I've been back and forth on these forums for a while trying to figure out how to properly utilize YGO templates on Magic Set Editor. Now, the last time I was here I had mostly all of my questions figured out pretty well, but now I come facing a new issue altogether. Well, it's more or less a similar issue since I lost the original files for this.

So, I'll keep it brief since I've been fighting with this for way too long and I'm too afraid to do anything without somehow ruining the card layout beyond repair. In no particular order:
- proper Pendulum formatting (as well as formatting for similar mechanics; this includes Splice Spell and Splice Trap cards, which are just using the Deck Master template); also, if possible, some option to synchronize Pendulum Scales (this applies to ONLY Pendulum cards, as Pandemonium and Proto-Fusion cards have two different scales and Equil. only have one scale)--y'know, something where the number on one side is automatically changed to the number on the other. If this isn't possible, that's fine. It's not that much of a time sink to type the same number twice.
- proper formatting on new non-Pendulum cards (for some reason, I've had issues with the level being jammed up in the far left corner instead of in its proper place and I don't know how to fix that); the level formatting isn't too hard to get right, but I would like to ensure that it's consistent throughout all variants as well: "If X Card's Level is formatted from this side out, then X-Pendulum, X-Equilibrium, and X-Pandemonium should have the same alignment automatically" (again, this is lower priority but still vexing when it happens)
- ATK/DEF Stats allowing for 5 digit numbers (up to 10,000). 100,000 is too much but I'd prefer to just know how to get the standard stat line up to 5 digits on its own and then just add "shrink-overflow" at the end for when I want to recreate Chaos Imaginary Number 1000: Numeronius Numeronia. LINK Number shouldn't be affected since the highest it can go already is 9.
- Skill cards (which I just about had working, but I wanted to remove the option for Attribute on them and I was kinda treating them as Monsters--quote-unquote--since I already figured out how to remove the Level option but couldn't take out the ATK/DEF values properly)
- Lastly, I'd like to mention the addition of a Rush Duel set in addition to all this in the standard set (with or without the Maximum Summon option; it'd be nice to have but if I have the base Rush Duel stuff compatible up through Xyz, that's fine too).
- I also have a Series 1 Devamp template set that I'd love to know how to integrate; it's even Pendulum compatible.

I do have a .psd Complete Series 9 Template I can make full use of (which I combined the Variant Template with something to design new card types from scratch) but it's the internal functionality that's really driving at me. I can provide the current files I'm working with and see if anyone here can make heads or tails of them. I know to some people here this is gonna seem stupidly simple and maybe it is and I just don't know what I'm doing but my capacity for understanding why these problems persist is really starting to get to me and reaching out to MSE themselves has been...extremely unsuccessful and actually created MORE problems.
Update: I figured out how to fix the Level format issue, though there's some minor issues with the formatting--nothing too big--but that does solve a major issue for most of the templates I was fighting with...with the exception of the Zarc Pendulum card. Which continues to vex me. I did get the SKill cards working just fine but I'm having issue with the fonts registering properly as well.

https://static.wikia.noc...latest?cb=20140216090313 . If anyone has a solution for this, let me know how to fix it and I'll post the finished results.
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