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Originally Posted by: NassX 

Just to fully clear my doubts, so these cards (since you didn't refer them above) can/will be scripted at some point?
- chimera hydradrive dragrid  this card had its full effect explained but i'm still confused of why it hasn't. Even though perfectron is much better this would be nice to have
-  but i'm assuming eques flamma won't be added since it had tons of effects that can't be read, what a shame

sry for another question post but is just to make sure.
thanks for this answer you gave

Yes, like I said, everything in Dragonecro0987's list that I didn't talk about should be scriptable and will be added when someone works on it.

And yes, "Armatos Legio Eques Flamma" almost definitely falls under the "proxy quality is too poor to read" category.
What is the result, whether to be added or not.
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Ill take them one by one, since you seem to not be able to do the simple work of "open the card page and open his eyes to look for the ??? "  => missing def  => same/weaker as ocg  => missing scales  => effect not implementable (manga) => wait to see what kind of additional effect it can get  => text too blurry to read  => no def  => missing end of the effect  =>missing scales

the following are in waiting as it is from a current ongoing manga duel 

that leave the 2 following cards, cards that nobody had the time to do (because it can be suprising, but people can get busy IRL) 
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Do you have the possibility to edit these cards. According to a friend of my anime scripts who make these cards. When I ask these cards, these answers are not added when they expect what kind of effect the god-eyes manga card will take, but now there is a clear effect.

Don't misunderstand, I didn't ask you to discuss them here again. but some manga cards were not added. Because some cards have been postponed because the series continues.
I know this one's been requested several times, but my interpretation of anime/manga Mystical Refpanel effect (except for GX ending one) are:
"Activate only when your opponent activates a Spell Card: this card's effect is activated as that card's effect instead." (anime)
Originally Posted by: sadasdsd 

although you answer them in reply to me why and why don't you add them. Because someone should deal with your own sacred mistakes or find itself in a constant reminder otherwise you do not apply. The manga is over, and you should not make excuses because if the manga cards are not added because of the strength of the manga cards, then why have you added the manga god cards that will ruin the game. we do not ask you to add any missing or missing cards, wait for them to correct. however, you cannot add cards that can be added due to a bet. we can't play cards we've been waiting for months because of your selfishness. we are deprived and suffered from it, no manga version of manga god cards for 5 months but when we look at other manga cards they are all attached to the game. by the way, I'm not just putting yuya manga cards together, I mean all the other manga cards. In particular, the regime, the house, and the addition of the presence of the game as soon as possible, otherwise you will get insulted and insulted you can not tolerate those who attempt to take action, you will need to ban. and vrains you claim that some cards are unfair and you do not add them. judgement arrows as an example. Your task is to add cards, because in the game you can count the cards you have added and I can tell you the cards that are absolutely wrong between them. Now I want you to do the task of adding this card you have mastered. you can probably put a ban on me without even answering me

finally, god-eyes phantom manga, classikuriboh, turntrooper, pendulum match, trick explanation, speedorid card turbo, odd eyes rumbler and all other cards belonging to manga reiji. these cards can be added or even released or not released.

I got a PM about a guy being rude on the forum, and suprise, it is you, one of the few guy that I blocked (and to get blocked by me, you need to really go overboard)

You get no answer? maybe you should look into what you posted before that resulted by you being blocked by the two only staff members that deal with anime forum report

I'll just clean up a few points:
- We Don't care about the strengh of the cards, if we did, there could be a few hundred of anime cards that would never have been added (random ex, Chaos End Ruler, Number 88, Supreme king Zark or Topologic Gumblar Dragon)
Maybe you could have put A+B together to understand that the problem is more of an implementation problem like for Time Goddess than a "Percy staff is not nice to me because they don't add the cards i want!!!!"

Same idea with Judgement Arrow, if you can find me a SINGLE quote of someone from Percy saying that Judgement arrow will not be added because it is OP (and it is not), feel free to post it, if not, it is a baseless claim that as no weigh

- Cards get added when they are done, when they are done depend on lot of stuff but mainly IF they are DOABLE in the first place but also when someone is FREE to do it

- Percy staff "work" because they like the games in the first place, but don't earn anything (except maybe some white hairs and worries because of some toxic community members, but thank god, they are a noisy minority)
If you think that some stuff don't go quickly enough for you, feel free to start scripting yourself, propose finished script to the staff that would add them if they are possible to add in the first place (someone did it a few times for some Vrains cards)

I tried to clean up the baseless claim or at least the stuff I understood from the broken english among the wall of text (you don't know there is an "Enter" on your keyboard?) for people that come after, since I don't like slandering
@cybercatman please unbanme i apologize for the disrespect i made against you.

i want to join your servers mean percy.

Please forgive me if you think I really deserve to be forgiven or deserve a last chance here. As you can see, I don't go here much anymore.

im waiting
I recently noticed a missing anime version of an existing card (anime)

The only real difference between this and the irl version is that the anime version is generic 2 Level 4s to make while irl is 2 Level 4 Fairy monsters to make.

There's also this Zexal card, Vow of the Sword 

The effect seems easy to code, but I'm not sure if there are other factors preventing this from being coded.
Does anyone still have the "Custom Cards Compiled" link? It doesn't work anymore and it's not automatically included in the links version like the other anime/manga cards.
Request anime version of Cursed Prison (anime)
can someone reup the custom card pack, the link is dead since 2018