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New Posts Can't open new update file 1.5.21662
Can't open new update file 1.5.2 for Samsung Galaxy S6

New Posts Add timelord cards0253
Timelord cards from z-one deck has not included in the list

New Posts New error since update on april 14th101,181
Newer cards are even with description unusable

New Posts Glitch in Android game update2505
Issue since latest update regarding use of "A" Counters

New Posts 1.5.2 obb request...16,901
Requesting obb files

New Posts Hey percy part 21407

New Posts why my AI cards blank2618
Cards Blank

New Posts No pics0456

New Posts Cairngorgon/Evigishki Soul Ogre bug0128
A very odd bug between cairngorgon and soul ogre

New Posts Make it please0256

New Posts Android update when?11,142
Att for Android
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