This just kinda popped into my head while watching some GX. Besides appealing to younger viewers who might be turned off of Yugioh due to its complexity, I can't help but wonder if the speed and time taken by turns in the modern game have simply gotten too much for an anime to handle. Back in the old days when turns consisted of maybe two or three summons at most it was possible for the animators to give each monster/spell/whatever a decent amount of flair and character, such as elaborate poses, expressions (remember Achacha Archer's "OH SHIT!" face whenever he fired?), Dark Magician's iconic finger wag etc...

In Vrains I couldnt help but notice that there was far less of those kinds of small details, and I guess it makes sense, you can't waste time and effort giving a monster personality when it going to be on screen for five seconds before being linked away and you've got 10+ more monsters to do just for this one turn. It's gotten to the point where I think just too much happens in each turn if they what to accurately represent the real game, without cutting back, not just on monster detail but character interaction as well.

I'm by no means certain of any of this, but if it's true, does that mean that essentially the Yugioh game has just gotten too unwieldy to try to animate, and if so, what does that mean for Yugioh anime going forward? I mean, I dont hate the look of Sevens per se, but I'd be really bummed if it turned out that Vrains is going to end up as the last mainline Yugioh anime.
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