Duel Monsters Character Tournament - Sign Up!

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https://ygoprotournament...aments/signup/eK3OJFObyV  and let me know your chosen character. Please ensure your challonge username matches your Facebook username, you can change this in your settings on Challonge.

https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Portal:Yu-Gi-Oh !_anime_characters. Only Yu-Gi-Oh! characters from Duel Monsters can be chosen for this event.

3. You cannot pick a character that has already been taken. Some characters have different versions according to their deck themes used against different characters in the anime.Additionally, some characters will have custom cards in the format of "Duelist Kingdom" rules or having a "deck master" as they were shown to have had in the anime and are now options to use in YGOPro.

4. Your main deck MUST contain atleast 15 cards that the character used in the anime. Your main deck cannot exceed 45 cards. The 15 card character requirement must still be kept even after siding. You must choose cards for that character specifically for the season specified to meet the 15 card requirement (example: Atem V1 (Duelist Kingdom - must have 15 cards that Atem used in Duelist Kingdom in your main deck). Beyond this, feel free to add any other cards you would like!

5. Anime cards are allowed but you can only use anime cards that the character was shown to have used. Please note some anime cards wlll be banned or limited as shown in the banlist below the rules. This is subject to change, contact me if you feel any cards should be added / removed.

6. Your extra deck can only contain cards that the character used in the anime. Only one copy of the cards are allowed in your extra deck (unless they were shown to have multiple copies). Some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, especially from the first season had no extra deck cards and that's just the way it goes.

7. Beyond these rules, you can make your decks anyway you like.

8. I shall be uploading the tournament match duels from the Quarter Finals onwards to my Youtube channel, subscribe and support the tournament here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ygotournaments

9. You must send me your decklist (main, extra and side deck) that you wish to use for the tournament by sending me the YGOPRO YDK deck file on Facebook. Players have until the day of the tournament to resubmit their decks. You cannot change your deck (main, extra and side) once the tournament begins. Report to me if your opponent violates any deck requirement.

10. BOTH players must record replays of all rounds and the winner uploads all replays with names and scores to me on Discord or Facebook (Ex. Yugi vs Mai 2-1, Yugi vs Mai 2-0) If no replay, then re-duel.

11. Each round lasts 2 days. If a replay is not submitted by then, a win is given to the more active player. Active players are determined by activity on Discord. If both players are inactive/active, then a 0-0 score is given.

12. You are responsible for scheduling your matches with your opponent. PM your opponent on Facebook and schedule a time to duel. If you cannot find your opponent, then contact me.

9. ALL participants must "check in" on challonge one day before (26th July) up until the tournament start time in order to be entered. You will receive an email from challonge reminding you of this.

Confirmed Participants:

Lau Ren - Atem V2
Mohamed Abdo - Marik Ishtar
Nicolás Machuca - Pegasus V1
Badr Nahed - Leon Von Schroeder
Reza Dylandy - Tea Gardner V2
Mara Lavender - Aigami
Michael Johnson - Arkana
Nicholas Roland - Noah Kaiba 1
Quan Duong - Atem V4
Erik Elmasllari - Seto Kaiba V2
Kyriakos Charilaou - Bonz V2
Kii Kuu - Espa Roba
Simon - Seto Kaiba V5
Shawn - Joey Wheeler V3

Anime Banned List: (Work In Progress - You can use their TCG counterparts).

Card Exchange (Lumis & Umbra)
Deepest Impact (Noah Kaiba)
Final Attack Orders (Kaiba)
Giant Flood (Noah Kaiba)
Golden Castle of Stormberg (Zigfried)
Ice Age Panic (Noah Kaiba)
Mimicat (Pegasus)
Monster Recovery (Atem)
Monster Replace (Atem)
Negative Energy (Pegasus)
Negative Energy Generator (Seto Kaiba)
Nibelung's Ring (Zigfried)
Nibelung's Treasure (Zigfried)
Riryoku (Paradox Brothers)
Underworld Circle (Atem)
Virus Cannon (Kaiba)
Zoma The Spirit (Bakura)

TCG Banned List:

Mystic Mine

Anime Limited List:

Amazoness Chain Master (Mai Valentine)
Beckon To Darkness (Arkana)
Brain Control (Atem)
Call of the Haunted (Bonz)
Card of Demise (Kaiba)
Card of Sanctity (Mai, Atem)
Crush Card Virus (Kaiba)
Deck Destruction Virus (Kaiba)
Grave Arm (Mai Valentine)
Graverobber (Joey)
Life Shaver (Atem, Kaiba)
Mind Control (Espa Roba)
Mirror Wall (Mai Valentine)
Mischief of the Time Goddess (Zigried)
Monster Recovery (Atem)
Obelisk The Tormentor (Atem, Kaiba, Gurimo)
Power Balance (Kaiba)
Rebirth Tablet (Bakura)
Roll of Fate (Joey Wheeler)
Slifer The Sky Dragon (Strings, Atem)
Soul Charge (Rafael)
Soul Exchange (Kaiba)
Spell Of Pain (Marik)
Spell Sanctuary (Kaiba)
Winged Dragon Of Ra (Odion, Marik, Atem)

List: 2019.4 Traditional Banlist
Allowed Cards: Anime
Format: Swiss ----> Single Elimination
Begins: July 27, 7PM GMT
Duel Mode: Match
Location: YGOPro Percy

https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Portal:Yu-Gi-Oh !_anime_characters[/b][/u]

Aigami (Aigami uses a "Cubic" Deck, which is largely focused on continuously Summoning and "leveling up" his "Cubic" monsters from their base form, "Vijam the Cubic Seed", and using their effects to overpower his opponent within the space of a single turn.)

Alister V1 (After Kaiba destroys "Toon World" with "A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon", Alister reveals himself and begins to use his second Deck, a Gorlag Deck from his own Chaos Duel Disk. This Deck focuses on "Gorlag", who Special Summons any monster it destroys to Alister's field as a FIRE Attribute monster, raising its ATK for each FIRE monster on the field. Alister further supports "Gorlag" with "Aetonyx Flame" and "Fire Whip").

Alister V2 (When Alister next encounters Kaiba, he uses an Army Deck of Machine-Type monsters that reflect the incident that happened in Alister's past where KaibaCorp-financed troops destroyed his village and kidnapped his brother. Alister's ace monster in this Deck is "Air Fortress Ziggurat", his most powerful monster with 2500 ATK, and that spawns a "Robot Token" every turn, reminiscent of his brother's favorite toy.)

Anubis (Anubis plays a "Sphinx" Deck, using it to take Kaiba's place in his Duel against Yugi, after Kaiba attempts to destroy the "Pyramid of Light" card. Angered by this, Anubis takes over.

His cards focused on Summoning "Theinen the Great Sphinx" and raising its ATK to extraordinary levels.)

Arkana (Arkana uses a "Dark Magician" Deck centered around his "Dark Magicians" by supporting them through an array of cards such as "Thousand Knives" and "Dark Renewal". Arkana's "Dark Magician" cards are all illegally trimmed so that he can manipulate what he is about to draw.)

Atem V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell) - This Deck is generally an EARTH/DARK Normal Monster Deck. Most Monsters have low ATK, but he supports them with Magic Cards such as "Horn of the Unicorn" to raise their strength, while also maximizing his more powerful monsters' potential through cards like "Burning Land" and "Makiu, the Magical Mist." If put on the defensive, he uses "Swords of Revealing Light" and "Magical Hats" to buy time for a comeback, or "Mirror Force" and "Spellbinding Circle" for a surprise counterattack. He also includes a bit of support for his signature card, "Dark Magician", like "Mystic Box" and "Book of Secret Arts". If all else fails, he resorts to Summoning mighty Ritual Monsters including "Black Luster Soldier" and "Magician of Black Chaos" for a reversal finish. The Deck also had "The Forbidden One" cards in it, which he used in the first episode to defeat Kaiba, but Weevil Underwood threw them overboard on the ship to Duelist Kingdom, and Joey Wheeler was only able to recover two of them, so Yugi abandoned Exodia. When Atem dueled Ghost Kaiba, he used Monster Reborn to revive "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to finish him off.
Atemi's Deck also has access to Fusion Monsters, such as "Dragon Master Knight" and "Black Skull Dragon". Both have have only been used when cooperating with Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler, respectively. Using only his own cards, Yugi can however count on a reliable Fusion Monster such as Gaia the Dragon Champion.

Atem V2 (Battle City) - (During the Battle City preliminaries and quarter-finals, Atem runs a Magnet Warrior/Spellcaster Deck that focuses on "Dark Magician Girl" and supports both Spellcasters through "Magic Cylinder" and "Magic Formula". Atem also gains ownership of Arkana's unique Dark Magician by the tournament's ante rules but never used it in a Duel, presumably because it was illegally trimmed. His Deck also includes more control cards that allow him to manipulate an opponent's cards, such as "Change of Heart", "Lightforce Sword" and "Mystical Refpanel". During his Duel against Seto Kaiba in the semi-finals and his Duel against Yami Marik in the finals, his Deck shifts its focus to an Egyptian God Deck, whose strategy involves swarming the field through "Soul Rope" and "King's Knight" to Summon "Slifer the Sky Dragon", and further strengthen his monster through cards such as "Card of Sanctity" and "Disgraceful Charity".

If "Slifer" is destroyed, Atem falls back on destructive OTK strategies, either by using "Dark Paladin" and enhancing its power through "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" (which he received from Joey Wheeler after winning it back from the Rare Hunter) and "Diffusion-Wave Motion", or with "Obelisk the Tormentor" (in his Duel against Yami Marik) by Summoning it through a combination of "Fiend's Sanctuary" and "Multiply" and supporting its effect with cards like "Soul Taker".

Atem V3 (Pyramid of Light) - (In the movie, Yugi's Deck adds more support for his "Dark Magicians" as well as a higher amount of resources devoted to Summoning the God cards. Only the cards used by Yugi in his Duel were shown in the film, but the full Decklist (totaling out to exactly forty cards) was given in the novelization of the film.)

Atem V4 (Waking the Dragons) - (Atem plays a Kuriboh/Spellcaster/Legendary Dragons Deck during the Waking the Dragons arc, focusing on Summoning the 5 Kuriboh Brothers through "Five Star Twilight" and combining them to form "Kuribabylon", whom he raises its ATK through "Pump Up" and "The Seal of Orichalcos" (the latter when he was under its influence). He also makes use of his "The Eye of Timaeus" card he received in order to defeat Dartz, by fusing it with his Magicians in order to Summon powerful Fusions. He supports his strategy by using "Excalibur" or "Altar of Restoration". In his final Duel against Dartz, he focused on the three "Legendary Knights" to his most powerful monsters through their own special abilities or by fusing them into "Timaeus the Knight of Destiny". This Deck was eventually used exclusively by Yami Yugi after Yugi's soul was taken.)

Atem V5 (Grand Championship) - In the Grand Championship arc, Atem plays a Spellcaster/Three Musketeers of Face Cards Deck, which focuses on Summoning his Magicians quickly through "Skilled Dark Magician" and "Watapon", and supports older combos involving them with cards like "Emblem of Dragon Destroyer" and "Necromancy". He again makes use of his Knights' swarming abilities, this time to Summon "Royal Straight Slasher" who he used to destroy the illegal card "Golden Castle of Stromberg". In addition, most of his Kuriboh support cards made no appearance.

Atem V6 (Ceremonial Duel) - (Yami Yugi used a Dark Magician/Egyptian God Deck, focusing on swiftly Summoning the three God Cards using "Summoning Clock" and "Tricky Spell 4". If they are destroyed, he uses his "Dark Magician" cards, whose Summoning is supported by "Dark Magic Curtain". He enhances his Magicians' ATK with "Magicians Unite" and "Book of Secret Arts". He also uses "Dark Spear" to enhance his "Dark Magician", and "Dark Illusion" to protect his Magicians.)

Atem V7 (3D Bonds Beyond Time) - (Only a few monsters were shown from Atem’s deck here but new Dark Magician / Spellcaster support was introduced via cards such Bond Between Teacher & Student and Magic Gate of Miracles.)
Bandit Keith V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use DK field spell) - (As a professional Duelist, Keith has a large number of Decks which he keeps hidden inside of his jacket, consisting of several different Deck themes. During his time is Duelist Kingdom, he lends several cards to Bonz to fortify the young Duelist's Zombie Deck (including "Zanki" and "Crawling Dragon"), although Keith's Main Deck consists of all sorts of Machines. In his Duel with Yugi, Keith uses the cards from his Machine deck during the first half of the duel, but later switches to a style centered around the rare and powerful cards provided by the Rare Hunters, including the legendary "Zera the Mant".).

Bonz V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use DK Field Spell) - (Bonz uses a Zombie Deck. During Duelist Kingdom his Deck was enhanced with cards given by Bandit Keith, who coached Bonz for much of his Duel with Joey. The Deck relied on Keith's "Call of the Haunted" to revive the non-Zombie monsters placed in Bonz's Deck as Zombie-Types, making them immortal and boosting their ATK whenever they were destroyed. Bonz further enhanced them with "Pumpking the King of Ghosts".)

Bonz V2 (Battle City) - In Battle City, Bonz used "Great Mammoth of Goldfine" and a handful of new undead-themed cards such as "Nightmare's Steelcage" and "Skull Invitation", but was outmatched against Yami Bakura's Occult Deck. When Seeker was looking up a Duelist's rarest cards on his laptop, "Call of the Haunted" was still listed as his rarest card.

Bakura V1 (Battle City - Can also use cards from Duelist Kingdom to meet deck requirement) - During Battle City Yami Bakura uses his Occult Deck for the first time, with a new signature boss card "Dark Necrofear". This Deck was highly risky, often using lower level Fiend-type monsters and relying on baiting opponents into attacking them for fueling his graveyard in order to summon and activate his signature card "Dark Necrofear" effect. Against Yugi, Yami Bakura allowed "Dark Necrofear" to be destroyed to activate "Dark Sanctuary". Using the card's powers Yami Bakura was protected from Yugi's attacks and was able to recover his Life Points while draining Yugi's. He also used "Destiny Board" with the intent to eventually declare an automatic victory once he was able to complete its five-letter message. Against Yami Marik, Bakura focuses on making Yami Marik add "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to his hand with "Dark Designator" and claiming it for himself with "Exchange".

Bakura V2 (Memory World) - Yami Bakura plays another Fiend Deck when he confronts Seto Kaiba in order to gain the power of his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" for his own purposes. He protects himself from attack with "Spirit Shield" and uses "Diabound Kernal" and "Spirit Illusion" to weaken Kaiba's "Blue-Eyes" so "Diabound" can destroy it and absorb its power. He also uses various tablet cards that symbolize the original Duel Monster spirits that were captured in stone.

Bakura V3 (Undead Lockdown) - In his final Duel of the series, Yami Bakura plays an Undead Lock Deck with the "Necro" monsters against Yugi Muto, which focuses upon winning the Duel by having one's opponent run out of cards. To achieve this he uses "Cursed Twin Dolls" and "Counterbalance", allowing his destroyed monsters to return to the field as "Ghosts" rather than going to the Graveyard and forcing Yugi to discard cards from his Deck each turn equal to the number of monsters in play. Due to this combo Yugi lost almost a dozen cards each turn, quickly depleting his Deck, while Bakura did not have to discard since his Graveyard had been "destroyed". As protection until Yugi's Deck was wiped out, Bakura utilized "Spirit Sword of Sealing" and "Narrow Corridor" to limit his attacks.

Crump (Allowed to use the Nightmare Penguin deck master in his deck). (Crump uses a "Penguin/WATER" Deck. His main strategy involves his Deck Master ability to change his WATER monsters into Beatsticks. He also uses "Defender Iceberg" with "Penguin Torpedo" to easily attack directly.).

Dartz (Dartz played an "Orichalcos" Deck, which centered on "The Seal of Orichalcos" and its upgraded forms, "Orichalcos Deuteros" and "Orichalcos Tritos", both of which added an additional ring to the glyph around the field. Much of his attack force was provided by "Mirror Knight Calling", who generated "Mirror Knight Tokens" (who copied the ATK of whichever monster they battled and protected themselves from destruction by removing their Shield Counters instead) and Shield Counters for those Tokens that were unprotected. However, Dartz's actual strategy involved "Orichalcos Kyutora", who reduced all Battle Damage that he took to 0. The Negated damage was what fueled the ATK of "Orichalcos Shunoros". However, "Orichalcos Shunoros" weakened itself very quickly (because it lost ATK after it battled a monster, or if either "Orichalcos Aristeros" or "Orichalcos Dexia" battled an opposing monster), so as a very last resort, if "Shunoros" was destroyed, Dartz Summoned his infinitely strong "Divine Serpent Geh", but if that monster was destroyed, he automatically lost.)

Duke Devlin (Can use cards from earlier duel Vs Joey) (In the Virtual World, Duke's Deck is based around "Dice" cards and utilizes several monsters he used during his Dungeon Dice Monsters match with Yugi, made mostly of Zombies.

Espa Roba (Espa Roba plays a Psycho Deck, relying on Machine-Type monsters and Magic and Trap cards that allow him to manipulate enemy monsters. His key card is "Jinzo", which he strengthens with "Amplifier".)

Gozaburo Kaiba (deck list on wikia has 12 cards that match the traditional banlist, is allowed to add up to 3 other “Forbidden One, “Exodius” cards to make up the 15 card deck requirement). (Gozaburo played an Exodia Necross Deck. His strategy revolved around Summoning "Exodia Necross" by quickly sending the pieces of "Exodia" to the Graveyard through "Painful Choice". He then relied entirely on the immunity and ATK raising abilities of "Exodia Necross", which provided decent offense and defense, but whose weaknesses proved to be his undoing.)

Gansley (Can use Deepsea Warrior Deckmaster) (Gansley uses a Swarm/Control Deck that relies on Summoning many monsters to use the ability of his Deck Master "Deepsea Warrior", called "Reflector Hole", which negates an opposing attack and inflicts damage to the opponent equal to the attacking monster's ATK at a cost of two Tributes. Gansley further uses control cards to limit his opponent's options, either depleting their hand or limiting the number of monsters they can maintain on the field.)

Gurimo (Gurimo runs a Warrior Deck, focused on a swarm strategy. His monsters' otherwise mediocre ATK are increased by both "The Seal of Orichalcos" and "The A. Forces". His Deck and its swarm ability is also able to take advantage of the fact that "The Seal of Orichalcos" allows him to control up to 10 monsters at once, as he places his more vulnerable monsters in the back row to prevent them from being attacked while his more defensive monsters are summoned to the front row. This strategy also can work well with "Obelisk the Tormentor", as it gives him enough monsters to Tribute for both its Summon and effect. However this strategy can also lead to his undoing, as if multiple monsters are destroyed at once, he takes even more damage, as Yugi proved.)

Ishizu Ishtar (Ishizu primarily plays EARTH Fairy monsters which bear an Egyptian appearance. To counter Seto Kaiba's strategy of sending large amounts of cards to her Graveyard, her Deck revolves around returning his cards to his Deck so that she could activate "Exchange of the Spirit" and cause him to Deck Out.)

Jean-Claude Magnum (Magnum uses a "Ninja" Deck composed of low-Level monsters, many of which Special Summon other monsters when they are Summoned.)

Joey Wheeler V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell) (Initially an amateur, Joey's deck was of poor design, possessing no strategic methodology or Trap or Magic cards to begin with. During Duelist Kingdom Joey's Deck comprised mainly of Warriors, Beast-Warriors or other tough-looking anthropomorphic animals; cards that befit his rough and tumble personality.Since the rules at this stage of the series excluded Tribute Summons, many of his monsters are above Level 4 and could be Summoned without Tributes.In the anime on the boat trip to Duelist Kingdom, Joey acquired a few additions to his Deck. Yugi gave him the "Time Wizard" card and Joey traded with other people to get "Baby Dragon", "Salamandra", "Shield & Sword" and "Kunai with Chain". During the tournament, Tristan Taylor gave him the card "Lava Battleguard" in the anime. Joey won the card "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" off Rex Raptor by gambling the "Time Wizard" card.

Joey Wheeler V2 (Battle City) Many changes are made to Joey's Deck during the Battle City tournament. With the rules changed to be closer to the OCG, Joey's Deck includes fewer high Level monsters as they must now be Tribute Summoned.
Joey's original Battle City Deck featured his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", however he lost it in an Ante Duel, and remakes a new Deck in time for the tournament - now with "Time Wizard" as his rare card. Additionally, he wins more rare cards from the duels he wins in the preliminaries.

The number of tough Warriors and Beast-Warrior-Type monsters decreases and he includes a few cartoon-like warriors, while many more luck based cards are added, a trait that leads Esper Roba to dub it a Gamble Deck. Also his deck is fortified with the monsters he won per ante at the tournament; again there's no major archetype.

Although Yugi manages to win back Joey's "Red-Eyes", Joey refuses to take it back and says he'll earn it when he becomes a better Duelist (in the English dub, he lends it to Yugi to help defeat Marik). In later arcs of the anime, he is shown to have it again, which means one of three things. The first being Yugi/Atem beat Joey and gave Red Eyes back to Joey because he deserved it. The second is both Yugi and Joey had a draw and neither of them won or lost but Joey earned back his Red Eyes, or lastly he defeated Yugi in the Duel following the tournament, earning back his Red Eyes. The true result is left for the viewer to decide. In the manga Jonouchi does not use it again, except in Millennium World, where he wouldn't necessarily need the actual card, but it is eventually confirmed that he has re-obtained it when he shows the card to Aigami in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.

Joey Wheeler V3 (Waking The Dragons) (Joey's Deck had evolved to incorporate even more luck cards, and runs a Red-Eyes/Warrior/Hermos Deck. He also has included cards that end the opponent's turns, as well as "Aura Armor" much to Valon's surprise. The main addition, however, is "Claw of Hermos" which can fuse with monster cards to become Equip Cards. He is also seen using his Red-Eyes Black Dragon again.)

Joey Wheeler V4 (Grand Championship)
- (In the Grand Championship Joey's Deck incorporates more support for low Level monsters, such as the "Landstar" monsters. He continues his luck cards as well as his more memorable cards like "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and "Jinzo".)

Johnson (Can use Judge Man as Deck Master) - (Johnson uses a Fusion Deck that relies on increasing his Life Points in order use his Deck Master's ability, "Clear the Courtroom", which can destroy all monsters on the opposing field at a cost of 1000 points, inflicting 500 points of damage to the opponent for every monster destroyed.)

Johnny Steps (Can use the DK Field Spell) - (Johnny plays a Musician Deck consisting of monsters associated with music and dancing. However he isn't a very good Duelist, and Yami Yugi refers to his Deck as consisting of "fan cards" with no real theme or balance (a "fun deck" in the original). As it was evident that he was an amateur duelist, he even made several mistakes during the Duel such as forgetting to switch "Water Omotics" to Defense Position to benefit from "Chorus of Sanctuary", forgetting to use the search effect of his “Witch of the Black Forest”, and forgetting the rulings of "Metalmorph". His signature card is "Musician King", which he equips with "Metalmorph" and begins calling "Heavy Metal King". Despite his novice dueling skills, he is somewhat competent as he at least knew basic mechanics like fusion summoning, and at the very least, gained the upper hand very briefly when he summoned his Musician King, shocking Tèa and Yugi. Most of his cards are from Metal Raiders and, unusual for a male Duelist, all of his monsters are female except for "Musician King" and "Battle Warrior", this can be explained with the fact that he loves girls.)

Leichter (Can add Jinzo Deckmaster to his deck) - (Leichter uses a Control Deck and utilizes a wide array of cards that lockdown the opponent's abilities, highlighted by his Deck Master "Jinzo". In his Duel with Kaiba, he combines "Jinzo" with "Injection Fairy Lily" and "Imperial Order", preventing Kaiba's use of Magic and Trap Cards and overwhelming him with the brute power of "Fairy Lily". He also uses a variety of cards to replenish his Life Points so he can continue to pay them to use "Imperial Order" and "Fairy Lily" effects. This deck may represent his desire to control Kaiba Corp and win money in a similar way he controls the duel and "wins" and "invests" Life Points.)

Leon Von Schroeder (Leon uses a Fairy Tale Deck, composed of cards that were specially created by Maximillion Pegasus upon Leon's request, based on fairy tale creatures (in the dub, he says that Pegasus felt the same way he did about fairy tales and decided to make the series of his own volition). Leon's Deck is varied and balanced, with effects ranging from effect negation with "Curse of Thorns" to swarming the field with "Iron Hans" and "Cinderella". His cards largely lack pure power, with only "Globerman" and "Hexe Trude" being stand-out attackers. Leon circumvents this with monster destruction effects like "Spinning Wheel Spindle" and "Gingerbread House".)

Lumis & Umbra
(Lumis and Umbra play Mask-themed God Seal Decks, that weaken and manipulate the opponent's cards while lowering their opponent's Life Points. Lumis plays a Deck with more Spell and Trap Cards while Umbra plays a Deck with more Monster Cards. They also rely on teamwork to support each other, while taking down the opponents. When provoked by Kaiba, coupled with several slip-ups, their teamwork faltered, leading them to defeat.

Mai Valentine V1 (Duelist Kingdon - Can use the DK Field Spell) (During Duelist Kingdom, Mai used a Harpie Deck focused on summoning her key card, "Harpie Lady" and boosting its capabilities through various Equip Spell Cards such as "Rose Whip" and "Cyber Shield". Furthermore, she also used a Swarm strategy to duplicate her powered up "Harpie Lady". For tougher opponents, Mai also had a hidden ace, "Harpie's Pet Dragon".)

Mai Valentine V2 (Battle City)
(During Battle City, Mai used a Harpie/Amazoness Deck. In addition, she also used a large amount of spell and trap cards which protected her monsters from being destroyed such as "Mirror Wall" and "Dramatic Rescue". This deck got Mai to the finals of Battle City, but she was ultimately defeated at the hands of Marik Ishtar during her first duel in the finals. Harpie's Feather Duster was listed as her rarest card while Seeker was looking up duelist's rarest cards.)

Mai Valentine V3 (Waking The Dragons) (After becoming a member of Doma, Mai uses a "Harpie"/Burn Deck which became extremely dedicated to swarming through cards such as "Nighmare Tri-Mirror" and "Elegant Egotist". In addition, to match her new tough persona, her deck became more ruthless and powerful through cards such as "The Seal of Orichalcos", "Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation", and "Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation".)

Mako Tsunami - Battle City (can use cards from DK too) (In the "Battle City" tournament, he uses a Umi/WATER Deck', it is focused around utilizing the "Umi" field spell to conceal his monsters while also using its support cards such as "Tornado Wall" and "Torrential Tribute" to disrupt his opponent's strategies. Most of his monsters in this deck are Fish type from what it seems. He also uses this strategy to gather enough resources for his more powerful monsters such as "The Legendary Fisherman" and "Fortress Whale". While Seeker looking up a duelist's rarest cards on his laptop, Fortress Whale was listed as his rarest card, confirmed by Mako himself once he summoned it. He forfeited this card to Joey when he lost, as per Battle City rules, but also gave him The Legendary Fisherman as well, despite it not being his rarest card, as he felt he earned this card with his dueling skills.)

Marik Ishtar (Yami Marik runs an Immortality-Torture Deck, which focuses on slowly torturing his opponents and watching them squirm. In the theme of pain Yami Marik's cards slowly drain an opponent's strength, such as discarding their hand with "Helpoemer", lowering ATK with "Dark Jeroid" and "Plasma Eel", and inflicting effect damage with "Coffin Seller" and "Bowganian". Some of his cards, like "Nightmare Wheel", "Viser Shock" and "Viser Des", are based on torture machines. Yami Marik's Deck otherwise relies on a variety of powerful Trap Cards and Fiend-Type monsters. With "The Winged Dragon of Ra" as his trump card, Yami Marik uses a variety of cards to discard it, then revive it with "Monster Reborn" to devastate opponents. He further relies on retrieving "Monster Reborn" to his hand after using it initially to continue to revive "Ra" again and again, using cards such as "Left Arm Offering" and "Mining for Magical Stones". Yami Marik also uses some of the cards previously used by Rare Hunters such as "Jam Defender" and in the anime "Masked Beast Des Gardius".)

Nezbitt (Can use Robotic Knight as Deck Master) (Nezbitt uses a Machine Deck centering on "Machine King" and its evolved form "Perfect Machine King". Nezbitt combines "Clockwork Night" with "Short Circuit", transforming all enemy monsters into Machine-Types and forcing them into Attack position, the transformation of the monsters to Machines further strengthening his "Machine King". Nezbitt also makes use of his Deck Master, "Robotic Knight's" special ability Final Artillery, which lets him discard his other Machine monsters to inflict 500 damage to his opponent.)

Noah Kaiba V1 (Creation - Can use Shinato as Deckmaster) (Against Seto, Noah uses a Creation Deck based around the symbolic creation of Earth. First he uses elements that homage the pagans ("Aeris", "Chiron the Mage"), then the Flood sent by God, and after that its developmental and evolutionary stages, such as the reign of the dinosaurs, the ice age, modern and futuristic times, and the Apocalypse (represented through his Deck Master, "Shinato, King of a Higher Plane").

Noah Kaiba V2 (Spirit Deck - Can use Shinato as Deckmaster) (Against Yugi, Noah used a Spirit Deck, focused on replenishing Life Points at an extremely rapid rate.)

Odion (Odion uses an Egyptian Themed Trap Deck comprised primarily of powerful Trap Cards to handle different situations which is dubbed as the "Trap Hell". His signature card is the Field Spell "Temple of the Kings" which allows him to activate Trap Cards on the same turn they are Set, as well as limiting the amount of Spell and Trap Cards his opponents can play. It also allows him to Summon his strongest monster, "Mystical Beast Serket".

Odion Duels passively due to his reliance on Traps, only going on an offensive once his Trap Monsters, "Embodiment of Apophis", are activated. In the Battle City Finals Odion's Deck also contained a counterfeit version of "The Winged Dragon of Ra" placed in his Deck by Marik, though Odion was reluctant to use the card.

It should be noted that Odion's "Trap Hell" strategy has two components. The first is to use several Trap Cards to counter the opponent's moves (be them monster attacks or use of Spell Cards) and leave them both unable to play adequately and even damage them back. The second component is the psychological pressure put into his opponent's by having their plays neutralized and the surprise factor of the Trap Cards. This causes the opponent to become either fearful of making any move or become too impatient to think straight, either way the player loses focus and can lead to reckless decisions. Joey almost lost the duel because he became too irritated when Odion did nothing but set Traps and pass his turns only drawing.

Odion has a considerable number of off-screen victories with the Deck, after he had to collect ten more Locator Cards for himself and Marik to enter the Battle City finals.

Panik / Player Killer of Darkness (Can use the Duelist Kingdom Field Spell) (Panik plays a Darkness Deck. Using "Castle of Dark Illusions" he conceals his monsters within a field of shadows, protecting against attacks since his opponents cannot see his cards and thus cannot know how powerful they are; the Night also provides his monsters with a Field Power Bonus, while covering other terrains, preventing his opponents from gaining the same advantages.

His monsters are Fiend-Types with unusual ATK and DEF values, ending in 10, 30, 80, etc, while most monsters have values that end in 00 or 50. This is so that their ATK and DEF become close to their manga ATK and DEF after they gain the Field Power Bonus from the night. e.g. "Castle of Dark Illusions" had 1200 ATK and 2500 DEF in the manga. In the anime it had 920 ATK and 1930 DEF, which rose to 1196 and 2509 after the Field Power Bonus. In the manga, it did not gain a Field Power Bonus.
When his monsters are revealed by "Swords of Revealing Light", Panik switches to a defensive strategy, bolstering his monsters' DEF with "Chaos Shield". Yami Yugi claims Panik's method of Dueling is the way of a coward, only powerful when he strikes from the shadows and cowering when confronted in the open, with Yugi's counter-strategy using Panik's reliance on defense against him by putting him in a position where his defenses trap and destroy his own monsters.)

Paradox Brothers V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell) (He and his brother were hired by Maximillion Pegasus to work as Eliminators in his Duelist Kingdom tournament. The two duel as a team, with their "Labyrinth Wall" card enabling them to change the playing field to resemble a complicated underground labyrinth, making gameplay more akin to a board game than a card game.)

Paradox Brothers V2 (GX) - (The Brothers are hired by Dr. Crowler to Duel Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale, who will be expelled should they lose, due to their trespassing at the Abandoned Dorm. The Duel is conducted in a more normal fashion this time, with the two dueling using standard Duel Disks. Their strategy still involves the Summoning of "Gate Guardian",[3] but they also reveal an even more powerful force - "Dark Guardian", who can only be Summoned upon the destruction of "Gate Guardian". )

Pegasus V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell) (Specifically for his Duel with Yugi Muto, Pegasus created the cards "Relinquished", "Thousand-Eyes Restrict", "Thousand-Eyes Idol", and "Dark-Eyes Illusionist". In his first Duel with Yugi, he plays a test Deck that deals with taking control of Yugi's monsters. In Duelist Kingdom, along with his Toon cards, Pegasus' Deck mainly focused on using his opponents own monsters and card effects against them. Later on, in the anime, his Deck focused only on the "Toon" cards. He also uses some cards, such as "Prophecy", that allow him to take advantage of his mind reading abilities.

The cards "Doma the Angel of Silence", "Happy Lover" and "Mask of Darkness" are not used in any of his Duels, but were seen when Yami Bakura held his spontaneous Tarot session with Pegasus. In the English version, Bakura explicitly states that these cards were Pegasus's; however, in the Japanese version, the Deck's owner remains ambiguous, as Bakura only refers to the Tarot Deck as "these cards", so he might have brought them himself.

Pegasus V2 (Pyramid of Light) - In the movie, his Deck focuses on swarming the field with his Toons. The full Decklist (totaling out to exactly forty cards) was given in the novelization of the film.)

Pegasus V3 (GX) - In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Pegasus' Deck has new Spell-Trap support for his Toons.

Rafael (Rafael uses a "Guardian" Deck. The majority of his cards are very old and worn, and can be seen with wrinkled edges and discolorations. However, the backs of the cards strangely remain undamaged. Rafael's most common tactic is using "Guardian Treasure" to more quickly access his cards. His "Guardian" monsters rely on him first having the appropriate Equip Spell Card to be on the field before they can be Summoned, and he equips them to "Backup Gardna" for the purpose of the Summoning before using the ability of "Backup Gardna" to transfer that Equip Card to its corresponding "Guardian". Rafael is very close to his cards and cannot tolerate their destruction, thus using a variety of Spell and Trap Cards to protect them, such as "Rescuer from the Grave" and "Self Tribute". As seen with "Self Tribute", as well as "Aid to the Doomed" and the unplayed but seen "My Body as a Shield", Rafael will even give up his hand and Life Points to protect his monsters.

Rafael's dedication to protect his monsters is important due to his signature card "Guardian Eatos", which can be Special Summoned without any sacrifice if Rafael has no monsters in his Graveyard. When "Eatos" is destroyed in his Duel with Yami Yugi, Rafael Summons "Guardian Dreadscythe", a twisted evil incarnation of "Eatos" that represents the darkness in his heart. At this point, Rafael destroys his other Guardians to empower "Dreadscythe", his hatred and determination to defeat Yami Yugi overriding his bond with them. Furthermore, while Rafael would willingly sacrifice himself to protect his Guardians, "Dreadscythe" forces him to do so by making him discard a card to negate its destruction if it would ever be destroyed.

Rebecca Hawkins V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell)
(Rebecca originally utilizes her grandfather's Shadow Ghoul Deck, which she had inherited from him, focused around loading the Graveyard with Monster Cards through cards such as "Judgment Blaster" to power up her favourite monster Shadow Ghoul. In addition, she also uses a large quantity of cards which give her a hand advantage such as "Skelengel" and "Sangan". Solomon Muto, watching the duel between her and Yugi, thought about how their duel and the cards they played were an exact recreation of his past duel with Arthur.

Rebecca Hawkins V2 (Grand Championship) - During the Grand Championship, Rebecca uses a Gem Dragon/Anti-Cure Deck. Her main strategy is using "Fire Princess" along with "Marie the Fallen One" to constantly inflict damage. She also utilizes a large quantity of stall cards such as "Gravity Bind" and "Imperial Order".

Rex Raptor V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell) (During Duelist Kingdom, Rex's Deck contains an assortment of Dinosaur-Type monsters, his most powerful cards being the Dragon-Type "Serpent Night Dragon" and "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", both of which are also his rarest cards. His style of Dueling is simple, relying on the brute power of his Dinosaurs augmented by the Dueling field to strengthen them.)

Rex Raptor V2 (Waking The Dragons) - In Waking the Dragons, Rex uses a Dinosaur Deck heavily focused on swarm tactics. In addition, he utilizes the "The Seal of Orichalcos" to turn normally weak monsters into powerful beatsticks. Echoing of his earlier Deck, Rex's strongest monster is not a Dinosaur, but the Dragon-Type "Tyrant Dragon".)

Seeker - Seeker uses an Exodia Deck, which includes three copies of each pieces of Exodia the Forbidden One and various high-DEF monsters, such as "Stone Statue of the Aztecs" and "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress". His principal strategy is to utilize high DEF monsters to build a sizeable defense and spell cards that permit him to draw additional cards, until his hand contains a full Exodia, thus automatic victory. However the principal weakness of this deck, most of his deck is loaded with Exodia pieces he has few attack strategies to counter opponents that penetrate his defense. Though he is able to defeat Joey once with this Deck, having more than one copy of Exodia in his hand (and nothing else) leaves the Rare Hunter defenseless in his Duel with Yugi. His attempt to use a spare piece as a defender ultimately backfires and leads to his defeat.

Serenity Wheeler (Her Deck is comprised of EARTH and LIGHT female monsters that she thought were cute. Serenity only Dueled once, in a three on one Duel with Tristan and Duke against Nezbitt during the Virtual Realm arc. Most of the cards in her Deck are from Labyrinth of Nightmare and Legacy of Darkness. In the Japanese version she mentions choosing cards that are cute (episode 106).

Despite being a novice at dueling, she has shown to be relatively competent as she has observed several duels and was also pseudo-taught by Tristan during friendly talks. She was aware of key concepts like Defense Position which she tried to use but failed to (mostly because she was unaware that it required the cards to be put in a specific way), although this means she has a good assessment of the situation. She also knew how to perform a Fusion Summon which eventually granted her victory against Nezbitt.)

Seto Kaiba V1 (Duelist Kingdon - can use the DK Field Spell) - (During Duelist Kingdom, his Deck utilized various brutal appearing monsters to reflect his personality. Ghost Kaiba also utilized Kaiba's Deck and the Duel Computer also used some of his cards when Kaiba wanted to test his new Duel Disk system. Notably, his signature card (through all seasons of the anime and manga) is the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". His main plan consists of using "Saggi the Dark Clown" as bait, then use "Crush Card" to destroy the opponent's Deck. Against Yugi he tries regaining Life Points or destroying the opponents cards to stall until he draws the right cards required for Summoning "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" for the final blow.)

Seto Kaiba V2 (Battle City) - (In Battle City, Kaiba's Deck takes on several traits of a Virus Deck, which focuses on removing cards from his opponents' Decks and leaving them with limited options. One of the main strategies in this Deck includes using "Crush Card Virus" and "Virus Cannon" to mill his opponents' Decks, while also attempting to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor" for the finishing blow. His "Obelisk the Tormentor" is supported with "Soul Exchange", and if that fails, he implemented parts of a Machine deck representing Kaiba's expertise in technology; mainly he uses his "XYZ" monsters as offense until he is able to Summon "Obelisk".)

Seto Kaiba V3 (Virtual World - Can use BEWD as Deck Master)
) - (The Virtual World Deck is very similar to Kaiba's Battle City Deck, though with more emphasis on Dragon-Type monsters, and without his Egyptian God (as the Virtual World's Deck construction list excludes the God Cards).)

Seto Kaiba V4 (Waking The Dragons) - (During the Waking the Dragons arc, Kaiba uses a Virus/Critias Deck. Kaiba's Deck evolves considerably, as he begins to include many more Dragons in his Deck, while also gaining "Fang of Critias", and still supporting "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "XYZ" monsters. He supports many of his Trap Cards with "Fang of Critias", creating powerful monsters to defeat the opponent.

Seto Kaiba V5 (Grand Championship) - (Kaiba only Dueled once in the Grand Championship arc (in order to officially disqualify Zigfried von Schroeder). This Deck, which still consisted mostly of Dragons, focused on swarming the field with monsters that were removed from play, using "Dimension Fusion".)

Seto Kaiba V6 (Dark Side of Dimensions) - In the film, Kaiba plays a "Blue-Eyes Deck", featuring expanded support for "Blue Eyes White Dragon" and other high Level Dragon-Type monsters.

Solomon Muto - (During his participation in the Grand Championship, Solomon uses an "Ancient" Deck based around the "Ancient Dragon", which can be revived whenever it is destroyed as long as he has "Ancient City" in play. However, the card is very difficult to play, requiring a set of six other cards and several turns to set up. According to Arthur Hawkins, the Grand Championship was the first time Solomon was able to call the "Ancient Dragon", and in the dub is implied to be the only person Arthur knows to have ever done it. Besides his "Ancient" cards, Solomon tests Joey's reliance on luck with "The Legendary Gambler" and "Ordeal of a Traveler".)

Strings - Strings uses a Slifer Deck, which focuses on getting cards in Strings' hand to increase the ATK of "Slifer the Sky Dragon" to terrifyingly high levels, making it virtually invincible. Other than that, it appears to be a Slime Deck, focused on defending until Strings can draw and Summon "Slifer". The amorphous forms of the Slimes could represent Strings' mind being formed and shaped by Marik.

Strings' ultimate strategy is to get five specific cards out onto the field, which, in the manga and original Japanese anime, is called the "God Five" combo. These five cards are as follows:

"Slifer": The main attack force with nearly unlimited ATK, also able to severely weaken if not outright destroy the opponent's monsters even on the opponent's turn.

"Revival Jam": The ultimate defense, to block any attack or counterattack and immediately revive itself afterward.
"Jam Defender": To allow "Revival Jam" to intercept any attack or counterattack aimed at "Slifer".
"Card of Safe Return": Each time "Revival Jam" revives, Strings draws three cards, allowing "Slifer" to gain 3000 extra ATK.
"Infinite Cards": Removes the six-card hand limit, allowing the ATK of "Slifer" to climb virtually without limit.

However, despite Marik's claim that this combo will allow "Slifer" to be completely indestructible, Yami Yugi proved otherwise, as he took control of "Revival Jam", forcing the effect of "Slifer" to constantly destroy the reviving monster, while Strings' own "Card of Safe Return" forced him to keep drawing until a Deck out occurred, thus causing him to lose. According to Kaiba, the combo's greatest weakness is that the ATK of "Slifer" is limited by the number of cards within the player's Deck.

Tea Gardner V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell ( At first, when using a Fairy deck, her deck was subject to much ridicule and mockery by her opponents like Mai Valentine and even her friends Tristan Taylor and Joey Wheeler, for being too girlish and cute, as her main monsters were "cutesy" as described by Mai, in reference to her cards like Shining Friendship and Fairy's Gift. When she first summoned Petit Angel, Tristan and Joey reacted with anguish and embarrassment at her lackluster and weak card. Like Mai Valentine, most of her monsters are female.)

Tea Gardner V2 (Virtual World) - During the Virtual World arc, Tea's Deck was based around various female monsters including "Dark Magician Girl."

Tristan Taylor (Can add Lava and / or Swamp Battlguard to meet the 15 card deck requirement) - He Duels once during the second series anime, in a three-on-one Duel against Nezbitt. Although Tristan loses, his teammates Serenity and Duke go on to win. He was later seen with both "Lava" and "Swamp Battleguards" during episode 218.

Valon - (Valon utilizes an Armor Deck where the monsters he Summons are equipped to his own body as a futuristic suit of power armor. His Armor cards lack ATK but have powerful effects to make up for this ranging from Magic and Trap Card negation to monster destruction to effect damage. Valon Summons them to the field in numbers using "Armor Gravitation" cards to Special Summon multiple pieces at once, then activating all their powers. "The Seal of Orichalcos" is critical to Valon's Deck, as it boosts the strength of his Armor cards and allows him to Summon more of them to make his suit of armor more powerful with additional effects. Valon has little subtlety in his moves, using few Magic and Trap Cards, and the Duels he have been involved in are extremely fierce.

Duels with Valon are far more damaging than in a normal Duel since instead of the player feeling a stinging sensation from being attacked by a hologram, they are actually physically being assaulted by him, punching and beating them as hard as he can and leaving them terribly injured.

Vivian Wong
(Vivian uses an Asian-themed Martial Arts Deck, focused around her ace, "Dragon Lady", supporting it through an array of Magic Cards. She generally uses beatdown and burn tactics through strong monsters like "Kung Fu Nyan Nyan" and cards such as "Mystic Eruption".)

Weevil V1 (Duelist Kingdom - Can use the DK Field Spell) (During Duelist Kingdom, Weevil's Deck focused on evolving "Larvae Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution" and using Equip Magic Cards to power up his weaker Insects.)

Weevil V2 (Battle City) - (During Battle City, Weevil utilized "Insect Barrier", "Parasite Paracide" and "Reckless Parasite" to prevent opposing monsters from attacking, having arranged for "Parasite Paracide" to be slipped into Joey's Deck without his knowledge so he could use it against him. He further focused on his new ace card, "Insect Queen". Oddly, while Seeker was looking up duelist's rarest cards, "Great Moth" was listed despite Weevil's rarest card being "Insect Queen".)

Weevil V3 (Waking The Dragons) - (When Weevil joined Dartz, he was given "The Seal of Orichalcos" and access to almost every card ever made. He used his strategy of turning his opponent's monsters into Insects to defend with "Insect Barrier", this time using "DNA Surgery". He also uses some burn cards, and cards that further exploit his strategy of turning his opponent's monsters into Insects.

Yugi Muto V1 (Dawn of the Duel) - (During the Dawn of the Duel arc, Yugi uses a Silent/Toy Deck that focuses mainly on cards that have effects that happen gradually throughout the Duel, like "Silent Swordsman LV0" and "Ground Erosion", and maximizes their effects through his "Turn Jump". To protect his "Silent Swordsman LV0", he relies on "Mirage Ruler" or "Ambush Shield". He also supports his "Marshmallon" through cards like "Marshmallon Glasses" and "Witch of the Black Forest". He includes several cards to protect his Life Points, such as "Lengard" and "Soul Shield". For last resorts, he moves on to his "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction" and supports its Summoning through "Blockman".

During the beginning of the Ceremonial Battle, he makes use of the "Gadget" archetype which he uses to power-up his Trap Monster "Stronghold the Moving Fortress" through "Ties of the Brethren". He also further supports his "Magnet Warriors" with cards like "Magnet Reverse" and "Magnet Force", the latter he used to defeat the Egyptian Gods. During the last turns of the final Duel, he focuses on strengthening his "Silent Magician LV0" in order to beat Atem's "Dark Magician", through "Card of Sanctity". This Deck represents the strength Yugi has without the help of Yami Yugi as well as his playful side. As a result he does not use the "Dark Magician" and its related cards (except for "Buster Blader"), leaving them to Yami Yugi when they build separate Decks for the final ceremonial Duel.)

Yugi Muto V2 (Dark Side of Dimensions) - In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, Yugi runs a hybrid Deck mixing cards of his own and cards he inherited from Atem. He uses a number of retrained versions of iconic monsters of the both, including brand-new Spellcaster-Type support cards for Atem's "Dark Magician" and "Dark Magician Girl". He also has lots of tactics involving Continuous Trap Cards, such as a number of Trap Monsters and the "Dimension" Trap Cards he calls the "Dimension Trap Pyramid".

Zigfried (Zigfried plays a "Valkyrie" Deck, consisting of cards based on Norse mythology and named after characters and concepts from Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. His signature move is to Summon all his "Valkyrie" monsters at once using "Ride of the Valkyries" to perform a One Turn Kill. Zigfried otherwise combines his three "Goddess" Spell Cards with "Nibelung's Ring" to gradually deplete his opponent's Deck, banishing their monsters before they can play them. He also uses several stall and drawing cards to buy time for him to draw "Ride of the Valkyries" into his hand. He is one of the few male duelists in the series to use primarily Female cards in his deck.)
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