Card scripts 2,20111,549
Card scripting: requests, fixes, tutorials etc.
Projects - Custom backgrounds, cards, skins, music
Sticky New Posts Prudence's Custom Sleeves,Themes,Backgrounds And Card Templates! +20952385,587 
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Ask here for custom sleeves,themes,Backgrounds and now Card Templates

Sticky New Posts PSCT Guide +64521,011 
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A guide for wording your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards using Konami's official PSCT (Problem-Solving Card Text)!

Sticky New Posts YGOPro Themes Index +880473,161 
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A comprehensive list of all themes for YGOPro available

New Posts Doll Part Archtype (W.I.P)152,759
I'm new so it's not all that good yet...

New Posts Anime-Style card Images +32643,266 
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Up-to-Date Anime-style card images for all cards

New Posts The Winged Dragon of Ra (Anime)33,284
You can tribute to increase its ATK/DEF! You can discard one De-Fusion to increase your lifepoints!
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New Posts Haku_Yowane's Custom Card Gallery II +2209,449 
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Now i'am staying on EDOPRO for good... (Current eps 37)

New Posts NUEVO YGOPRO (inglés/Español) Pc/Android0305
Nuevo proyecto de ygopro para pc y Android en ambos idiomas

New Posts Duel Links Skills & Cards Whitelist21,877
All Skills available except Tag Duel-only

New Posts My Missing Anime Cards Project +126,410454,789 
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Finally! All Tag Force and 3DS cards are complete.

New Posts Custom Card Bleach0298
Help me please to script this effect
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