YGOPRO 1.030.0 V5 The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent



Changes in this version

Based on YGOPro version 1.030.0 https://github.com/Fluorohydride/ygopro
  • Cards provided by Fluorohydride
  • Cards provided by 馬骨
  • Card id's changed for Judgment of the Light
  • Fixed crash with long username and passwords
  • Misc fixes:
    • Dark Summoning Beast description changed
    • Skiel attack 5 changed from level 3 to 5
    • The Hunter with 7 Weapons changed from 100 ATK to 1000
    • Some card dialogs did not show correctly
  • New application icon
  • New font: numfont.ttf

Known issues

  • Settings might be reset after update
  • Replays that use Judgment of the Light cards from a previous version will no longer work


Special thanks to:
The donators

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New cards since 1.030.0 V4

Archfiend Palace -Maze of the Malign-
Armades, Keeper of Illusions
Armageddon Designator
Balmung, Fighter from the Underworld
Barian Bomb
Barian's Battle Buster
Barian's Gateway
Blue-Eyed Maiden
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Bright Black Wave
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Boar
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Coyote
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Deer
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Kirin
Bujin - Yamato
Bujin Emperor - Susanoo
Bujin Relic - Habakiri
Bujin Relic - Hetsuka
Bujin Relic - Murakumo
Bujin Relic - Orochi
Bujin Relic - Taruta
Celestial Dragon
Claiomh Solais the Hazehawk
Commander of the Archfiends
D.D. Ancient Battlefield - Sargasso
DZW - Chimera Cloth
Fall of the Bujin
Fire Formation - Yoko
Freezing Dance
Galaxy Dragun
Green Shaman
Guard of the Storm Dragon
Hell Centipede
Holy Lightning - Books
Holy Lightning - Sword
Holy Lightning - Wings
Inversion Glasses
Knight of the Archfiends
Lord of Terror - Genesis Archfiend
Magic Recycler
Mecha Phantom Beast Blueimpalase
Mecha Phantom Beast Coltwing
Mecha Phantom Beast Harriard
Mecha Phantom Beast Warburan
Mesmerizing Trap Hole
Number 102: Holy Lightning - Glorious Halo
Number 66: Master Key Beetle
Number C104: Masquerade Magician - Umbralis
Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory
Orange Shaman
Psychonductor Behemoth
Rainbow Shaman
Rank-Up Magic - Numeron Force
Red Shaman
Rioto Harpyuia, the Sub-Zero Sovereign
Rise of the Bujin
Sargasso's Lighthouse
Schwarzschild, the Limit Dragon
Shaman Call
Shark Kaizer
Sin Key Law
Sonic Boom
Super-Defense Robo Elephun
Super-Defense Robo Lio
Super-Defense Robo Monky
The Bujin Armament Apparition
The Calibrator
The World of Prophecy
Trashy-Eyes Fat Dragon
Trick Archfiend
Twilight Dance
Umbralis Ghoul
Umbralis Mirage Token
Umbralis Unform
Umbralis Will-o'-the-Wisp
V Salamander
Vain - Despising Betrayal
Vertical Landing
Wings of Unity
Xyz Agent
Xyz Reception
Xyz Revenge Shuffle