Hi everyone,

After 3 days of hunting for every custom made card, and browsing the whole 115 page in the projects forum i finally made a ygopro.apk with 18300 card [:smile:]

To install ygopro 1.5.2a on your android device (delete any previous version) :

1- download the


2- install the ygopro_anime.apk and open it ( as soon as it shows the main menu just close the app)

3- open your file manager. You will need to move ( to Android/obb/co.ygopro.ygoproandroid ( if there is a a file with the same name replace it with this one)

4- Enjoy playing ygopro [:thumbu:]

-when i deleted my previous version and installed this one i still had all the decks i made.
- All the anime cards were changed in the .cdb to TCG/OCG , because otherwise i was unable to search for them.
- if the cards appear without pictures close and reopen the app.

One last thing, thanks to everyone in the ygopro forum for keeping this game relevant, and making as many custom cards as the official ones so we can all enjoy [:cry:]

You will need to move ( to Android/obb/co.ygopro.ygoproandroid ( if there is a a file with the same name replace it with this one). This step always fixes that issue, if it doesnt i wouldnt really know any other way
I am using a Samsung galaxy S6. You basically need an app that allows you to move files within your phone like File manager. You can then use that to move ( to Android/obb/co.ygopro.ygoproandroid
You really need to pay attention. I already mentioned the app that i use to move files within my phone ''File manager''. I dont want to sound rude but you realise you can ask google anything like "how do i move files within my android phone". Just a tip because it saves time and effort
Everythings works great, but can the banlist be updated to the banlist from february 2018?

And Goat banlist

and 2-3 goat enemies to duel with?
I don't really know how to change the banlist, same for the enemies. If only i had time to learn, med school is a b1t<}{
Think your gonna update it with the new latest cards like King of Dragons and the new Critias card Destruction Dragon?
So what's up? Gonna add in the new cards? Like the cool new Blue-Eyes White Dragon monsters and supports?
Great news: got anime card images. Now I just want to learn how to change those images. Example: change the manga artwork of Slifer to the anime artwork. Thanks to this download link 
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