How long until we wait for an update?
I World like to ask the same thing. I wohl like to Play Link monsters. Please update die Android Version [:thumbu:]
We need to wait as long as it need to be.

At the moment Android is discontinued due to the not finished version of the main client(still in beta). And that can't continue due to the fact that since master rule 4 many new cards where added that change the game mechanics a lot(e.g. formud skipper, then lair of darkness and now Ride of the valkyries)

If they are all implemented in the main core, and if there don't come any new cards like these, they can release the alpha client again. And due to another lot of time(I think 3-4 months after alpha release is realistic. IT's NOT an OFFICIAL STATEMENT) the new android version should happen.

So sorry guys, it seems we need to wait much longer as thought. When I would have the time and ressources(and motivation. Since I don't use my app itself I don't motivate to implement new things) I would make something. But I haven't...
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