Eerie Code
Before you report a new bug in this section, please make sure it respects the following instructions.

  • This section is only for beta cards. For reference, this is what a beta card looks like. (better resolution here )

    You can easily recognize it by the symbol in the upper left corner and the [Beta] label in the card selection menu. Those are the only cards whose reports will be accepted in this subsection: for anything else, you'll have to make a thread in the main bugs section.
  • Make sure that bug is a bug. Double-check the effects of both the card you want to report and the cards used during the turn, and make sure that bug actually is a bug, and not the result of some interaction with other cards (like "Pot of Avarice" or "Raidraptor - Fuzzy Lanius" restricting your Special Summons, or a card that can be used only under certain conditions).
  • Check whether the bug has already be reported. You can find a list of all beta cards at this link : check it and you'll see whether a bug has already been reported. In case you don't see the bug on the list, check at least the other recent posts to see if someone else already reported it.
  • Be throughout with your reports. Explain clearly and in detail what happened, don't say just "This card is bugged". If you have a replay, you're more than welcome to post it: better yet, if a red line detailing the error appears at the bottom of the screen, post a screenshot of it, it makes fixing the bugs a lot easier!
  • Be patient. As much as we'd like to be able to make the new cards or fix the old immediately, real life often prevents us from doing it. We'll try to address the issues as soon as we can, but in the meantime, do try to avoid posting messages like "Why hasn't this been added/fixed yet!!?" or "Hurry up and fix it!!": they won't make time go faster.