YGOPRO 1.031.0 V4 Shadow Specters



Changes in this version

  • New cards made by Japanese group (beta!!!)
    • Shadow Specters
    • V Jump Edition 9
    • V Jump Card Festa Promotional Cards
  • Various bug fixes
    • Duel button is disabled after entering a "duel already started" room
    • Fixed bug after pressing Leave while the save replay dialog is visible
    • Surrender button is disable while the save replay dialog is visible
    • Fixed music glitches after leaving game as spectator, exiting a puzzle, exiting ai mode, exiting replay mode
  • Various card dialog fixes
  • Advantage/disadvantage music threshold changed to 3000LP
  • FAQ menu option added

Known issues

  • Some images might not match the card name
  • Client is not stable when skin is turned on (and never will be stable)
  • Replays from previous version might no longer work
  • Replays from AI mode will crash, they have been turned off


Special thanks to:
The donators
Chaos Pancake
青柳 雄大

遊戯王 Automatic Dueling System @まとめ
Automatic Dueling System 日本語版

YGOPro ( ADS ) 繁體中文版

AI script by ytterbite

New cards since 1.031.0 V3

Armed Divine Dragon - Protect Dragon
Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner
Battlin' Boxer Leverage Gardna
Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Twilight
Burning Knuckle Spirit
Chaotic Seed
Exchanging First Light and Twilight
Felgrand the Divine Dragon Knight
Gaia, Knight in Blackest Night
Gaia, Knight in Brightest Night
Granmarg the Hard Earth Monarch
Knight Dai Grepher
Line Monster K Horse
Mecha Phantom Beast Griffin
Mecha Phantom Beast Sabrehawk
Mythical Water Dragon
Mythical Wood Dragon
Natural Bone Saurus
Number 46: Ethereal Dragon - Draggluong
Number Overlay Boost
Ogre Rock Castle
Pomp and Circumstance
Pot of Duplicity
Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts
Pyrallis, the Blazing Purple Dragon
Shadow Vampire
Shield of Conspiracy
Soul-Eating Divine Dragon - Drain Dragon
Tree Spirit of the Meliaes
Unearthing of the Monarchs
Vampire Bram the Edelritter
Vampire Empire
Vampire Grace
Vampire Shift
Vampire Sorcerer
Yellow-Blooded Oni