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Ok so in my obb folder is the co.ygopro.ygoproandroid and the patch.49 file which is the pictures that I downloaded i extracted to the main android obb file. Then inside the co.ygopro.ygoproandroid file is the and the files. In my foot ygopro file there is 3 files. Decks, pics and replay

try to move the patch.obb to the ygopro folder. If that doesn't fix your issue send me the file size of and before and after starting the app.

edit: on the way:
which android version and mobile phone did you use?
Ok so now I cant get the pics to work at all. Not even after I uninstall and reinstall. I'm using a galaxy note 8 and ygopro version 1.5.2a. The file is 195 mb. The patch.49 file is 93.2mb
If I click on the patch file should I be able to see the pictures?
Slash Draw effect doesn't seem to work properly. Last effect of the card doesn't work. I get to choose the card(s) I'd like to send from the GY to my deck, but after the selection the chosen cards remain in my GY and don't get sent to the deck. Like after the selection nothing happens anymore.
@pharoah14: Did you try moving all three files(main, patch, and downloaded patch) to the foot ygopro folder (the one outside of the android folder)? Thats the folder Im using and have all my pics
So Guys. 2 weeks later and I runned the Update process.

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If I click on the patch file should I be able to see the pictures?

Sorry, I don't get any notification that someone post here. Just like yamibakura said, try if that works.

This could be a bug. But without the new core I can't do anything. If I would have the time I could make them for "Custom", but I haven't the time for that.

And now I need to say it: I think now I would be having more time for the project, but I see I can't get time to make any customization or more "Custom Cards" anymore. The Real Life has more priority and I can only continue this Update Process every 2 weeks. Sorry Guys... so you need to wait for the new Core for not so many bugs...
Cyber Dragon Nachster is not being treated as "Cyber Dragon" while on the field or GY.
how do you unzip the (ab,ac,ad) docs. winzip cant do it, Esfile explorer cant do how do we unzip all of those archives?
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how do you unzip the (ab,ac,ad) docs. winzip cant do it, Esfile explorer cant do how do we unzip all of those archives?

The Unzip of part-[alphanumerics] should be able with every unzip program(I'm using Android and Linux Programs which can that default). I know I has answered this question anytime before, but I don't know where and which tool the people use. 
Otherwise test the Android App "RAR".

If that doesn't work download the complete file( from my google drive.
Are you not a part of the Percy team? If not you ever think of joining them?
Hey necro, it's awesome that you're still holding down the fort on the android version. Can you take a look at F.A.s? You can't tune with Auto-Navigator and you can't activate Test Run. Everything else looks fine, but those two are pretty key.

Thanks for the help but I still cant get it to work. I've never had this issue with any other version or phone. It's weird. What should be in the ygopro root folder and what should be in the android rooot folder? Maybe I'm missing something
@pharoah all the pic files should be in the ygopro root folder (both patch files and main file). If that doesnt work transfer all three files to android root folder and see if that works also remember to restart game after doing this by throwing away the window in your recents the square next to the home button,dependent upon ur phone, this allows the changes to take effect .
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Are you not a part of the Percy team? If not you ever think of joining them?

I think a lot about it. And I tried to contact percy for this(or better said an similar purpose), but I never got an answer.

I understand with your issue, but I haven't the time to fix it.

Which exactly don't work? The app itself? The Images? AI? This answer doesn't explain which problems did you have

Due to my missing because of the animagic(an german anime convention) I wasn't available last friday. The next update should follow on next friday. On this way I want to fix the first post of this thread. It seems there is something crashed...
You have them on discord I can assume? So there are a few cards that do not work correctly for me. The most obvious ones are some of the new cards like the dangers! And stuff. . . But also some older ones like astrograph sorcerer's zarc summoning effect. It may be due to me having a newer android but I just want to bring it up and make sure. Thanks again for holding this game down. You are literally the only reason i still play this game.
Quick Information, because I haven't many time again:

The newest Update is on. Again only adding the newest cards. No Card Fixes and no Custom Cards added.
the second effect of 'Condemned Witch' does not work (it is never possible to activate it)

btw, thank you for your amazing work,
keeps the community alive
2 Weeks later and the normal Update is done.

Golden castle doesnt work.
You going to implement the new ban list on the next update?