After Kazuki's passing, I started to feel very nostalgic for my early years of experiencing YGO, and YGO Online was part of that. I still have the free disc I got from GameStop in 2005!
I sometimes dig around in my card collection and find those old Duel Pass cards you had to scratch, I remember the PRETTY BAD system where you had to pay to even play the game, and I loved the aesthetic and the music. And I kept playing all the way until Duel Accelerator (Online 3) was cancelled, even though YGOPro was already out at that point.

EDOPro now also has a top down view like the old PC games. I'd like to try and make a YGO Online 2 skin sometime, so that I have a complete trio of YGO Online skins to recreate the experiences of those games.
(do yugioh bam and duel arena count? could be fun to make skins based on those for the heck of it lol)



I couldn't use most of the assets from YGO Online so I remade them from scratch using similar textures and such to the original game. Here are some screenshots for comparison:
It's not the exact same, but I think I was able to recreate the feel of it pretty well.

The sounds folder has music extracted straight from the source game. It also features most of the sound effects from that game + a few others from that era (except the Special Summon sound). It also has the "strong monster summoned" sound effect from the game for select boss and super boss monsters. Just delete the contents of the "summon" folder if you don't like that.

Download link here:

Backup your sounds folder in case you don't like the new sound effects. Then extract the contents to your EDOPro folder, agree to overwrite everything, and in the game, click the cogwheel in the corner and select "Yu-Gi-Oh Online Legacy" as the skin.
Hope everyone enjoys. And thank you, Kazuki Takahashi.
Thanks for this, looks great!
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