YGOPRO 1.032.0 Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend



Changes in this version

  • Official release of the following packs:
    • Shadow Specters
    • Number Hunters
    • Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent 
  • Prerelease of:
    • Duelist Pack: Yuma 2: Gogogo & Dododo
    • Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend
    • Number 72: Line Monster Chariot Hisha
    • ZW - Sleipnir Mail
    • Noble Knight Drystan
  • 1vs2 mode added (alpha)
  • Fixed card names and dialogs
    • Judgment of the Light names updated
    • Other misc card dialogs fixed
  • Mute chat settings are now stored
  • Duel room filters now stay during refresh
  • Fixed AI monster tribute bug

Known issues

  • Many card id's have been changed. You will need to remake your deck if they have cards from Shadow Specters, Number Hunters or The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent 
  • Some images might not match the card name
  • Client is not stable when skin is turned on (and never will be stable)
  • Replays from previous version might no longer work
  • Replays from AI mode will crash, they have been turned off
  • Prerelease cards are almost guaranteed to have bugs!


Special thanks to:
The donators
Chaos Pancake
青柳 雄大

遊戯王 Automatic Dueling System @まとめ
Automatic Dueling System 日本語版

YGOPro ( ADS ) 繁體中文版

AI script by ytterbite

New cards since 1.031.0 V4

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
Battlecruiser Dianthus
Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner
Battlin' Boxer Leverage Gardna
Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher
Blue Duston
Blue Mountain Butterspy
Box of Friends
Breath of the Valiant
Bujin Mikazuchi
Bujin Regalia - The Mirror
Bujingi Boar
Bujingi Centipede
Bujingi Ibis
Bujingi Yata
Bujintei Kagutsuchi
Burnin’ Boxin’ Spirit
Burst Reverse
Butterspy Protection
CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom
CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer
CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur
CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral
CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader
CXyz Skypalace Babylon
Castle of Dragon Souls
Chain Ignition
Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem
Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet
Chronomaly Mud Golem
Chronomaly Sol Monolith
Comics Hero King Arthur
Dragon Shield
Dragon Shrine
Drain Dragon
Druise the Duplicitous Druid
Duston Mop
Edelritter - Vampire Bram
Felgrand the Divine Dragon Knight
Fight for Survival
From the Jaws of Defeat!?
Galaxy Serpent
Genomix Fighter
Ghostrick Alucard
Ghostrick House
Ghostrick Kyonshee
Ghostrick Lantern
Ghostrick Out
Ghostrick Panic
Ghostrick Specter
Ghostrick Stein
Ghostrick Witch
Ghostrick Yuki-onna
Gimmick Puppet Des Troy
Gimmick Puppet Egg Head
Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer
Gimmick Puppet Nightmare
Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms
Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker
Gogogo Gofu
Gogogo Golem - Golden Form
Granmarg the Rugged Rock Monarch
Grisaille Gaol
Heraldry Record
Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier
Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword
Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend
Kagemusha Tanuki Token
Knight Dei Grepher
Labradorite Dragon
Maiden with Eyes of Blue
Malicevorous Fork
Malicevorous Knife
Malicevorous Spoon
Malina, Princess of Sunflowers
Mecha Phantom Beast Gryphin
Mecha Phantom Beast Sabalhawk
Mecha Phantom Beast Token
Mechquipped Angineer
Melia the Ashwood Nymph
Molding the Monarchs
Mythic Water Dragon
Mythic Wood Dragon
Natural Bone Saurus
Night Papilloperative
Noble Knight Drystan
Norito the Moral Leader
Number 44: Sky Pegasus
Number 46: Draggluon the Ethereal Dragon
Number 49: Fortune Tune
Number 54: Lion Heart
Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon
Number 63: Shamoji Soldier
Number 64: Sandayu the Vetanuki
Number 65: Judge Buster the Adjudicutter Djinn
Number 72: Line Monster Chariot Hisha
Number 74: Master of Blades
Number 85: Crazy Box
Number 87: Queen of the Night
Number C65: Judge Doom the Adjudicutter King
Number C96: Dark Storm
Number Overlay Boost
Number Wall
Overlay Capture
Photon Alexandra Queen
Pot of Duplicity
Princess Cologne
Protect Dragon
Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts
Puppet Ritual
Pyrallis, Dragon of Purple Flames
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Rider of the Storm Winds
Risebell the Star Walker
Silver's Cry
Sinister Shield
Skypalace Gangaridai
Stoic Challenge
Swarm of Crows
Swordsman of the Sealing Swords
Tanukit Ponpoko
Tanukit Tantan
Toy Knight
Unformed Void
Vampire Empire
Vampire Grace
Vampire Killer
Vampire Shadow
Vampire Shift
Vampire Sorcerer
Wid the Duplicitous Druid
Yellow-Bellied Oni
ZW - Sleipnir Mail