Poll Question : Who would want both of these features

Total: 5

Bluetooth dueling mode is something I've wanted for ages. This way we can connect with whoever we want to duel with instead of using the internet where we may come across someone else that's looking for someone to duel. Also because offline sucks as you can only duel AI decks which are either overpowered or really bad. For example, If I want to verse my friend who has created an authentic Yugi Moto deck and I have an authentic Joey Wheeler deck, we could verse each other. Creating a feature where I can duel the AI against my own decks would be great as I can do this offline if I don't want to duel online. I'm aware I can use an APK editor or recompiler but it does not work for me as the error is usually with "a problem unpacking the APK" file when installing.

Who would want both of these features?