Hi Percy! Could you add a feature that allow to hide hand during replay ?
hi percy ,,... i have just this opinion can't u make the surrender button only available in every player's personal turn cus it's killing the fun out f otks ... or make the replay show that the opponent has surrendered
Is this version of YGOPRO handling forced trigger effects differently and what is the deal with sequencing order?

BTW this is because some of my custom cards were working on later versions of YGOPRO, but not on the newer one.
hi Percival18 tell me are you going to add to ygopro 1 the new script of ygopro 2 so I will can see full hd big pic not small in 2 you can zoom out and in are you can add this please in the upcoming update I hope you understand what I mean 
Hi, I don't know if is here where I can ask this but:

When I summon vision hero adoration, I only activate the foolish burial effect, but I can't remove a hero for poly, is there a change on its effect or is an error on the monster's script??

thanks in advance.
Hello Ygopro Percy community.
It's been a long time since I've comment anything here, or at least follow the posts in topics, so just decide I to read what posted here 3 pages ago, on those pages I did read not see anyone ask about it, so I guess there's no problem I to ask.

Just a little doubt, when finally the full version of the Link era is ready, will the update be automatic? And if so, in which Ygopro will this warning appear? On YgoPro 1.033.7 v2 or Ygopro-vs-link? I do not know if they ever asked this question, but I have not followed the topics, and I am quite outdated about things.
where the link I cant find it in discord ? I was think this new link version sorry
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