Hello, i have tried to add pendulum cards nto my deck but it seems that i cant find them.

I have also tried vvia a ydk where have added pedulums (to try because i cant find) but if i look into the deck, no pendulum cards there.

It seems that pendulum are disabled but i have seen this day some ppls playing with pendulum

maybe i need to do something? i want try out the new system
What is your current version of YgoPro?

If you are using the current YgoPro you will be able to follow these steps.

1. Open YgoPro and go to the Deck Edit screen.

2. Go to Category and choose Monster and then to the right of this pick Pendulum.

3. You should now see the 5 Pendulum Monsters which have been added.
They will disappear once you load the YDK in the older versions of YGOPRO.
i have fixed it now, its because tehe german translate. i have put the german files from DevPro version, now i have them but i miss like 600 other cards i only get a lil over 6400 (maybe because the german translation)