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New Posts Ten Thousand Magician0733
I made a deck combining Dark Magigan cards and 10,000 Dragon.

New Posts Zoomeron0312
Zoodiac Numeron Gameplay - Tier1

New Posts Ultra Athlete0303
U.A. duels (60 card Isolde variant tested to)

New Posts Infernoble Knights0311
Igknights search all the flame noble knights

New Posts I'm an asshole!!0264
I'm a prick

New Posts Adamatia - Koa'Ki rock stun support0284
Ahem, just a cool variant.

New Posts Satellarknight MR50271
They have risen from the subpar (to less subpar)

New Posts Union Driver ABC Machine deck0251
Union hangar is a 1 card combo

New Posts Shark BROKEN XYZ SPAM0228

New Posts Bahamut Shark Turbo master rule 20200203
Guess which Toad is awesome?

New Posts Chaos is a laddar Magician of chaos deck0237
Title describes it perfectly
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