YGOPRO 1.02F.0 V2 Assault of the Flame King



Changes in this version

Based on YGOPro version 1.02F.0 https://github.com/Fluorohydride/ygopro

  • 6232 cards total
  • Auto update in ygopro client (experimental). Ygopro will need to have write permissions. Manual updates will be available as well.
  • Cosmo Blazer card names and descriptions updated
  • Changed "Without rules" to "Unspecified"
  • New duel field images by Dharc4000
  • Card descriptions fixed:
    • Evigishki Tetrogre
    • Secret Village of the Spellcasters
    • Zushin the Sleeping Giant
    • Gimmick Puppet - Nightmare
  • Server changes:
    • Use keyboard up and down keys to navigate through rooms list
    • Double click on room to join room
    • Online and LAN now use the same nickname
  • Turbo duel option
    • Checks if player has Speed World 2 in deck
    • Speed World 2 is not allowed in other modes

Known issues

  • Many Cosmo Blazer card images have not been updated yet
  • Single Mode can freeze when using use_d3d=1 in system.conf
  • Client is not stable when skin is turned on

New cards since 1.02F.0: