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Note: This is intended only for old school Yu-Gi-Oh! players who prefer to play with cards pre 5D's era. Please don't turn this into a "which era is the best" thread.

I have edited YGOPRO for any Yu-Gi-Oh! players who would like to play with only the old cards by removing every card that was released since 5D's. The reason why I did this is because as an old school Yu-Gi-Oh! player myself, I found it quite difficult to create decks with YGOPRO due to the search engine including every card in the game. After spending some time compiling all the old cards, I now have a version of YGOPRO that only includes cards from the DM/GX era.

For obvious reasons, I cannot share the YGOPRO program file. I believe I can still share the database and deck files though (if this is against the rules, please let me know).



Before getting started, you must have both the YGOPRO Percy 1.033 and YGOPRO Percy 1.034 (Links Beta) programs. If you don't have v1.033 then you will not be able to play against the A.I. As for v1.034, this is required to download all of the card images because it won't work in v1.033.

1. First, you must download all of the card images from v1.034. In order to do this, you must install a program called AutoHotKey:

Open AutoHotKey.ahk and copy & paste this into the script:

The reason for this is because YGOPRO only downloads card images as you search them in the database. So you have to search through every card to get the images. Using AutoHotKey, we can rapidly click the down arrow to achieve this.

2. Run AutoHotKey and open YGOPRO Percy 1.034. Click Edit and check the "Show anime cards" box. Search "All" then hover your mouse over the down arrow. Run the AutoHotKey script by pressing the "c" key and once it's finished stop the script by pressing the "s" key. This can take 10-15 minutes depending on how many cards there are so feel free to do something else while you wait.

You might have to do this a couple of times to download every card image. Check the "pics" folder and compare it to the number of cards in the search engine to make sure that you've gotten everything.

3. Copy & paste all of the card images in the v1.034 "pics" folder to the v1.033 "pics" folder.

4. Make a copy of your entire v1.033 "ygopro-percy" folder and rename it to something like "ygopro-percy DM". This is just so that you can keep your original ygopro folder in case you make a mistake or want to still play with the original YGOPRO and the newer cards. By the end of this you'll have two versions of YGOPRO: 1. The original YGOPRO and 2. YGOPRO DM which will only contain the old cards.

5. Replace your cards.cdb file with the one in the link above.

6. Go to your "expansions/live2017" folder. Delete or move all of the .cdb files to a separate folder. By moving them, the game won't be able to read in the cards from those databases.

7. Open system.conf in Notepad and change the value in "ignore_instant_updates" and "ignore_instant_updates_anime" to 2. This will prevent YGOPRO from updating the database. If this doesn't work then you might need to change the value to 1.

That should be it. Now you can run YGOPRO and play with all of the old cards. To make sure that you've done it correctly, search for any Synchro/XYZ/Pendulum monster cards and see if they don't show up. When searching for a card, uncheck the "Show anime cards" option because anime-only cards will still show.

There might be some cards that don't show up as I'm not 100% sure that this includes every card from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! (I would have to manually check every card to ever be released from that era to be sure, which I cannot do obviously). But for the most part, I think this should have all of the old cards. Enjoy!


You may have noticed that the folder in the link above includes extra features. These features make YGOPRO play similarly to the games. You can duel against any character from the show, and a specific song will play depending on the character you duel against. It will also display an image of the character at the start of each duel. This is done by adding a custom character card to that character's deck, which will automatically be banished at the start of the duel. I customized my version of YGOPRO to include the following features:

- Ban List (September 2008 ban list that was in effect prior to 5D's)
- Themes (Duelist Kingdom, Forbidden Memories)
- Deck Music (Custom music that plays for specific character decks from previous Yu-Gi-Oh! games)
- Character Decks (Custom-made decks for almost every character in the DM anime)

1. Ban List
If you want to play using the old ban list, go to your "expansions/live2017" folder and replace it with the lflist.conf file in the link above. Feel free to remove the "None" part, that is just so I don't have to always select N/A when I don't want to use a Ban List.

2. Themes
I have included links to the themes that I currently use. They are:

Egypt Theme by Rios

Pegasus Castle Theme by The Captain

If you want to use all of the themes in a randomized style, visit:

3. Deck Music
To add custom deck music, visit:

I cannot share the music files so you will have to find those yourself if you want specific music to play for each character.

4. Character Decks
To add the character decks, move the .ydk deck files to your "deck" folder.

I did not include the character images in the first link to prevent it from being taken down. Instead, I will provide a second link.

Download (Character Images):

If you want to add the character images, move the characters.cdb and characters.zip files to your "expansions" folder.

To add your own customized characters, you will need to edit the database using SQLite Expert Personal or another program. I didn't create a tutorial for this, but if you follow the format in the characters.zip folder and edit the database, you should be able to do this without any problems.


How I Did It

If you want to know exactly how I was able to edit YGOPRO to only contain old cards, click the spoiler below (this can also be useful for anyone who wants to edit their YGOPRO to play in a different era, such as the 5D's era). This was somewhat of a long process, but I'm fairly satisfied with the result and glad to finally have a Yu-Gi-Oh! game that I can play using all of the old cards.

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