im new to the forums and to ygopro and i will like to thank the team for developing a AI for ygopro, it is the reason i started playing ygopro tbh, the reason i like AI so much is that i rarely have internet conection and when i do prefer AI over multiplayer 😛 mostly because i used to play yugioh on nds and psp with nice AI. i appreciate the team for making the AI looking foward for future updates to AI and craving for more AI decks 😃...

A small notice the comparison between new AI version for ygopro and the old is that AI is better now have good come backs but still makes some mistakes tho at least he can win, less mistakes than previous versions tho 😃...
Keep up the good work... wanted to make myselve noticed so you guyz know that there are some enjoying this very much 😃 <3

Thank you ygopro team and community (sry for my bad english :p)

(1 AI mistake i remember is when AI used Battle Fader and Mirror force at same time)
yes thank you ygopro... and other mistake, Dimensional Prison and Battle Fader at same time
Thanks for your kind words :)

I will look into the Battle Fader issues.
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