This program automamize the process of acess YGO Cards Database , choose of a card you want a better resolution pic, download the image and put it into your game's pics folder. The method is simple, a python script gets a list of cards ids in a ydk file and use link manipulation to download card per card directly into the pics folder.


The size of a standart card pic is 177x254 that downloads automaticaly when you open the game, the pics you download with this program has the resolution of 421x614 or 139% larger and 142% taller. This upscale helps with runing your game in fullscreen.

  • Download exe (~26 MB) or py (~22 kb) if you have python 3 and pygame 2 installed in your computer;
  • Copy the file into your game folder;
  • Double-click exe or py file.

Now with an interface!


Download all cards pics. It may take a while since is over 9000 cards;
Download all fields artworks;
Download all new cards. New cards added to * allcards.ydk * since the last update ;
Download deck's cards pics. Dev disappeared and new lowres cards still popping-up? You can put it all in a deck and use this feature.

More information at my Github page .

unfortunately does not start on windows 7 😞
Originally Posted by: lyasther 

unfortunately does not start on windows 7 :(

The program that converts a python script into a exe has some problems with compatibility. But I think you can run using the py file this way:

  • Download python 3.8 or lower;
  • On your cmd: pip install pygame;
  • Download the from directory ;
  • Paste it on your game folder and double-click;
  • The script works as exe