Update: Ygopro for Android 1.5.1

Nov 25

Written by: Percival18
11/25/2016 7:32:37 AM  RssIcon

Ygopro for Android has been updated to version 1.5.1



Changes in this version

October 2016 OCG banlist
Added settings dialog
Fixed immersive mode glitches
Fixed dialog text glitches on tablet devices
New cards added

Click here to read the installation instructions.

New cards added

Abyss Actor - Twinkle Littlestar
Aleister the Eidolon Summoner
All-Consuming Glutton
Ancient Gear Catapult
Ancient Gear Chaos Giant
Ancient Gear Devil
Ancient Gear Fortress
Ancient Gear Gadget
Ancient Gear Hunting Hound
Ancient Gear Hydra
Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon
Ancient Gear Reborn
Ancient Gear Token
Ancient Gear Wyvern
Apprentice Illusion Magician
Apprentice Piper
Astrograph Sorcerer
Bewildering Wind
Black Fang Magician
Black Sheep Token
Black Sheep Token
Black Sheep Token
Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Caligula the Eidolon Beast
Card Regeneration
Celestial Double Star Shaman
Chaos Scepter Blast
Charming Resort Staff
Chronograph Sorcerer
Cipher Spectrum
Cipher Étranger
Clear Wing Fast Dragon
Cocytus the Eidolon Beast
Crystron Glyongandr
Crystron Rion
Crystron Sulphafnir
Cyber Angel Nasateiya
Cyber Tutubon
Da'at Metatron, the True Dracomechsoldier
Dark Contract with the Grotesque Entity
Dark Summoning Beast
Darklord Ukobach
Delta the Magnet Warrior
Descend Dragon Magician
Destruction Swordsman's Cradle
Diabound Kernel
Digital Bug LED Bug
Dragonic Diagram
Dynamite Knuckle, the True Dracofighter
Eidolon Summoning Magic
Elemental HERO Honesty Neos
Elemental Triangle of the Zodiac Beasts
Elysion the Eidolon Beast
Envoy of Chaos
Esprit Bird - Kannagi Tsuru
Esprit Bird - Shinobi Garasu
Esprit Bird - Tsutae Bato
Esprit Bird Token
Esprit Calling
Esprit Healing
Esprit Lord - Hikokujaku
Esprit Lord - Himekujaku
Esprit Powerspot
Fairy Tail - Cinderella
Fallen Paradise
Flower Cardian Cherry Blossom with Curtain
Flower Cardian Five Lights
Fluffal Octo
Fluffal Patchwork
Fluffal Penguin
Foolish Burial of Belongings
Frightfur Kraken
Frightfur Patchwork
Frightfur Reborn
Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon
Harpie's Feather Storm
Heavy-Armored Train Iron Wolf
Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior
Iris Magician
Lawnmowing Next Door
Legacy of a HERO
Lunalight Kaleido Chick
Lyrical Luscinia - Assembly Nightingale
Lyrical Luscinia - Cobalt Sparrow
Lyrical Luscinia - Recite Starling
Lyrical Luscinia - Sapphire Swallow
Lyrical Luscinia - Turquoise Warbler
Machine Angel Absolute Ritual
Magallanica the Eidolon Beast
Magical Name - "To Mega Therion"
Majespecter Gust
Majesty Maiden, the True Dracomage
Mariamune, the True Dracophoenix
Merkabah the Eidolon Beast
Necroid Synchro
Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon
Number 70: Deadly Sin
Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
Parasite Fusioner
Pendulumgraph of Ages
Performapal Dag Daggerman
Performapal Handsome Liger
Performapal Laughmaker
Performapal Return Tantan
Phantasmal Miscellasaurus
Power Wall
Predaplant Chimera Rafflesia
Predaplant Cordyceps
Predaplant Darling Cobra
Predaplant Dragostapelia
Predaplant Drosophyllum Hydra
Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio
Predaplant Pteropenthes
Predaplant Sarraceniant
Predaplant Spino Dionaea
Predaplant Sundew Kingii
Predator Blast
Predator Graft
Predator Planet
Predator Planter
Purgatorio the Eidolon Beast
Purusha Shaddoll Aion
Raideen the Eidolon Beast
Raidraptor - Arsenal Falcon
Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Ascension
Reckless Magic Circle
Revival of the True King
Ritual Beast's Return
SPYRAL Master Plan
Scripture of Law
Seasonal Direction of the Zodiac Beasts
Shadow Spread Virus
Shiranui Sovereignsaga
Shiranui Style Reincarnation
Space Dragster
Speed Drift
Speedroid Bamboo Horse
Speedroid Domino Butterfly
Speedroid OMK Gum
Speedroid Passinglider
Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda
Startime Magician
Subterror Behemoth Burrowing
Subterror Behemoth Stygokraken
Subterror Behemoth Ultramafus
Subterror Nemesis Archer
Super Quantal Finisher Alphan Ball
Super Soldier Origin
Superheavy Samurai Daihachi
Superheavy Samurai Ninja Shinobiashi
Switch Hero
Terminal World Next
The Phantom Knights of Mist Claws
Tierra, Goddess of Rebirth
Transcendental Polymerization
True Draco Succession
True King Lithosazim, the Disaster
True King V.F.D., The Beast
Tune Magician
Universal Beginning
Vermillion Dragon Mech
Violet Poison Magician
Vision HERO Vyon
Void Madness
White Wing Magician
Wind Witch - Crystal Bell
Wind Witch - Glass Bell
Wind Witch - Ice Bell
Wind Witch - Snow Bell
Wind Witch - Winter Bell
Zefra Providence
Zodiac Beast Bullhorn
Zodiac Beast Drancia
Zodiac Beast Molmorat
Zodiac Beast Rabbina
Zodiac Beast Ram
Zodiac Beast Thoroughblade
Zodiac Beast Tigress
Zodiac Beast Viper
Zodiac Beast Wildbow
Zodiac Sign

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34 comment(s) so far...


I can't see some of the pictures on the cards

By Mr Marcus on   11/25/2016 9:58:19 AM

Patch .obb, please

By marcos on   11/25/2016 11:01:15 AM

I cant see most of the new cards and there is no new .obb in the respective folder

By Mark on   11/25/2016 11:09:43 AM

I can't any pitchur card and when i check the obb, there's no patch48, please fix the bug ASAP

By Fathan on   11/26/2016 4:07:05 AM

Cade a versão em portugues Brasil, por favor disponibilize ela pra mim baixar, si alguém tiver link mi mandq por favor

By Yuri - sama on   11/26/2016 6:24:50 AM

Main and patch obb download link? If it had the link, it would be easier to download both on android :(

By emeBR on   11/26/2016 1:30:12 PM

iOS PLEASE !!!!!!

By Otavio on   11/28/2016 8:46:43 AM

why the card is not showed when i play in android? just show white and gray card.. please respon ??

By Andi on   12/1/2016 6:57:16 AM

I still don't know how to download it

By Joe on   12/1/2016 6:15:07 PM

I can't watch any of my replays I saved before the update. It keeps saying ''Error Occured'' when I get to the first Battle Phase.

By Tom on   12/4/2016 4:00:12 AM

Thanks 4 the update. A whole bunch of images missing in the new obb though. New cards and old

By grood on   12/5/2016 4:20:00 PM

Gracias por actualizar la versión de android :D!!

By Ygopro fan! on   11/27/2016 3:22:29 PM

Because the people don't has the main and patch.obb:

If you want to get more(at the moment the apks are 1.5.0 but I will update it in next time) AI Decks, New Cards or other:
(Update every 2 weeks for new cards)

By necrodraco on   11/27/2016 3:12:17 AM

Y EL DE PC????

By jesusrod on   11/27/2016 10:13:05 PM

Hi, my girlfriend and I want to play in the tablets, but the multiplayer is always random. Can be a friend multiplayer or something in the next update?

By Dkusanagi on   2/2/2017 6:20:28 AM

Anyword on a new update to the android app?

By Leo on   2/3/2017 6:29:34 AM

Please make the multiplayer not random with host like the pc version it is very hard to play vs other specfic person

By New 1.5.2 on   2/15/2017 5:36:43 AM

Please add zarc!!

By Christ L on   2/16/2017 7:15:17 AM

No fusion recycling plant?

By Aqua on   2/25/2017 7:27:04 AM

when you gonna add the new cards?

By Maxrocks95 on   3/2/2017 4:42:10 AM

Please add zarc's card

By xProNova on   3/5/2017 3:11:12 AM

buster whelp cannot use hand summon effect

By Gsdx)Pantom on   3/8/2017 8:01:46 PM

I cannot activate "darklord ukobach" effect. Please fix it

By Zetton on   3/15/2017 6:51:09 AM

Put option to create and join a lobby!!!!

By Ygor Castro on   12/14/2016 9:43:44 AM

any updated images for ygolite? need new pics for abc and after. Are the images in ygopro compatible with ygolite app?

By KaYz on   12/27/2016 9:24:11 PM

I beg you for ios ipad version ;___;

By cry on   1/14/2017 6:11:44 AM

Please let me play with my friends with this is that hard to do? u.u

By LuisJavier23 on   3/19/2017 1:39:20 AM

Please update the cards regularly, banlist and allow us to play with friends! I will donate and get my friends to play, and you get more ad revenue

By RevolutionFalcon on   3/28/2017 9:48:37 PM

hi i use fusion and xyz
when i fuse with transcendental poly when it goes to grave i cant banish it to special summon 2 materials that were use for that fusion

By Melsi007 on   1/18/2017 6:10:24 PM

I know with all the requests of new cards and update its bit of annoying but wanna thank you guys, you have the best ygo app i coyld hope for so i hope youll read this, thank you and love youre app

By daniamar on   3/17/2017 11:15:43 PM

Plz add links. And update the cards The only other place I can test is nexus, and it crashes like all the time.

By Drewtheboss on   4/9/2017 4:56:17 PM

Is there an update coming with cards from Dinosmasher's fury and MACR? Cause wanna play True King Dino :)
Is maybe a multiplayer mode coming, so that I can play with friends?

By MoKen on   4/13/2017 6:53:23 AM

How come AI doesnt have to abide by the ban list??

By Jay on   4/14/2017 6:17:28 PM

When I want to remove my Kaiju Counters from any card the game doesnt recognize my Field Spell as a card with Counters :(

By JarcorMztr on   4/18/2017 5:31:26 AM

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please add ai mode (offline)

Great work, i saw That you are Going to Update Android, Thais Great!!!!, but can you Tell us? if the same are going to happends with iOS, it Seem at least 2 years in the oblivion, Tranks for your excelent work keep going, you are amaizing

Works fine, but all the cards are blank, and that's annoying

For those asking how to download. You must go to their Discord server. If you dont know what Discord is, google it and download it. Once you do, open the program. Then come back here and click their Discord server and it will open it in the Discord program and you will find the link there.

Is no one going to seriously tell anyone how to download this? So many people asking but no one answers.....

Please Add a newer Android Version. I Would like to Play Link monsters.

Solve an application problem because it stops when you order playing cards and hope to improve them more and thank you for your efforts

When will the new update take place? Especially for the current and new ban lists. Also, we need the newest cards in the game as well.

when comes the new cards from the recent editions?

when will a newer version for android?

hello am sry but a cant download the yugpro percy 1.033D then ther is no update for cards not all new card a know a have link but a nead percy like suprem king venom on plz help me ='

I can't download it at all. It tells me to complete an offer and after I'm done doing whatever it is it still wont let me download it.

Maybe their waiting till link vrains ends so they dont have to keep hearing us for a while about new cards we see

I keep trying to open the demo, doesn't seem to be available anymore. Loved it when I had it on my phone but it was taking up to much memory space and really slowing down my phones processing speeds. To be able to literally open up my chrome browser and have it run quickly and efficiently would be a god send because I don't always get the opportunity to try out my decks in actual tournaments, being able to build them and test them online is much more efficient and effective for being able to understand how your decks work and the ability to create new combos you would have never thought of. I really hope this becomes an actual browser run version of this game, there really isn't anything else out there that operates on chrome.

Such unappreciative people. They're not going to do all these revisions and release more software just because you come on here and order them to do it.

Plz update Master rules 4 + all the Link stuff for Android version. It has been 1 year. Plz.

Please add pre-errata cards and anime cards too on the next update thanks.

cant create host, cant choose room/allowed cards/kick player.

Hey, I want to download this version of the game but the link is broken. Can anyone give me the actual link?

Please, Update in android version of this game with Ai working It will be appreciated and post some update in the development thank you