Dr. Sexy M.D.
I doubt that'll happen because that would be a bit OP. The reason Honor Ark sends the materials to the grave is because otherwise it could potentially have unlimited materials. Like, it needs to detach 2 materials to use its effect, but if you target an xyz monster with that (which you most likely were doing, since it came out in the xyz era) then you could get 3 new materials and be able to use his effect again. Back when Honor Ark was made, she was strong enough as-is. That's why the rules state that cards attached by card effects don't bring their xyz materials with them unless they rank-up.

Looking at it quickly, I believe the part that saves the xyz material in rank up magics is the fact that they use Group.FromCards(tc) when referencing the target card. Try incorporating the line or two above Duel.SpecialSummon() inside the Rank-Up-Magic cards and see if you can get your effect to work like you want. The specific card I'm looking at right now is RUM Astral Force, in case some of them are different.
just use this before attaching the monster:

tc1 should be your monster, and tc2 the monster that will be attached
For Edo, thank you lordy, thank you. [:thumbu:] [:thumbu:] [:thumbu:]

For the Dr., the reason I want this card to attach the materials is because it's needed to achieve a win condition of 10 or more Xyz Materials and plus she only gets protection if she has an Xyz Monster attached anyways. So the whole point isn't to recycle and use and abuse the materials like honor ark, but to stockpile for an alternative win condition.

Speaking of win conditions, if any of you guys know how to establish a new "Victory due to the effect of ****" phrase, I would really like to know because all I can get it to is "Victory due to the effect of Ghostrick Spoiled Angel" or "Victory due to ???" and I have ocd when it comes to this kind of stuff lol.
Dr. Sexy M.D.
That's not that bad, then. Win condition text can be set in the strings.conf file. If you open it up in notepad and search for "ghostrick" you can see that victory conditions are set by writing "!victory 0xHexNumberHere Victory Condition Text Here." You should be able to easily append your own win condition text using a new hex value.
Yeah, I edited over Deuces and used it's hex value. Thanks Dr. But I've also been wondering, why can't I make a new hex value and create a new win condition text, do you know? Like how do I know which hex values are still available to use for the new win condition rather than pasting over a, albeit useless, current one?
Dr. Sexy M.D.
You can make a new hex value (I think). That same file contains the text data about counters and you can make new entries to that. I suppose it's possible that the victory condition is different and you're prevented from making higher hex value entries, but I was under the impression that you could add a new one if you so wished. How else would they add new ones when new official win conditions come out (which is hardly ever, but still)?

Edit: You know which ones are in use because they're all listed in that file. If you really wanted to look at them all you could do a search for "!victory" and look at all the hex values that come after, but I think that they're all sequential, so there should only be 0x1 or 0x0 through 0x20 (I think the current highest one is 0x20, anyway; you might want to check on that). Try making a new one that's, say, 0x20 higher than the current highest entry just to be safe and see if it works.
I did what you said to do. Ultimately it didn't work, I made a hex value 0x20 greater than the current highest one and it just did what all the other random hex values I put in there did. It just shows Victory: ???. When it should come up with the effect. Annoying to say the least lol.
the problem that you don't see the condition is because the strings.conf file is live updated, so the game will read the one in the expansions folder and if you edit it when the game starts it will be overwritten. The only way is to make a now folder in the language folder, then copy only the strings.conf file in with your strings and setting the language as the name of your folder. So the game will load the file from that folder instead from the expansions one. Anyway now the victory strings are used up to 0x56. The 0x55 for the actions field and the 0x56 for the deck masters [:smile:]. Remember to use the strings.conf in the expansions folder.
Did exactly what you said Edo but ultimately it didn't work once again. Very agitating. Used 0x57 like you would if 0x55 and 0x56 were used up, it just keeps at it with the ???. And so I think I'm just going to go ahead and once again just get rid of deuces win condition and put mine in, then just stop making alternate win conditions all together, because I honestly made a too easy FTK with this 10 or more attached materials thing with the custom made support lol.
Dr. Sexy M.D.
Try opening system.conf and setting IGNORE_INSTANT_UPDATES to 2. Maybe it'll work if you do that.