What potential for success do I have of getting again into the game? I quit playing years prior, selling an entire heap of my cards, yet I totally cherished the game, simply spending ages building decks and pondering cooperative energies. I was better than average enough at the game. Yet, presently.. presently I don't have a screwing hint and I can't beat the bots since they simply bring so numerous additional deck beasts on the primary turn and I directly up kick the bucket. I haven't taken a stab at utilizing any meta decks however for what reason would it be a good idea for me to? In any event, utilizing "suitable" deck gbwhatsapp  profiles gave by youtubers and so forth drives me totally no place.

I've been playing fiery blaze whirlwind (this has the best achievement up until now), bloom cardians (I ABSOLUTELY SUCK AT THESE), skull workers (figured it would be fun however.. not successful for me), and obviously such a DAD deck, since he's my preferred card, however tbh it sucks. A ton. I was utilizing teamsamurai's Rokket work, with brisk dispatch rather than E-tele, and.. meh... not powerful for me, or I simply suck at the combos required. I have no clue. I simply need to construct a great deck that can really win... in any case, there such a significant number of numerous cards, I don't have the foggiest idea where to begin, as what I used to do was glance through the entirety of my cards, perused their belongings, and figure what works with what.