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New Posts Dimension Duel0479
The Ai assigns random values for ATK and Def

New Posts Ai can see my set cards0367
The ai knows the def value of set monsters

New Posts Burning Soul0195
Similar problem to the magician's archive

New Posts Action Card0145
The AI Negates Its Own Attack

New Posts Time Fusion0164
The Ai uses Dimensional Barrier at the wrong time

New Posts Magician's Archive0231
The Ai uses this card to add itself

New Posts Magical Mallet (Anime)0145
The AI uses this card ignoring the glitch and not wisely

New Posts [Beta] Slifer Deck2485

New Posts AI Deck Requirements2430

New Posts The AI bug...1219
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New Posts Custom Deck AI2484
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New Posts AI beta testing12793
Wattlock ai in beta but i need to fix a function

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