Hi, i have converted all my cards from ygopro percy to the new EDOPro!
I have also fixed some effects that are not working as intended and updated the scripts for original summoning mechanics (Reunion, Ignition, Reverse Xyz and Armor/Armorizing).
This project includes a total of 469 custom cards, including tokens. I just counted them I thought they were about 200, I got carried away XD
Pics are a bit more because some cards have been discarded in the testing/scripting phase, because redundant or unnecessary for the deck, but the pic still exists. I'm too lazy to look for them in the pics folder XD Eg. Fire Core had a synchro 6 and External Worlds had a Xyz rank 3.

With this update I have added new cards to existing archetypes and added some new decks.
I don't make a list of the new cards because it's been a while and I don't remember all the new ones :)

Original summoning mechanics
  • Reverse-Xyz: similar to Xyz Monster but uses subtraction between the monster levels.
  • Reunion: Extra Deck monsters that are Special Summoned using monsters with a sum of Levels/Ranks/Links equal to its Level x2.
    usually use monsters from your field but there are some that can use monsters from the GY or opponent monsters.
    Originally this summon method belongs to Anuaks but they shared it with the other clans.
  • Ignition: Extra Deck monsters that use as material 1 monster from the field and 1 or more cards from the hand.
    This summon method is unique to Morhais, but they could teach it to others as well... (The backgroung of Inigtion monsters is changed from the previous version)
  • Over fusion: Main Deck monsters that can be special summoned using 1 Fusion monster (i have forgot the pic)
  • Armor: Can be any type of cards. They have a ATK/DEF bonus and an additinal effect when used as armor. Attaching an armor target the monster and the armor go under the monster like Xyz materials, bacause of this they are incompatible with Xyz monsters, armor cards cannot be attached to Xyz monsters. An Xyz monster can be summoned with an Armor monster but it not gain any of its Armor effects.
  • Armorizing: Extra Deck monsters related with armor cards, they are summoned using 1 monster that has X or more armors, eg. 1 Dragon monsters with 3+ armors
    The minimum number of armors the material must have are also the number of 'Shield' stars in the monster level. (a monster with 2 Shields and 4 stars require 2+ armors, its' also considered as level 6). Armorizing monsters can be also Armor monsters.

Updated archetypes (with some rappresentative cards, archetypes has 15-30 cards each)

New archetypes

Other archetypes

New series - Wreck the Meta | Episode 1: Dark corruption

With this expansion I begin a new series of decks created not from a lore on an idea for a cool effect or interaction, as I tried to do with previous decks.
But these archetypes will be meant to be broken and be able to win against meta decks.
The series will have 6 episodes, 1 episode for each attribute.
In each episode i'll try to make at least a combo deck, a going 2nd deck and a control deck.
First episode is covering Dark atribute, the next will be Earth with a deck that uses Armor cards!

Dark Corruption new archetypes

Download link (zip ~190 MB) 
It also includes sample decks for most of my archetypes.
PS: If you can't see the cards in ygopro you have to check 'Alternate formats' under the Lv/Rank box.

yrpX replay files for some combos 
Dowload the zip ad place the yrpX file in the ...\ProjectIgnis\replay, then you can see the replay from EDOPro
PS: Morhai uses Calamities but that was before the ban :(
Tips: With Fluid you cannot use the monster summoned with the Link 2's effect, so use it for Reunion summon.
Hydra 2nd combo keep 'Rock Hydra' attached as material to your Xyz, it give a negate to targetting Traps (like Infinite Impermanence)

Add these at the end of the string.conf file in your ...\ProjectIgnis\config folder to add the archetype names in your EDOPro

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