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Can ygochrome work on puffin browser on the iOS devices ?
still waiting majicspecter cards :C
how wil the cards pics work

lets say i use fanmade 4 kids cards like this one :

can i then view those lay outs on line in chrome ? just woderig if some customazation will be lost wit this ..

thank u [:clap:]
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Chrome on my iPhone is don't support flash player

Do you can make it work In puffin ?
I also afraid Hello23 that this program probably not allow us to custom-make cards, covers,bg,music or other staff[:sad:] though probably this program like devpro via options allow us to select covers,bg,music from the available ones this program already have!![:smile:] I hope only percy not only make updates about this program but also continue to update the previous ygopro!![:smile:] If really this program not allow you for example to make and add custom cards and percy update only this program then i was not able to add my or any other custom cards i have so far for the future percy updates!![:cry:]
This means no more further updates support? developtment ends or more cards additions to current version??
Originally Posted by: francot514 

This means no more further updates support? developtment ends or more cards additions to current version??

Mmm i am not sure but probably percy and his team continue to update the previous ygopro too[:wink:] though there is a little worry that the most users (especially the newest ones) to slow slow start to prefer to play with the ygopro who working via internet browser because it not need any download at all and for that reason percy and his team not have any serious reason anymore to continue with the previous ygopro updates!![:sad:] [:cry:]
This is truly, really really great!
[:clap:] [:clap:] [:clap:] [:clap:] [:clap:] [:clap:] [:clap:]
The implementation is good, hope will be as good as original, but please, we still want custom cards server [:thumbu:]

I am vlelg, the patching administrator for South Korea's biggest YGOPro community.

I saw the YGOChrome at the forum. It was really impressive, but unfortunately it is hard for us Korean users to play with it due to the language problem.For YGOPro we have our own translated cdb files, but cannot find a way to fit them in for YGOChrome by ourselves.

So I ask as the representative of our community, if you can support South Korean language at YGOChrome. If you agree with it, we will send you cards.cdb, string.conf, language fonts and system.conf we are currently using for YGOPro.
I will wait for your positive reply. Thank you.

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It's doesn't work at Google chrome on iPhone

So no iOS update and no ygochrome for unjailbroken devices????
Originally Posted by: FTON 

Originally Posted by: AntiMetaman 

Originally Posted by: Bitsoft 

What's the point of this exactly? I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering. Is just to save the 500MB of downloads for new users? Does it support mobile Chrome browsers? Is it supposed to compete with DN?

Accessibility. Regardless of what OS you're running or how old your computer is, as long as you have chrome, it will work. This also opens the door to all the features we've all been wanting such as chat, avatars, etc. without the addition of a launcher.

Well, not everyone 100% uses Google chrome, some people use Firefox, that means, they have no rights of playing this game if they use ff.

Could this work with the new IE and Microsofts new browser : Edge
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