I decided to make the Skills from DL playable in edopro. Right now all Skills except Tag Duel-only are available, I'm using the same functions as the speed duel skill cards. Please let me know any bug or improvement I could make to the cards.

Known bugs and observations:
  • The Tag Duel-only Skills are the only missing Skills because Skills in that duel mode are not supported due to core limitations.
  • Life Cost 0 is currently the previous version before the change to make it one time only, I tried but I failed to make it to only trigger once and using LPCost_Replace crashes the game.
  • Surprise Present is not fully implemented, I tried using the Darkness card effect to hide the card but I couldn't make it work.
  • No Mortal Can Resist reorders the GY and always place the skull servants in the top.
  • Psychic Vision is not fully implemented because it's not possible to make you unable to check the cards details and show them at the same time.
  • The Skills that Special Summons to the opponent's field can be activated even if you can't special summon them because using the Movetofield function makes the monster to move to your field after making a move (I may or may not added a check for that in the future).
  • The cards played with Skills are considered to be Special Summoned in DL but I couldn't replicate that because the SpecialSummon function can't bypass the "you can only special summon X monster for the rest of the turn" effects.
  • In DL Skills that sends cards to the GY will always send the cards to the GY even if you are affected with cards like macro cosmos, for obvious reasons it's not possible to do that in edopro.
  • In DL Skills that transform cards into other cards makes the new monster still affected/equipped/targeted with everything before it transforms, for example if you have summoned Black Luster Soldier with any monster that grants him an effect when it's ritual summoned you can still use that effects even when you transform it into Super Soldier with the Skill Pathway to Chaos.

The Forbidden & Limited file includes all the cards currently available in Duel Links, the limited 2 and 1 cards have their corresponding limit but the limited 3 can't be shown in any way.
The cards only available by using a Skill are included but are Forbidden.

You can download only the files or you can use an user config file which yo can download an example file to get automatic updates.

Skills (only the files):

Whitelist (only the file):

User config file (with both projects):

Update Log:
27-01-21: Whitelist cards updated up to Photon of Galaxy box.
31-01-21: Added DM and GX Skills.
06-02-21: Added 5D's Skills.
13-02-21: Added DSoD and Zexal Skills.
27-02-21: Whitelist cards updated up to Antinomic Theory box.
01-03-21: Added Antinomy Skills.
30-03-21: Whitelist cards updated up to Sign of Harpies box.
31-03-21: Added Otogi/Duke Skills.
28-04-21: Whitelist cards updated up to Eternal Stream box.
05-05-21: Added both Yuma & Astral ZEXAL Skills.
Post reserved in case I ever need it.
Finished with every Skill so far released.
If the Skills are leaked I may work on them before they are released.
I may not update this thread too often but I'm still working on the Skills and have them ready 1 or 2 days later after they are available in-game, although it's mostly on github where you get the updates faster.