By host on 4/1/2018 8:10:44 AM
To celebrate we have added some special cards. They will only be available for a limited time! Check "Show Anime Cards" and look for the following:

Mystical Space Typhoon (DN)
Terraforming (DN)
Pot of Desires (DN)
Card Destruction (DN)
Raigeki (DN)
Dark Magician (DL)

By host on 11/23/2017 6:58:36 AM
The Ygopro Links beta is now available for macOS. Check our Discord channel for more info.

By host on 11/2/2017 12:51:03 PM

Beta release of Ygopro with support for Master Rule 4.

By host on 4/14/2017 9:47:02 AM

Ygopro for Android has been updated to version 1.5.2

Update: a bugfix has been released as version 1.5.2a

By host on 4/1/2017 2:36:36 AM

Supreme King Servant Dragon Clear Wing

Banlists TCG and OCG have been updated to 2017.4

By host on 3/17/2017 12:31:44 PM

Punishment Dragon
By host on 1/23/2017 3:22:16 AM

A new version of Ygopro has been released.

New cards
New anime cards
Ability to join games that have already started
Online game timer modified

By host on 1/16/2017 5:25:38 AM

Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

By host on 12/24/2016 7:14:37 AM

Cosmic Blazar Dragon

By host on 12/8/2016 8:21:28 AM

Performapal Sky Magician


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Good evening, I've started to have a problem with YGOPro today afternoon, I tried using

cd /Applications/YgoproLinks

for my Mac since I can't play YGO elsewhere, but it crashes at the moment of my logging screen (where the menu with all the options are) and I'm not able to fix it, I checked the pictures in case there was something buggy in there but there isn't. Also even if I don't do anything on the menu screen it still crashes, I hope you can be able to fix it, btw if you wanna contact me to run some tests for the later future using my Mac, make sure to contact me, take care and thank you.

Its been a year guys... Come on :')

I love your work :) I'm having problems with the update logo, it seems that doesn't show the new updates. I will love to play using Hope Magician and the new combo of demise and ruin, as new updates :3 such cyber support etc...

When will you guys add Gandora X? I love that card! Please email me back

Ygopro isn't working, it won't get past the logging in stage. I even rebooted my PC and the problem still persists.

When are we getting the 4 ygo pro to be able to play links

Please update to android

did you guys ever thought that its free lol

ygopro percy doesn't work and no players and no making room

same, I can’t make a room anymore and I can’t see any body else’s rooms. Have the rooms been shut down?

ygopro PC Online mode error?? Can't make a Room

Stop wasting time and get AI working!

When will ygopro percy come out with ai mode?

can you please tell us when we will have functional ai?

It's no longer auto update, I can't see the new cards after Brandish nor I can play them. Maybe I should stop playing for awhile until everything got normal again, I dunno when.

Where can I download the card pics obb

is the Offline AI feature still in development?