Introducing the All Star Character Tournament! Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters from across all 6 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series will clash to determine the next King of Games! Choose a Yu-Gi-Oh! Character across any era and join the event! (Use the left sidebar in the document below to quickly jump to a specific character / era)

Characters To Choose From:

Tournament Rules

https://www.facebook.com/groups/YGOPROTournaments/  and let me know who you want to participate as. Then make a deck with the deck requirements listed.

2) We will be using the latest YGOPro Worlds Banlist for the event with Anime cards included. Also an additional Anime Banlist has been created which can be seen on the document. You can only use anime cards that your chosen character used in the anime (Your decks cannot have an anime version of a card and also a tcg/ocg version of the same card in your deck, needs to be one or the other)

3) For deck building for a character, each character on the document has a deck requirement and also a note saying which archetype cards they are allowed to have in their deck. As an example, if you were to pick Arkana for the tournament, you would need to have atleast 10 cards that Arkana used in the anime and then, because he used Dark Magician related cards in the anime, you will be able to use any cards from the Dark Magician archetype to further support your deck (and also any other cards which don't belong to any other archetype). (On YGOPro, cards that belong to an archetype will say "Archetype: "Name" below the card picture so it will be easy to check when making your decks. Basically any series of cards which have a series of monsters / spell and trap support can't be used if your character did not use any related cards)

4) You can use multiple copies of cards in the main deck to meet the character deck requirement.

A character's extra deck is restricted to only cards they were shown to have used in the anime, and only 1 copy of said cards are allowed unless they were shown to have used multiple copies


7) If a character has a card in their deck that also has a pre-errata version, that character can use the pre-erata version (often the anime effect), in their deck instead.

8) Beta cards and Manga cards are not allowed

9) All duels must be hosted with the Master Rules 2020 Card

10) Your chosen character's deck requirements must still be kept even after siding

11) All participants must submit their decklist they wish to use for the Character Tournament. PM me your YGOPRO decklist file (Not screenshot). Once the tournament begins, you will not be able to amend your decks for the duration of the tournament.

12) Each round lasts 2 days and you will duel a different opponent every round. If a replay is not submitted by then, a win is given to the more active player. Active players are determined by activity on facebook. If both players are inactive/active, then a 0-0 score is given.

You are responsible for scheduling your matches with your opponent. PM your opponent on Facebook and schedule a time to duel. If you cannot find your opponent, then contact me.

14) Once you have finished your match, report to me the score of the match and also attach all of the replays (Please remember to save the replays even if you lose the match, just incase)

15) If you are found to have edited your deck whilst the tournament is in progress you will be disqualified for the current match. If someone D/C's in the middle of the duel and there is a dispute, take a screenshot of the duel field and save the replay. Then send to me (The person who did not D/C will get the option to save the replay)

16) I'll be uploading the matches from the tournament to my youtube channel, subscribe and support the tournament here: https://youtube.com/c/ygotournaments

Drop me a message if any of the above rules are unclear and may the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Character win!

Format: Swiss ---> Single Elimination
Forbidden List: 2020.01 Worlds
Allowed Cards: Anime
Duel Mode: Match
Tournament begins: 1st February, 7PM GMT

YGOPRO Tournament Groups:
Evolve Group 
Facebook Group