YGOPRO 1.030.0 V3 World of Prophecy



Changes in this version

Based on YGOPro version 1.030.0 https://github.com/Fluorohydride/ygopro
  • 6532 cards total
    • Cards by Fluorohydride
    • Cards provided by 馬骨
  • Highlights: World of Prophecy, Mecha Phantom Beast Harri-Ard, Rose Archer, Fascinating archetype, Blue-Eyed Silver Dragon
  • Fixed crash with long passwords

The following features are still in BETA
  • Hold left mouse button to force activations. Holding the "A" key still works.
  • Hold right mouse button to skip all activations. Holding the "S" key still works.
  • Auto surrender if window closed in the middle of a duel

Known issues

-AI mode is not included yet. Use the beta version if you want to play against AI
-Because pressing left mouse button now activates the force activation feature, you will sometimes be asked to activate something if you are clicking on one of the UI buttons of the chat bar.
-Single Mode can freeze when using use_d3d=1 in system.conf
-Client is not stable when skin is turned on
-Some cards do not have an official English name and lore yet
-Some cards have a Japanese picture


Special thanks to:
The donators. Please contact me if you want to be credited on the ygopro.co website.

Nano's YGOPRO Lite Theme

YGOPro ( ADS ) 1.030.0 V2 AI 繁體中文版

New cards since 1.030.0 V2

Ancient Battlefield of the Different Dimension - Sargasso
Angel Fallen into Darkness
Atora the Fascinating Fiend
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Boar
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Deer
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Kirin
Contaminated Earth
Debris Station
Fallen Angel Descent
Fanged Shark Emperor - Shark Caesar
Fire Formation - Yoko
Garbage-Eyes Fat Dragon
Herald of Sacred Light
Infernal Flame
Kazuura the Fascinating Fiend
Magic Recycler
Mecha Phantom Beast Conco-Ruda
Mecha Phantom Beast Harri-Ard
Number 102: Holy Lightning - Glorious Halo
Number 104: Masquerade Magician - Shining
Number 66: Master Key Beetle
Number C104: Masquerade Magician - Umbral
Number C106: Giant Hand Red
Radiant Light Emperor Galaxion
Rank-Up Magic - Numeron Force
Reverse Glasses
Rose Archer
Sargasso's Lighthouse
Sin Key Law
Starship Spy Plane
Super-Defense Robo Elephan
Super-Defense Robo Lio
Super-Defense Robo Monke
Tareia, Princess of Sakura
Trion the Fascinating Fiend
Umbral Mirage Tokens
Vain - Sneer of Betrayal
Wisel Attack 5
World of Prophecy
Xyz Agent
Xyz Reception
Xyz Revenge Shuffle
Xyz Treasure

Black and White Wave
Blue-Eyed Silver Dragon
Designator of Armageddon
Fascinating Trap Hole
Flying "C"
Mecha Phantom Beast Turtletracer
Piyo Kokko
Point Purchase
The Calibrator
Xyz Reversal
Yellow Duston