Hi i wanted to share this scrip i have been working meybe you can make a better usage of this.
Use this scrip as you want even if you want to steal it i don't care.

Here what it does:

Apply these rules:
● Neither player can Set monsters or change their battle positions (Not even by card effects).
● Send to the GY any Defense Position monster.
● Monsters have LP equal to its original DEF (LP can be increased by card effects).
● Monsters must attack if able.
● Neither player takes damage from attacks involving monsters.
● Any direct attack battle damage becomes 1000.
● When a monster is attacked loses LP equal to the ATK of the attacking monster, regardless of wich one has more ATK.
● Monsters are not destroyed by battle, instead when their LP becomes 0 send them to the GY (This is not avoidable by any means). 
Install: Drop all in the EDOPRO(not YGO) main folder.

Jut put it in your deck and it will banish it self like boss duel. Feel free to send replays of this gameplay that would be interesting to see. Also avoid burn decks, links or cards that need monsters to be in defense mode. And have fun.