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Anime Character Decks, Official Starters and Structures, Requests

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Anime and Manga accurate Character Decks. Official Structures and Starters. Requests and Miscellany.

New Posts Thunder Lockdown Deck 20210756
A deck that uses floodgates to lock your opponents plays

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New Posts Fire King 🔥 👑 (FOOLISH ANY FIRE) YGOPRO0350
Fire kings can enter needlefiber without normal summon

New Posts Thunder Lockdown Deck2616
My attempt to do a good thunder anti-meta stun deck.

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New Posts Sky Scourge Norleras Orcust0402
1 Card Hand Loop and Orcust Board
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New Posts help with my dark magician0412
help with my dark magician

New Posts Help with Blue-Eyes deck0448
How can I improve this deck? Also... Extra deck
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