Update: Ygopro for Android 1.5.2

Apr 14

Written by: Percival18
4/14/2017 9:47:02 AM  RssIcon

Ygopro for Android has been updated to version 1.5.2

Update: a bugfix has been released as version 1.5.2a
1.5.2a fixes the card effects that require removing counters. Redownload the apk to get the new version.



Changes in this version

April 2017 banlists
Resolve effect button
More stable obb download
New AI decks
New cards added
Bug fixes

Click here to read the installation instructions.

New cards added

Abyss Actor - Twinkle Littlestar
Abyss Script - Abyss Entertainment
Amazoness Empress
Ancient Gear Golem - Mechanized Melee
Apocalypse of the True Dracos
Ariel, Priestess of the Nekroz
Astrograph Sorcerer
B.E.S. Big Core MK-3
Backup Secretary
Black Fang Magician
Blind Ruination
Boogie Trap
Bug Signal
Celestial Crusade of the Zefra
Celestial Double Star Shaman
Celestial Whirlpool of the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Chain Summon
Chance Meeting with the Star Relic
Chaos Scepter Blast
Chronograph Sorcerer
Clashing Souls
Clashing Whirlpool of the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Clear Effector
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Contract with Don Thousand
Converging Wishes
Cosmic Blazar Dragon
Cosmic Flare
Cracking Dragon
Cyverse Gadget
Cyverse Wizard
D/D Ghost
D/D Vice Typhon
D/D/D Boulder King Darius
D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace
D/D/D Flame High King Executive Genghis
D/D/D Gust High King Executive Alexander
D/D/D Superdoom King Darkness Armageddon
D/D/D Wave High King Executive Caesar
Da'at Metatron, the True Dracomechsoldier
Dark Contract with the Entities
Dark Contract with the Eternal Darkness
Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Dark Summoning Beast
Dark World Brainwashing
Darklord Descent
Darklord Ukobach
Deep Whirlpool of the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Destiny HERO - Dreamguy
Destruction Swordsman's Cradle
Diabound Kernel
Diamond Duston
Digital Bug LED Bug
Dinomist Howling
Disciples of the True Dracophoenix
Double Resonator
Dragonic Diagram
Draius III, the True Dracoknight
Duelist Advent
Dynamite Knuckle, the True Dracofighter
Edge Imp Cotton Eater
Elemental HERO Honest Neos
Espirit Bird Token
Eternal Nightmares
Ethereal Wyrmterfall
Eva Token
Fairy Tail - Kaguya
Fallen Paradise
Familiar-Possessed - Lyna
Festival Spinning
Fire Cracker
Flower Cardian Moonflower
Frightfur Daredevil
Frightfur Patchwork
Frightfur Reborn
Fusion Recycling Plant
Gadget Token
Gandora Giga Rays the Dragon of Destruction
Ghost Ash & Beautiful Spring
Gladiator Beast Noxius
Gouki Rematch
Gouki Rising Scorpio
Gouki Suplex
Gouki Twist Cobra
Great Fortress Zelos
Hack Worm
Halfway to Forever
Harpie's Feather Storm
Heavy Dust Storm
Hydralander the Orbital Shadowlite Weapon
Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior
Iris Magician
Jack Wyvern
Jain, Twilightsworn General
Jurraegg Token
Launcher Commander
Lazion, the Timelord
Legacy of a HERO
Legacy of the Duelist
Light Wing Shield
Lost World
Lumina, Twilightsworn Shaman
Lunalight Kaleido Chick
Lyla, Twilightsworn Magus
Lyrical Luscinia - Assembly Nightingale
Lyrical Luscinia - Cobalt Sparrow
Lyrical Luscinia - Independent Nightingale
Lyrical Luscinia - Recite Starling
Lyrical Luscinia - Sapphire Swallow
Lyrical Luscinia - Turquoise Warbler
Magician's Encore
Magician's Left Hand
Magician's Right Hand
Majesty Maiden, the True Dracomage
March of Darkness
Mariamune, the True Dracophoenix
Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King
Mauled Captain
Megalosmasher X
Mythic Radiance Dragon Token
Necroid Synchro
Number 28: Titanic Moth
Number 41: Baguska
Number 70: Deadly Sin
Number F0: Utopic Future - Future Slash
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon
Pacifis, City of Mythic Radiance
Parry Knight
Pendulum Fusion
Pendulum Switch
Pendulumgraph of Ages
Pendulumgraph of Spacetime
Performapal Ballad
Performapal Barracuda
Performapal Card Gardna
Performapal Drago Remora
Performapal Fugolem
Performapal Gatling Ghoul
Performapal Revue Dancer
Performapal Sky Magician
Performapal Sky Pupil
Power Wall
Predaplant Banksia Ogre
Predaplant Cordyceps
Predaplant Darling Cobra
Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio
Pulse Bomb
Punishment Dragon
RAM Clouder
Raidraptor - Arsenal Falcon
Raidraptor - Etranger Falcon
Raidraptor - Final Fortress Falcon
Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon - Airraid
Raidraptors Replica
Return to the Frontlines
Revival of the True King
Ryko, Twilightsworn Fighter
SPYRAL GEAR - Utility Wire
SPYRAL Sleeper
Salvegent Driver
Sea Monster of Theseus
Skydive Scorcher
Smile Universe
Soul-Devouring Oviraptor
Speedroid 5 6 Plane
Speedroid Domino Butterfly
Speedroid Fiendmagnet
Speedroid Vidroskull
Spellbook of Rudra
Spiral Crash of the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Spiral Flame Strike
Spiral Hold of the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Spiral Wave of the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Spiral, the Mythic Radiance Dragon
Star Grail Fairy Ries
Star Grail's Beckoned
Star Grail's Chosen
Star Grail-Bearing Priestess
Star Relic - Star Grail
Star Relic's Guidance
Startime Magician
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
Subterror Behemoth Dragossuary
Subterror Behemoth Voltelluric
Subterror Cave Clash
Subterror Fiendess
Subterror Nemesis Defender
Superheavy Samurai Daihachi
Superheavy Samurai Steam Fiend Tetsudo'o
Supreme King Dragon Zarc
Supreme King Gate Infinity
Supreme King Gate Zero
Supreme King Servant Dragon Clear Wing
Supreme King Servant Dragon Darkwurm
Supreme King Servant Dragon Starving Venom
Survival Line
Synchro Call
The Immortal Hermit of Thunder
The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin
The Phantom Knights of Lost Vambrace
The Phantom Knights of Mist Claws
The Phantom Knights of Wrong Magnet Ring
Three-Strike Barrier
Transcendental Polymerization
Traptrix Coronatus
Treasure Pander
Trickster Candina
Trickster Lightstage
Trickster Lilybell
Trickster Lycorissica
Trickster Reincarnation
True Draco Succession
True King V.F.D., The Beast
Tune Magician
Twilight Clothes
Twilight Eraser
Twilight Ninja Jogen
Twilight Twin Dragons
Ultimate Conductor Tyranno
Urgent Emergency Assistance Rescue
Violet Poison Magician
Vision HERO Vyon
Wandering King Wild Wind
White Veil
White Wing Magician
Windwitch - Glass Bell
Yosenju's Divine Mountain Winds
Zefra Providence
Zefratorah Grammaton
Zoodiac Hammerkong
Zoodiac Kataroost
Zoodiac Lyca
Zoodiac Xiangke

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183 comment(s) so far...


performapal odd-eyes synchron (instead of fixing him, you guys removed him from the game ???)

By amazing990 on   5/17/2017 8:35:30 AM

Contract with Don Thousand doesn't work, the cards my opponent draws aren't revealed

By Casual Fan on   5/17/2017 4:31:32 PM

Thanks for DDD Supersight King Zero Maxwell in pc version! Unfortunally I can't use this effects and put in the pendulum zone... fixed it please!

By Akaba Reiji on   5/18/2017 8:34:10 AM

is there away to add friends or match request
that will be a nice option tky my friend idont care if i have donate for a option like that

By Bebe on   5/20/2017 5:47:25 AM

Contract with Don Thousand's Revealing effect does not work

By Casual Fan on   5/21/2017 2:59:49 AM

IOS UPDATE PLEASE. It's fun and all to play on the PC, but it feels like Yugioh is meant to be played on the phone, like a portable duel disk lol. But I've had a iPhone forever and don't want to get an android. Please come out with an iOS update soon.

By Brandon on   5/23/2017 1:14:45 PM

Please update IOS!

By Brandon on   5/24/2017 10:52:12 PM

Why is it that the last update the difference between the releases of the IOS and Android updates was only a week, but this update hasn't been released on IOS yet for a month. I mean thwere will no point in updating this if YGOlite becomes Link Format before anyone can use Z'arc. (Say this update gets released with Link-only format). It would be nice if we got some actual news updates on the progress. Because as far as the player's base knows, there might never be an IOS update coming out or their isn't an update at all

I get that you can't work on an udoate 24/7 since you have lives, but some kind of progress update would be nice. I have been checking the app store's update tab every morning since Feburary and no update..

By G.O.D on   5/25/2017 6:20:36 AM

Cuando van a actualizar la banlist de mayo 2017?

By Perrazo on   5/25/2017 5:46:23 PM

excellent job, a great platform, I have a problem when I whrite D/D/D... or cyver.. my mac crush, it start to happened when ddd maxwell ist put in the list, Ihope you can fix this problem, and i a question, when do you upgrade the app for iphone or ipad, cause i like to carry the game more easily than may laptop. thank for the help

By pol on   5/27/2017 10:20:47 AM

The effect of the trickster (trickstar) monsters which special summon themselves do not work.

By X1 on   5/29/2017 8:33:09 AM

Trickster effects not working

By Cremann on   6/1/2017 4:16:05 AM

the system mechanics do not allow me to xyz summon with my zexal decks. Fix this!

By zoniazone on   6/6/2017 2:59:28 PM

thanks update link summon and new IA decks pliz pliz

By allanfaurico on   6/6/2017 7:59:12 PM

why can't use Trickster Lycorissica's effect ?
Please use Trickster Lycorissica's effect repair .

By dendrobium on   6/8/2017 4:02:26 AM

Please fix tricksters bug!!!

By dendrobium on   6/8/2017 4:11:47 AM

Link summon pliz

By Allan fauricio on   6/10/2017 8:10:46 PM

Thank you for your work on this awesome app
and it's the best yu-gi-oh game.I hope it continues in it develops .

By Mustafa Ali on   6/13/2017 3:24:47 AM

plz link summon and new banlist.

By dendrobium on   6/17/2017 11:27:14 PM

so when are the other supreme king servants coming to the app like supreme king servant odd-eyes and supreme king servant dark rebellion as well as some various supreme king dragon zarc spells and traps

By Izaack on   6/18/2017 5:57:48 PM

BANLIST TCG 12/06/17?

By Ban list on   6/19/2017 5:10:41 AM

I'd like to make it possible for OCG to play rules of online battle in the android version ADS

By Switch on   6/20/2017 2:45:11 PM

E chevere y todo es genial pero debemos pensar en aquellas personas que no saben ingles seria bueno sacar una versión en español seria genial y traería mucha mas gente gracias

By Angel on   6/20/2017 6:36:41 PM


Please can you guys fixing the effect from all flower cardian's that says you can draw on card and if it is a cardian you can special summon it because i can only special summon the cardian's with 100 ATK that will be very nice and kind

your's truly

By Bill Cipher on   6/21/2017 12:25:44 AM

as expected ygopro after all this time still has not implemented the link summoning mechanics.-_-

By zoniazone on   6/26/2017 9:36:48 AM

Every time I play online, everything completely shuts down. I can only play in AI mode. Anyone else having this problem?

By Jordan Watson on   6/28/2017 2:22:05 PM

the eye ot timameus don't work, pls, fix card.

By YamiYami on   7/1/2017 10:54:21 AM

Are E-HEROs bugged ? I can't use Grand Horn of Heaven or Bottomless Traphole on E-HERO Fusion monsters, hell not even Bubbleman !

By Naoto on   7/2/2017 7:00:07 PM

can't synchron?

By huunagi on   7/3/2017 5:03:47 PM

My screen goes black and app crashes

By Someguy on   7/4/2017 2:45:43 PM

Harmonizing magician was not added with this update even though the other new pendulums were added. Stardust dragon's effect doesn't seem to bring it back from the grave once it negates an effect. One of the true Drago monsters were not added as well

By St12 on   7/6/2017 2:36:14 PM

Please add feature com vs com(com:non human player),this game will become great will this feature added

By zyre89 on   7/6/2017 5:35:46 PM

Running version 1.5.2 on android, but all my decks hold banned cards, anyway to play them on android besides 'all'...? I have my decks copied over, its just, I can't change the ban list type in the online game mode to 'no banlist' any suggestions? I guess it'd be in an update unless it already exists for android. Please help!

By Zevijon on   9/20/2017 4:05:23 AM

When will it be updated so we can do link?

By Darkness on   9/21/2017 11:24:13 PM

Change''Cyverse''to ''Cyberse'' next update

By Erik MacNeil on   9/26/2017 4:43:21 PM

Change Cyverse to Cyberse

By Erik MacNeil on   9/26/2017 5:08:57 PM

Add more VRAIN cards

By Erik MacNeil on   9/26/2017 5:15:49 PM

Why can't I use the new cyberdark cards I want to practice with the deck before I buy it please let me know how I can use them I play this game on my Android phone

By Nicholas Bishop on   9/26/2017 7:01:54 PM

Do you will really update to the link format or not?

By Sieg on   9/27/2017 3:49:09 PM

Please make it for IOS Please

By Kaua08 on   9/27/2017 5:55:59 PM

First: Thanks for the great work to make this available for everyone ...
Second: ist there an update for Link summon in Progress? I`d like to test how my deckbuilds will work with the new summoning ;)

By Ashura Muto on   10/1/2017 10:00:00 PM

Can you get me the old game where it had the anime cards. I like to play with those ones. The newer cards arent as fun.

By Alex on   10/3/2017 4:56:23 AM

Hello, I'm going to be that guy, but I have seen about 3 or 4 other YGOPRO versions and they already have link monsters. Now, we all know this game is not legal in the first place, so, there ir so much problem in taking the data from the other games? We all know they stoled from this one anyways. And if you do, what are they going to do? Sue?

By That Guy on   10/4/2017 12:46:39 PM

Cuanto mas habra que esperar, para que se dignen actualizar la app???

By Jerry on   10/12/2017 6:35:14 AM


By Bob on   10/13/2017 3:26:02 AM

when are you gonna make online mode like pc so we can find our friends to play with?

By Maxwell on   10/16/2017 5:54:09 AM

When is an update coming out?

By Crowsufix on   10/19/2017 1:46:03 AM

Link era please, i need test decks real life here, to see how that work.

By YuukiACG7 on   10/19/2017 3:16:55 PM

Nothing for link format android

By Lamar on   10/22/2017 7:57:25 PM

Fix bug spell counter of synchro magical and fusion magical

By Sun on   10/24/2017 3:46:16 AM

Your missing some of the Tindangle monsters. The set it comes in has been released and you have every other card from it's set available except, for all the Tindangles. There's no reason they shouldn't be on there, when there is constant updating of other new cards.

By Theblankcowofmadness on   10/24/2017 9:34:20 PM

Update new cards please!

By Dgo on   10/29/2017 12:20:20 PM

It would be cool if we can host rooms on the mobile version so we can have the option to play against our friends rather than hoping to connect with them when you select online play.

By Trashpanda on   11/9/2017 10:32:07 PM

Can you please release an Android patch or something that just gives us newer cards from Legendary Dragon Decks without the linkshit?

We're all human here. You know a majority of us aren't going to use it anyways.

By GolSil2468 on   11/12/2017 4:44:26 AM

AWESOME UPDATE!!!pls keep up the good work guys, hope android gets this cool update soon!

By p0ds on   11/14/2017 12:22:42 AM

Is there any news on the new version of android dude?

By waiting for u on   11/22/2017 5:17:09 AM

Dude, seriously update with the new ban list, it's kind of annoying having the Ia using the vanity's fiend up to 3 times or the zodiacs

By Andy on   11/23/2017 6:57:20 AM

All the time i play my cards ar White can somewone help me ti solve this problem.

By Stiven on   11/24/2017 4:11:51 AM

Andy, you can edit the IA decks yourself to adhere to the banlists. In deck editing click on "show IA decks" and it will show every IA deck currently available and editing those decks changes the decks played by the IA.

By Someone on   11/24/2017 6:47:13 AM

Why the anime cards are gone for Android?

By Kenuchi on   12/1/2017 3:32:15 PM

Where are the links for android are you guys even making a ygopro for the phone anymore if so it's been a very long time since an update

By satellarknight02 on   12/7/2017 1:51:23 PM

Please update

By swbelas on   12/16/2017 10:12:19 PM

I was making a practice Dark Magician deck I made with my real cards using YGOpro, and this app doesn't seem to have Dark Magician the Dragon Knight. I'd really appreciate it If you put this card in YGOpro so I can test my deck to its full extent

By Anonymous on   1/7/2018 8:39:59 PM

So the mobile version is showing some cards as ?'s is it my app or are the card not up-to-date

By Xodiak0709 on   1/16/2018 11:06:17 AM

why after i download the apk.. and then I search cards I cant type any single of letter why is that happening?? ^_^

By kurt on   2/1/2018 11:28:27 PM

how i download ygopro with link summon for android

By Luis on   2/10/2018 8:22:57 PM

I agree with ya guys.

By Erik on   2/11/2018 5:23:53 AM

ya casi un año sin actualizar esta app, cuando se dignarana hacer la siguiente entrega con link summon?...........

auque cueste $ bajara, pero ya

By JERRY on   2/12/2018 9:28:24 AM

Where Is Lair Of Darkness Field Card?

By Ultimate Duelist on   2/17/2018 9:32:43 AM

How to choose the duelist in the online mode???

By Carlos Lima on   3/4/2018 5:17:14 PM

please add link monsters sort by attack,defense name.Also search by pendulum scale and search by effect on Android.Thanks

By Taeyeon on   4/30/2018 12:06:48 PM

Please add an option to choose the playing field whether on mr3 or mr4 in single player also please make the ai deck visible in android directory so we can edit or add deck bots.Thanks

By Taeyeon on   5/1/2018 7:52:50 AM

cant create host, cant choose room/allowed cards/kick player.

By inkamu on   5/6/2018 7:06:05 AM

Please add pre-errata cards and anime cards too on the next update thanks.

By Taeyeon on   5/9/2018 7:42:50 AM

Plz update Master rules 4 + all the Link stuff for Android version. It has been 1 year. Plz.

By Update Link for Android plz on   5/13/2018 3:02:12 PM

Such unappreciative people. They're not going to do all these revisions and release more software just because you come on here and order them to do it.

By Face on   6/14/2018 8:38:26 AM

Maybe their waiting till link vrains ends so they dont have to keep hearing us for a while about new cards we see

By Shadowmaker on   7/28/2018 11:12:15 AM

when will a newer version for android?

By TheDoctor83 on   8/16/2018 11:27:40 AM

Solve an application problem because it stops when you order playing cards and hope to improve them more and thank you for your efforts

By Idriss789 on   8/23/2018 12:48:17 PM

Please Add a newer Android Version. I Would like to Play Link monsters.

By TheDoctor85 on   8/26/2018 10:56:57 AM

Finally thank you...this should be done more often really I would donate big time:/

By YK on   4/14/2017 11:12:32 AM

Were i can telechrge them ?

By Younes on   4/14/2017 11:18:00 AM

Were i can dowland

By Younes on   4/14/2017 11:18:35 AM

Woohoooooo! Thanks!

By Gabe on   4/14/2017 11:20:42 AM

Thank you so much!

By Sha Maniac on   4/14/2017 11:37:01 AM

Dear God,

Thank you

By Big T on   4/14/2017 11:38:49 AM

como lo puedo pasar a español???

By harley on   4/14/2017 12:07:17 PM

It said that I can't open the file. Anyone know solution?

By Bob Chen on   4/14/2017 12:08:05 PM

como puedo pasar a español???

By harley on   4/14/2017 12:09:09 PM

Won't let me open the file. Anyone know solution?

By Bob Chen on   4/14/2017 12:14:35 PM

Won't let me open the file. Anyone know solution?

By Bob Chen on   4/14/2017 12:34:03 PM

Sea Monster isnt in this update? Wtf?

By akuda on   4/14/2017 5:27:04 PM

is it avaliable for PC too ?...

By asep on   4/14/2017 6:35:14 PM

Waiting for ios update

By Benny on   4/14/2017 10:26:44 PM

Woah, thanks for these updates. Just letting you know, it seems "Fusion Tag" is broken or something. Doesn't seem to work as it should or at all for that matter. It'd be great if you could check it out before the next update.Thanks in advance! (Really!)

By Armogak on   4/14/2017 10:54:04 PM

can't remove counter,please help

By DEAD on   4/15/2017 11:08:36 AM

clacking dragon's effect is failed.
pls fix

By arayaki4f on   4/15/2017 6:53:09 PM

Thank you so much for the update! However, there's a problem with lag online. It seems like the chain timer is messed up somehow. After ever move theres a 5 second delay which can be quiet depressing.

Thanks for the new update anyway

By thank you on   4/16/2017 7:07:03 AM

Link Era is not applied :(
Anyways thanks for the update percy.

By phantomprince on   4/16/2017 8:51:04 AM

All the anime cards are gone, wtf?

By Arkaidius on   4/16/2017 10:39:29 AM

How to add music to the game ?

By Mohammad Sadik on   4/16/2017 11:28:13 AM

descargue las imagenes y no se ven todas que es lo que sucede??

By Jhonny b on   4/16/2017 1:32:44 PM

i download obb files, but after extract it doesn't mainpatch obb?

By Hnrs N. C. on   4/16/2017 5:55:15 PM

Obb please!

By danny898 on   4/17/2017 6:07:00 AM

Thank you so much for spending your time on this update. Theres certain new cards missing, you seem to say you added cards that are already in the app and slight bugs, but im happy you are still supporting andriod.

By Mook_Man22 on   4/17/2017 9:49:20 AM

Tiene un bug cuando trato de usar chaos zone se paraliza

By Gutotar on   4/18/2017 2:14:47 PM

Hi, tanks for the update. Hey guy only have a dude, with kaiju field, on the app and I can't use the kaiju counters.

By Discomander on   4/18/2017 3:31:37 PM

is this the new link summon?

By jhace on   4/18/2017 7:14:30 PM

To you they forget a small detail, the game does not let me select the Kaiju counters when I activate the effect of some Kaiju!
And then I use the Kaiju!

By Edwarthd on   4/20/2017 9:43:56 AM

Kaiju counters!

By Edwarthd on   4/20/2017 9:49:00 AM

Thank you for the update and your hard work!
I would just like to bring up that chaos zone is not working properly. I cannot remove counters from it for its effect. However and once again thank you very much for the update. Keep up the good work.

By Uwillnotwin on   4/20/2017 10:04:50 AM

Hey percy almost all the cards that require counter removal for activation cost like kyoto waterfront, chaos zone, and Arcanite Magician for example they are all bugged and cause the game state to remain frozen. As well as the spell Gouki Rematch will not activate unless you have 3 open monster zone spaces but the activation requirement on really call for 2 to use please fix as soon as you can

By Shadow-Tj on   4/23/2017 7:10:25 AM

Where are the anime cards ??? Why did you remove them ???

By Clandestine5 on   4/26/2017 4:08:40 AM

Volte o iris magician pra ativar desde o primeiro turno

By Antonio on   4/26/2017 6:24:46 AM

Where is Tornado Dragon!? Please get him in :/

By YK on   4/26/2017 12:00:57 PM

Just wanted to bring this up, but when I Xyz Summon Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-A-la-Mode, I can use the first effect perfectly fine since it's once per turn, but her second effect doesn't activate if 1) I shuffle Madolche cards back into the deck on two separate occasions while I still have at least one monster zone free, and 2) I used 2 Madolche Puddingcess for her summon, so after the first detach she still has Puddingcess as Xyz material.

By xMoonieZtarx on   4/26/2017 12:43:27 PM

having problem to play online

By Bebe on   4/26/2017 3:25:01 PM

Treasure panda effect not active
Please fix

By LoL on   4/29/2017 10:13:48 PM

i cant find link to download ygpro for pc plss

By henry on   4/30/2017 3:01:54 AM

Hey when is there going to be an update for the ios version?

By Paul L. on   4/30/2017 6:33:23 AM

thanks god at last they have released new version of ygopro android.

By Qais on   5/1/2017 1:06:06 AM

Please update with the new spyral/ subterror cards

By Beer on   5/2/2017 6:41:52 AM

The game on Mac OS X (I use Yosemite) crashes every single time I try to scroll when searching for cards in deck builder. So it is IMPOSSIBLE to play the game because I can not even make a deck.

By Revit on   5/3/2017 5:09:12 AM

Please add Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron

By Zector1114 on   5/4/2017 9:42:55 AM

This game is actually a lot of fun, thank you for your work. I still hate you all because you stopped the XP support, but, Windows 7 is okay, I guess.

By That XP User on   5/4/2017 2:03:50 PM

I can not create a deck on yugiohpro for mac because it CRASHES almost every time I write into the search function or try to use the scroll to find cards while searching.

By Tom on   5/5/2017 6:15:30 AM

eu quero saber por que as cartas continuam brancas eu jogava dês da 1.5.1 dês de la as cartas do jogo ficavam brancas todas elas então eu quero saber se poderiam resolver esse bug ou pelo menos me dizer como resolvo por que isso é muito chato então espero que vejam esse comentário e me respondam mais fora isso o jogo tá ótimo

By Diego Mendes on   5/6/2017 5:20:44 AM

In the android update, trickstar lycorissica has stopped working for online play. You wont get its quick effect and wont deal burn damage to the opponent.

By ShuFFlex on   5/8/2017 10:24:58 PM

Same problem with Trickster Lycorissica effects don't activate since update on Android

By DaYugiWorks on   5/10/2017 6:50:18 AM

does this version have supreme king servant dragon odd-eyes and dark rebellion?

By anonymous on   5/11/2017 12:43:55 AM

Transcendetal Polymerization's banishment effect wont work.

By Leafzhao on   5/12/2017 9:20:12 AM

Spellbook of Rudra doesn't always activate after being searched. Has happened multiple occasions

By Josuke on   5/13/2017 1:21:13 AM

When will IOS get an update? I honestly thought it would have had an update before Maximum Crisis TCG released

By Yosuke Hamamura on   5/13/2017 7:36:03 AM

The last uptade for android is perfect... great job! But i wait for the ultimate DDD cards like Purplished and Whitest Armageddon. Thanks!

By Akaba Reiji on   5/13/2017 3:55:27 PM

Time for new update on the ios iPhone. YgoLite need a new update with new cards

By Smooth Hustle on   5/14/2017 10:42:54 AM

The best yugioh game! When update android version with the last DDD monsters? Thanks!

By Reiji95 on   7/15/2017 1:34:53 AM

When is the next update?

By Antoine Gregory on   7/15/2017 4:24:40 PM

The game is awesome, I will never forgive you for making me update my pc, but, the game is great! Thanks for all your work! :D

By Former Windows XP user who used to complain a lot on   7/16/2017 3:02:32 PM

When are we getting link format update?

By M16Hacker on   7/19/2017 4:03:38 PM

When we get the link format we better have a option where we can play on the old format when we want to.

By Detra Prime on   7/21/2017 7:10:36 AM

Hola buenas tardes... estoy presentando problemas despss de la actualizacion no puedo jugar en ningun modo

By sskZeus on   7/21/2017 12:26:05 PM

Most of the new timelords seem to be missing...

By Z3R0K001 on   7/24/2017 7:31:38 AM

When does the new version come out?

By jean on   7/26/2017 5:36:16 AM

Where can I download the image files? I don't have access to a PC at the moment. Kind of away from home for an extended period.

By NeonCharged on   7/27/2017 5:41:46 PM

When is there going to be an android update??

By dkingjoker on   7/28/2017 10:48:59 AM

Great update! However, I'd love it if there was an option to make decks for the AI, sometimes you just want to try your own strategies against yourself, even if the AI doesn't handle them correctly...

By Slashser on   7/28/2017 10:42:23 PM

¿Cuando llega la nueva actualización con los moustros link?

By masterchiste on   7/31/2017 10:16:50 PM

We need Star Gail's protector Dragon Please

By Austin on   8/4/2017 2:45:21 AM

Odd-eyes synchron doesn´t exist// odd-eyes no aparece corrijanlo por favor

By jacn on   8/5/2017 12:01:55 PM

Rudra doesn't work after you use Library

By Andrew Murray on   8/7/2017 12:08:14 PM

Why in my phone this game allways force close ?

By win on   8/12/2017 10:47:47 AM

When are ya gonna update to Link Summoning?

By Erik MacNeil on   8/22/2017 5:33:45 PM

When will you add the option to create a room, and/or to join a room, in a way it is actually easy to find and duel with your friends? Just like every other yugioh pro out there.

By Opressor on   8/23/2017 1:14:09 PM

When will links be introduced?

By Shawn Osborne on   8/27/2017 7:01:07 PM

I would like to request to add the maximum crisis card like supreme king servant odd-eyes pendulum dragon and the others

By Jacob on   8/27/2017 7:38:43 PM

there is a problem where some trap cards (dimensional wall) do not deal damage when they are meant to reflect an attack

By James Zagami on   9/1/2017 8:06:42 PM

If I already have ygopro on my phone, how do i update it? Do I need to delete my ygopro and download the new one?

By Kevin Tran on   4/14/2017 1:07:03 PM

Says "Download failed due to unknown reasons"

By Leafzhao on   4/14/2017 1:24:11 PM

I previously had 1.51 downloaded and have downloaded the update version. However I cannot open the file in the downloaded section, please help?

By Johnny M on   4/14/2017 2:36:45 PM

A Huge thanks for all of your hard thanks. i am just wants to address a problem with the new "performapal five-rainbow magician", his pendulum effects doesn't works at all, but on the other hand, the monster effect works fine. can't wait for the rest of performapal and odd-eyes cards to be added too. THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME GAME .

By amazing990 on   4/27/2017 2:22:14 PM

Hi... Can we possibly get a sub update that includes the new cards without the link cards so we can atleast get some fresh blood infused? I'm dying from boredom, I new New cards to test so I can buy a New deck and I really don't care much for links anyway.. help........

By stormageddon dark lord of all on   9/10/2017 1:49:37 PM

Where are the anime cards? I want to make Anime Accurate Decks. And a feature that lets you duel a Computer Duelist that has and can use cards the characters has and/or would have like example: Kaiba having Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon and Yami Yugi/Atem having Ebon Illusion Magician.

By Cade Shanley on   9/14/2017 8:38:57 PM

Finally. Nice update :)

By Admionld on   9/15/2017 12:26:10 AM

When is 1.5.3 releasing?

By Nivaan on   9/16/2017 8:42:45 PM

pls, on android 1.5.3, ;-;

By hika gostoso on   9/19/2017 2:55:25 AM

cuando el ygopro para Android con los link

By jake on   3/22/2018 4:56:14 AM

I can't seem to type anything in the search bar. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything and nothing changed. Is there a version that lets you search up specific cards?
Ps i clicked the download link at the top.

By Gabriel Reyes on   3/27/2018 4:22:35 PM

When I am versing another player and I play invoked windwitch and synchro summon Crystal Wing the app closes by it self also when I play blue eyes and synchro summon spirit dragon the app closes please fix this because its bullshit honestly

By Ashley on   3/27/2018 5:16:55 PM

Where can I download the card pics obb

By Lorenzo on   3/29/2018 5:19:37 AM

When are we getting the 4 ygo pro to be able to play links

By Ben Sanchez on   4/7/2018 4:16:34 PM

Its been a year guys... Come on :')

By LightswornMaster on   4/13/2018 3:39:11 AM

Please update again. I am wanting to build the new timelords.

By Shinochaos on   7/13/2017 8:04:02 AM

I can see all of the cards which were in the old version blank

By Six on   4/14/2017 4:27:16 PM

The new magibullets aren't working properly.shooter doctor doesn't allow you to add cards from the graveyard and the new spell cant be used at all.

By Mike Talent on   7/13/2017 8:52:33 PM

Why don't they add something like a list for Android players to see who is online and we can challenge and team up with other people

By Chaborks on   7/12/2017 4:42:11 PM

there's still some problem with battlin' boxer sparrer and batteryman C

By Drave on   4/27/2017 8:27:55 AM

A Huge thanks for all of your hard thanks, :)

By amazing990 on   4/27/2017 7:58:26 PM

the last replay feature doesn't work correctly, it shows the the replay of one day old duel even though i battled so many times after that one.

By amazing990 on   4/27/2017 11:38:29 PM

thank you so much for the new cards!!!
performapal odd-eyes synchron (i can't put him in the pend zone !!).

By amazing990 on   5/15/2017 8:14:58 PM

Does anyone have the unofficial 1.5.1 files?

By Codylowry on   4/28/2017 9:41:01 PM

Coloquem a opção de criar sala pfv

By Alexperrex on   5/14/2017 12:18:05 PM

good apps

By ruminuz on   9/3/2017 8:10:16 AM

where can i find this game with all updates i had this but i losted

By zaharias on   9/4/2017 6:15:12 PM

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please add ai mode (offline)

Great work, i saw That you are Going to Update Android, Thais Great!!!!, but can you Tell us? if the same are going to happends with iOS, it Seem at least 2 years in the oblivion, Tranks for your excelent work keep going, you are amaizing

Works fine, but all the cards are blank, and that's annoying

For those asking how to download. You must go to their Discord server. If you dont know what Discord is, google it and download it. Once you do, open the program. Then come back here and click their Discord server and it will open it in the Discord program and you will find the link there.

Is no one going to seriously tell anyone how to download this? So many people asking but no one answers.....

Please Add a newer Android Version. I Would like to Play Link monsters.

Solve an application problem because it stops when you order playing cards and hope to improve them more and thank you for your efforts

When will the new update take place? Especially for the current and new ban lists. Also, we need the newest cards in the game as well.

when comes the new cards from the recent editions?

when will a newer version for android?

hello am sry but a cant download the yugpro percy 1.033D then ther is no update for cards not all new card a know a have link but a nead percy like suprem king venom on plz help me ='

I can't download it at all. It tells me to complete an offer and after I'm done doing whatever it is it still wont let me download it.

Maybe their waiting till link vrains ends so they dont have to keep hearing us for a while about new cards we see

I keep trying to open the demo, doesn't seem to be available anymore. Loved it when I had it on my phone but it was taking up to much memory space and really slowing down my phones processing speeds. To be able to literally open up my chrome browser and have it run quickly and efficiently would be a god send because I don't always get the opportunity to try out my decks in actual tournaments, being able to build them and test them online is much more efficient and effective for being able to understand how your decks work and the ability to create new combos you would have never thought of. I really hope this becomes an actual browser run version of this game, there really isn't anything else out there that operates on chrome.

Such unappreciative people. They're not going to do all these revisions and release more software just because you come on here and order them to do it.

Plz update Master rules 4 + all the Link stuff for Android version. It has been 1 year. Plz.

Please add pre-errata cards and anime cards too on the next update thanks.

cant create host, cant choose room/allowed cards/kick player.

Hey, I want to download this version of the game but the link is broken. Can anyone give me the actual link?

Please, Update in android version of this game with Ai working It will be appreciated and post some update in the development thank you